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This is an assignment for Media Design School's GDV110 (Game Design Principles) students in the Bachelor of Creative Technologies and Bachelor of Software Engineering, located in Auckland, New Zealand.

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This is an underwater room and your goal is to escape to the second floor. To enter this room you first put a scuba diving kit and keep in mind that the oxygen levels will last 2 hours only, so that's the time you figure out all the clues that will eventually lead you the key that opens the door to the second floor.

There is a lot of stuff floating around, there is also furniture, paintings and carpets on the walls and floor, the complexity of this clues and riddles won't be too hard, actually they will be fairly easy to figure out, the reason for this is that is already going to be extremely difficult trying to communicate underwater, since the only ways to do this is by hand signs or charades kind of things.

The stress of the game is real because of the limited oxygen you have, so is expected many creative ways to finish the game fast.

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After playing the alpha game where all player had to write more than 150 word on a new game idea that they can up with. Thanks to the players and all the watcher the alpha was complete and we can move on to the beta version. In the beta version all players will have to write 500 word on a new game about a particular subject which can range from adventure to zombie to arcade and even visual novels. By doing this player can look at what other ideas other have gotting and can be use to improve their own.

Another great new feature that is included with this game is the picture mode this mode give you a picture someone has draw and uploaded to streak club and then you need to make up an idea from that. the picture can be character, a place, a monster or a battle. Each picture is randomly give to a player unless of an event or if it is a particulars subject eg christmas. This picture mode also has the option to add picture to an idea and is another type of upload that the player can do. As an idea can be from any picture any picture can be add to an idea. By add this mode into streak club other can get a better idea of what this game could look like and may even get some fundraising from other player and virster. By playing streak club games can be thought up, drawn and fundraise so sign up for the 6 month free trial and see your ideas become games.

Armour Gaurd a first person shooter game designed for IOS and Android, game story is about a guy named "Hugo" who works as a security guard at king's apartment, Hugo's aim is to have a look an all CCTV cameras in apartment, attend the call from people complaining or about any noise problem from neighbors or other things, Hugo also have to look after cleanliness of the apartment that means if he sees any place in apartment dirty he can call the cleaning and staff player gains experience points from all this, it's a multiplayer game, the other player in game will also be a security guard, player has to make sure he has more experience points than other player to be able to win.

Player's aim is to help people having complains about disturbing neighbors and checking out surveillance camera for any suspicious activity ,game has two mode online and offline mode, online features multiplayer and offline is mostly practice, player will have several controls for walking and providing services like penalties to noisy neighbors, calling cleaning crew for cleanliness or mechanic if there is any technical problem in lift or vending machine, player can also earn various costume and better transport such as wave board and skate board to reach the goal faster.


The game is a 3D multiplayer online game. After the end of the day, most of the world is destroyed, the human only survival in a few small place. No one knows what happened in that day, the survivors realized the human's civilization just gone. All the Earth is occupied by the variant animals, they become giant and have invasive. All the characters are the members of the junkmen in the ruins of a city, the players just have a broadsword in the beginning. They could build a place to defense the attack from animals or other people. Or choosing be an attacker to loot others. The center of the city is a safe place for everyone, they cannot infringe the laws which the elders made. Otherwise, the character will be killed and lost all the things they have.

The player could choose to learn two type of skills. There are many skills available for choosing, such as forging, tailor, builder and technician etc.

They could choose to either hunt the giant animals to obtain the materials for exchanging or loot another city to obtain the rewards from elders.

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The main concept of this game is to create a small well established village in a fantasy world, no twists though, no clash of clans remake where other villages battle it out to assert their dominance, instead Capital Realm will focus entirely on this base building aspect, naturally these games can quickly become boring quickly while you wait for money to tick over for an upgrade. So micro-management aspects will be implemented to keep players immersed with their village.

Players will be able to send out trade conveys which will hook into their phone's GPS and automatically trade resources and currency (most likely gold) with surrounding players. The game will be an idle phone based incremental game with a base building twist to keep the game from quickly becoming just about ticking the currency up.

Players will need to optimize their village's layout in order to increase things such as profitability, as an example, a well building provides a base multiplier to surrounding buildings, as access to water can increase efficiency. On top of which, guilds will need to be constructed in order to maintain the city, things like an archer's guild to man the city walls and a squires academy to train new knights. Such guild buildings will be crucial for taking your village to the next step. With currency acquired becoming the means to calculate the top ranking players


It's over. You're dead. You have died.

It's time to go. Your outstayed your welcome in the land of the living but something is holding you back. The events surrounding your death are a mystery to you but you know that if you want to get through Saint Peters Pearly gates you're going to have to figure it out.

In this final game you take control of a ghost that must solve puzzles and collect information about who you were and why you died. It is not clear whether it was an accident or a murder or even natural causes. You must also find out whether you were loved or hated during your life. The player will find themselves in levels that a still-life of an area for example home, workplace, school, church etc. While in these areas players must interact with objects and people to collect "memory puzzle pierces" which when found unlock a flash back to when you were alive.

In these flashbacks the player makes choices in certain social situations that decide what kind of person you were when you died. When all the flashbacks have been found the player will find out the twist of how they died depending on what they did in there flashbacks.

For the love of pizza and everything delicious, you play a master chef looking to create various pizza. Your store is different you make new pizzas with every new customer. You are given little sheets from customers explaining there interest and favorite types of foods, from this information you must create a pizza. There are random ingredients and you must find the best from what you have read from each customer. Once each unique pizza is made you are rate, there are also different game modes you can play from speed maker. This mode players have 1 minute to create as many accurate pizza to fit there customer. Ultimate mode you are given 5 very difficult orders and with little information you please your customers. This is a fun little iPhone and Android game. Simple tap controls to add and remove ingredients and take orders.

Game is developed for current gen consoles

A major hurricane has struck your town and now you have to retreat to a small enclosed area at underneath your house until you wait for rescue! The bunker is very cramp and people can get in each others way. You play as the father/mother of the family and you have to manage to survive 30 days in this bunker while managing food supplies and keeping relationships together! If the sanity of the one of your family members drop, this may negatively impact on everyone else so it is imperative to keep on raising spirits.

Some events may occur such as a little bit of flooding from the entrance door or maybe someone took a little extra rations for themselves and no one owns up for it. This is where you play a roll model and sort this out without getting people hating each other by talking to everyone and choose the right answers and questions.

An idea for an important event could be that a person knocks on the shelter door and you must decide to bring them in or leave them out. Depending on how well your family is, you may simultaneously agree on one action or your family may disagree. This will be a major turning point in where you will end up in respect levels with your family!

Dungeon Friends Forever

Dungeon Friends Forever is almost your typical dungeon crawler game but with an unique feature that allows you to create and utilize unique characters. To create a character in Dungeon Friends Forever you will have to upload a photo of you and/or your friends to the game. A character will then be generated based on the photo you upload. The characters generated will try to have likeness to the persons in the photos. In addition to that, using the photo the game will generate stats for your character.

Different photos will generate different characters with different stats and abilities. However, you can only use a photo once to create a character and once that character dies you cannot recreate the same character again. This creates a game mechanic that relies on having images to create characters for your party.

The rest of the game is a generic roguelike dungeon crawler, that sometimes you might face enemies and even bosses that will have faces of your past created characters.

Billionaire Robbery:

In this escape room players will take on the role of thief's who have been given the objective to steal loot and valuable items from the bedroom of a billionaire. The room contains many clues to the location and keys needed to find the treasure. The billionaire left these clues to the treasure in case something was ever to happen to him.

The task is simple enough, get in, find the hidden treasure and get out, however there is only one problem. The players must find the treasure and escape the room before the police arrive and arrest them.

The room will have a sequence of puzzles which will need to be solved in the correct order before they are able to obtain the hidden treasure within the secret trap door underneath the carpet. The puzzle will start off with players entering the escape room from the bottom door. The first clue that players will have to find is the note which can be found underneath the table which the box of chocolates is lying on. This note will have a clue saying "Our Dreams lie amongst the stars" which will hint that players towards the hanging star in the centre of the room.

This note will give a clue to the next sequence in the puzzle which will require the player to find a hidden key which is located on top of the star which is hanging from the ceiling. The escape room will have two locks which will require keys to open, one of which is the secret trap door and the other which is the safe within the one bedroom. This key found on the star will be needed to open the safe inside the bedroom.

The safe will contain a couple of contents including a key ring holding a large number of different keys (none of which will be of any use or open anything) as well as another note telling the players "The answer lies within the crosshairs". The set of keys will just be a distraction to throw the players off however the note will be the very next important step in finding the next clue. The note refers to the crosshair shaped window which players will have to look through in order to find the location of the next step in the puzzle. By looking through the window the crosshair will point towards a clock hanging on the wall.

Players will then have to check the behind the clock in order to find the actual key which is required in order to open the secret trap door which contains the hidden treasure under the carpet. Once the players have opened this trap door they would have completed the puzzle and will be able to escape the room with the valuable treasure. All other items in the room will just be distractions to throw the players off of finding the treasure.

Mount Vesuvius is a first person open ended RPG for PC and consoles. The game takes place in the city of Pompeii and spans a timeframe consisting of events before, during and after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Within the game the player takes on the role of a generic citizen of Pompeii. Within the first third of the game, the player is prompted to explore the city and become familiarised with, and attached to their environment and the people around them. The player will be prompted to complete daily tasks/quests such as going to the local forum or marketplace, to meeting with friends (npc characters). The player will also be given the opportunity to participate in local events. One such activity will be being able to participate in a gladiatorial event in the amphitheatre. This event in particular will give the player an advantage should they attend as it will teach them combat techniques useful for the second third of the game. Aside from these set activities, other tasks and quests will be dynamically generated. Throughout the first part of the game, the player will also experience tremors and earthquakes (as did occur at the time) alluding to the next major part of the game. The second third of the game revolves around the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the anarchy that followed. The player is able to deal with it however they so choose. However ultimately the player must find a means of escape, such as on a ship, or face the game getting exponentially more difficult until they are met with their inevitable demise. Should the player act accordingly and find a method of escape out of the city, they will encounter the final third of the game. This segment and its plot revolves entirely around the player having to start a new life in an unknown place from nothing. This segment will play similarly to the first, however with obvious differences and eventually become open ended and dynamically generated once the player completes all the quests provided to establish their new life. Image source:

Dark Space


Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: This game is an enormous Open-world, RPG drawing concepts from the Mass Effect Trilogy and the film Pandemonium.

In Dark Space players will take on the role of a man or woman who's had some dealings with an elusive, intergalactic crime lord that many believe to be a myth or they don't know about them at all. Unfortunately for they have also regularly found themselves in debt to this crime lord and this has often lead to them using their skills to do the odd job now again (The players back story that they select will define how they acquired these skills). The fact that you have these skills has been the only thing that has prevented you from being murdered, as you have been forced to work on missions in order to pay off your debt.

The game is set in a universe where humans have been a space-faring species for centuries (but still relatively young compared to other lifeforms/races). The game begins with the players finding themselves kidnapped by the crime lord's men. This is a first as usually an agent will be sent "requesting" you to either do jobs or face the consequences for your debt. The player will be fed some backstory about what this game will be centred on and where it will be set as they are told about an old, massive human colony ship that was one of a kind in the sense that it was the largest colony vessel humanity had ever created. The player learns that it was lost some hundred years ago whilst attempting to reach a distant and habitable planet. The Player is made aware that the ship has been found floating around the corners of dark space, and is believed to of re-entered through a wormhole. No authority, or faction knows about the ships re-appearance as the crime lord has been using his agents to keeping it a secret. The player is told that a few teams have been sent to investigate this ship but none have returned and all contact has been lost. The player is forced to either use their skills to go investigate the ship to find anything of value and learn what they can, or be killed.

The Players character decides to chance investigating the ship even though they get the feeling it's a suicide mission. Players will come to find themselves learn that the ship is not devoid of life as they come across deep space monstrosities no one has seen before and uncover mysteries pertaining to the ship. Like in the film Pandemonium, a large portion of people in the sleeping pods have been mutated to adapt to living life on the ship instead of the planet and have turned into cannibalistic humanoid monstrosities that have formed their own culture/society. The player will come across a range of different characters who are living on the ship and have not been mutated, some of these characters are descendants from the original crew of the ship.

The player will be able to form relationships with the people they meet and create a small team that will follow them through the ship to help them achieve their goals as well as their own.

Aim: To give players a rich sci-fi experience that is both heavy in narrative and kick-ass combat. The ship is designed to be gigantic and thus it will feel like players are playing a massive open world game as there is lots of levels, regions and sections of the ship to explore.


. Third Person RPG: Players will pick their gender and design their character at the start of the game.

. Open-World: This is an open world game where players will explore an enormous colony ship, with many quests to undertake, secrets and mysteries to uncover and interesting NPC's to interact with.

. Character customization: Players will be able to customise the look of their character at the start of the game and during it. They will be able to equip various weapons, armours and spells to suit their characters build.

. Moral Alignment: The decisions and actions of players will affect their moral alignment. This influences how NPC's will react to the player.

. Multi-choice dialogue options: Players will interact with NPC's through a multi-choice dialogue mechanic. Things players say to NPC's can be beneficial or detrimental to them. Choices made can affect their player's moral alignment.

. Crafting/Modding: Players can use the junk they find in the game world and craft it into useful items such as upgrades, armours, Weapons, etc. that can help them survive on this monstrous Colony ship.

. Level up: Players will be able to gain experience from completing quests, learning new things and killing enemies etc. Once players gain enough EXP, they will be able to level up and improve their stats.

. Skill Tree: Players skills will also be a mechanic that will have its own progress like the levelling system. Upon improving skills such as crafting, using certain weapons etc. the player will be able to unlock new skills in the skill tree, some which improve pre-existing skills and others that will give the player new abilities.

You are a farmer, trying to make your way in the world. Growing your crops, and tending to your animals. This is a relaxing game, in which the player gets to build their own farm, they start off with just a few cows and a small corn crop, and as they earn more money they can create pens and fields in any way that they want. Choosing what to plant and what animals to farm, there is no real end game objective to this game apart from making your dream farm to look after.

From the beginning there are no real restrictions on what you choose to farm, all that you have to manage is the amount of money that you have, if you can afford it, you can farm it. This game offers many different camera angles for the players to choose from, these include 3rd person, first person, top down and many more so the player can play the game to there personal liking.

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Interaction/emotional strategy game where you live the life of a shutaway person with a broken computer who has forgotten how to connect to others from being alone. You have recently been pushed to apply for a job, and will be working with and around people for the first time in recent memory. You hate attention, and as a result have found that the easiest solution is to do what everyone does and pretend to be fine. The game is played over a span of days which start when you wake up in the morning, and how you prepare for work will influence how relaxed or stressed you are from how piercing your alarm is to how stale the cereal is to whether you accidentally bump into walls or break cups or plates while still sleepy. It starts at a rough value depending on how well you slept - usually terribly at day one - and decreases when faced with negative stimuli like harsh noises or social phobias.

At work, the tasks are usually away from people and are simple tasks such as stacking shelves or wiping tables, but coworkers and customers may come and talk to you from time to time and you will have to navigate dialogue and maintain your body language/composure using comfort objects or escape tactics to keep stress down so they don't guess anything is wrong. The higher your stress the harder this will be, and people wondering is a likely occurrence in the first week or two if things don't improve. Other random events include day to day trials such as laundry days, extra responsibilities, the chance of picking up a stray pet and having to feed it, being mugged after a late shift, and even tripping over the sidewalk and not being able to afford the health insurance until you heal.

With the money you earn, you can afford things like a better mattress, medication for asthma and sleeping, cleaning clothes more often, new music, confectionary treats, and other things for general hygiene and mental health that will reduce the effect stress has and make it easier to fool people into thinking you're okay. If someone suspects something and tries to move closer, though, your stress will ramp up for as long as they're focused on you and the effects of relaxation will have less of an impact the longer it goes on, all the way to zero. If stress hits maximum at any time, you will have a breakdown - if anyone sees you during this you will be found out and referred to a therapist, which will use up any money you would have put towards repairing your computer and result in a failure state.

The aim of the game is to work shift for as long as it takes to afford a repaired or new computer - depending on how many days played, more parts will be needed as your computer breaks down - without being found out in the meantime so that you can fix it in as few days as possible and go back to how you were living before you had to get the job.


Picture: Dream Life by ImaginarySmile on DeviantArt

This is a competitive party game where you race your friends in a remote control race, there are three catergories to choose from which drive, fly or sail. All of the vehicle you have access to are fully customizable so you stand out among your friends, and the model possibilities are endless. Also there are extra forms of races you can participate in that turn the game into a side scrolling runner, and a horse betting game.
There is also the challenges mode, where you and your friends compete to complete challenges in the shortest amount of time and with the most points at the end.

In the XX world, the scientists invented an anti-aging vacine for human, when someone affected by the vacine, their cellule will keeping restore themself back to normal, making the age of human stop. They cannot die, even they kill themself, they are still brought back to live, it was an perfect ideas at the first time, but later on, it is a disaster when people can live for hundred of thousand years but they still cannot die. People are losing their purpose to live, nothing to motivate them, becoming emotionless, they even pay money to someone successfully kill them. No one want to have baby, the population of the world finally stand still.

A 3D adventure game where player will play as a last person with evil mind in his heart, other people are too kind and the world is too nice for him. The purpose of the game is bringing back the devil to a very nice world to bring back the balance and ideas to live on for all people. The main character is belong to a generation that reject to have the vacine on their body, this generation is the last family in the world that can die. Money, Gold, Everything become useless now, player have to choose his way to bring back the balance to the world by invent new vacine that cure this sickness by travel outside the Earth or inspired people to help him create a time machine so he can change the history, or think about a way to make people die, they will very happy about that and try to help the player.

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That Sinking Feeling is a real-world, room-based game where a team works together to get out of the room by completing a series of logic puzzles.

Room Theme: Cruise Ship.

The players are stuck in a room on a cruise ship which is currently taking on large amounts of water. In order to escape the room, players have to find the card that unlocks the door, which cannot be opened via any other means.

Puzzle 1: The light

The light is currently disabled, and the method of turning it on provides another step in the direction of the next puzzle. In order to solve the puzzle, the players must first find the 'fuse box' itself. Once they find the 'fuse', inserting the fuse into the appropriate slot will activate the lights, allowing the players to see. Alternatively, there is a pair of battery powered lanterns in a drawer under the bed, which will provide the players with limited light.

Puzzle 2: The Bed

The base of the bed has a set of wheels mounted on it, with drag marks along the floor. Players tapping or making noise on the wall will reveal that it is a retractable, false wall. Players can move this wall by spinning the otherwise innocent looking old-timey ship wheel on the side of the wall. This reveals the 'hidden' room, as well as a smaller, locked room that appears to be the toilet.

Puzzle 3: Opening The Toilet

The toilet is the goal of the next puzzle section, which can be solved in the following way. A shopping list on the bench contains a list of towels in purchasing order. Putting the first letters of each towel colour in order spells out a set of music notes. These music notes are linked to the piano placed in the corner of the room. As the players hit each note on the piano, the ambient music slows down. Once the players have entered the correct combination (hinted at while the music slows down) the door to the toilet will open.

Puzzle 4: The Toilet

The toilet itself is a focal point of this puzzle; the cistern itself hides a key, which is used on a lock in the base of the initial room, under the carpet. The players receive a hint to this through a letter also located in the toilet, which gives a little amount of narrative context behind the items hidden in the floor safe.

Puzzle 5: The Door

The final piece of the puzzle is the keycard itself, which allows the players to exit the room. The issue is, the keycard is screwed into the bottom of the floor safe. Players have to use the screwdriver they were given initially to release the keycard before they can open the door. After unscrewing the keycard, players simply have to unlock the door in order to complete the puzzle.

Intended layout of the room.

Wall Runner Races is an endless gravity runner game designed for ios and android devices. The player runs along the inside of a large 3D tube. The player will have to tilt the device to make the character run either left or right and the player can also tap on the screen to activate different power ups you may pick up. These power ups include speed boost, jump, gravity reverse, invincibility, slow motion, and others that can be used offensively such as projectiles. All of these power ups are one time use only and the speed boost, invincibility and slow motion only take effect for a few seconds.

There will be two main game modes for the players to choose from. The first is just the classic endless mode. The player will have to last as long as he can on the track while obstacles pop up and parts of the floor fall away. The second game mode is a multiplayer race game. Friends will be able to race each other along the insides of these 3D tubes. They will be able to use the abilities on each other in order to get ahead. I imagine Wall Runner Races will play like a mix of classic kart racing games and newer endless runners.

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Infection is a 3D action game for All consoles and PC. Each match is meant to last approximately 1 hour, a group of 10-20 players will be randomly spawned into a large area, their goal is to work together to find pieces of a map that will lead them to their freedom. The players will begin with a set of chosen items ranging from guns with very limited ammo to melee weapons such as swords. The map will be randomly generated for each match so that no one who has previously escaped can just retrace their steps and lead everyone out. While searching for the map parts players will be attacked by monsters, these monsters will initially start spawning in waves for the first few minutes then become more random afterwards. During the first few spawns a special monster will appear which will turn a player into a blood thirsty killer. The killer however doesn't change form or at least not right away he maintains his standard appearance right up until he is about to kill someone. The killer is able to be killed but once he has been taken out another special monster will be spawned onto the map to create another one. Once a killer has been created his stats will be greatly increased and the player will be granted a new ability which will allow himself to place down decoys and fake map parts which will lure players into their demise.

God of the Sun, God of the Moon, God of Nature, God of Fire, God of Water, God of Air, God of Life and God of Death. These are the Gods that make up the world. This world, named Paráxenos (Greek for strange), consists of seven cultures, each who worships their own God. However, Death is the only God without worshipers. He is a sad, weak and lonely God who took himself to a dark cave high up in the farthest mountains. No other gods like him, and no villages wished to worship him. He is essential to the balance of this world, but all the other Gods and their worshipers see is the misery he brings.

That is until one day in the middle of spring. A small group of teenagers traveled to the bottom of the mountain Death was rumoured to be hiding in and set up a worshiping circle. In the middle of that circle, an old and dying goat, one that was beloved by them. They wanted Death to end him painlessly and believed that if they offered him the goat, he would do so.

And so Death did. The goat passed it's final breath and fell into Death's sleep. The teens cried with happiness and promised to worship Death for his kindness. They set up a small shrine to him in their village and made sure to give him offerings whenever someone or something died. Eventually, he had a small town of worshipers. Finally, he had the energy of his followers to lead him out of his cave and to begin his quest in becoming a world worshiped God in Paráxenos.

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This game involves many lazers. The amount of players playing doesn't matter, just that if there are more players the playing grounds need to be enlarged. The playing ground is usually a room, a dark room with lazer lights.

Basically the game is played with a group of players which must make their way to the opposite side of the playing ground. But there are lazers that players must avoid touching. If touched a life would be taken away from the group. The group is given three lives in total, lives can't be added but only subtracted by touching the lazers.

In addition to avoiding lazers players would also need to touch all the indicators. These indicators will be obvious to players that they are required to touch them. The reason to touch these indicators is for clearing the stage level they are currently in. Once all the indicators have been touched, at the opposite side where the players' started, there will also be an indicator. This indicator means the stage has been cleared and all the lazers will be turned off. So players can successfully make their way to the other side and which this indicator is pressed. It would be the next stage is about to begin.

Complexity and difficulty of the is represented in the number of lazers and the amount of indicators which the players must touch. Furthermore, lazers would also move in certain directions and indicators would flash and change its position.

There is another mode which players can play with. For this mode all players would be split into two groups. Players are given mirrors which they can change the direction of the lazers. Then in turn shoot the lazers toward their enemy to cause them to lose lives. However, with a little change of the game rules, groups can obtain one additional life for every player they shoot the lazer to.

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So one day, a young boy found this weird tool in the middle of some old ruins and when he swung that tool it rips open a tear in spacetime, showing a different dimension. He would then enter in and explore it. He could do this over and over again every time, opening different dimensions. The dimensions vary from empty desert places to huge towns filled with weird people, massive ocean buy you can somehow breath underwater, to a dimension where mankind is about to get extinct and so much more.

This is an RPG so the boy will do "quest" in these different dimensions. Basically he'll figure out stuff, help the people there and get rewarded with items from that certain dimension. Later the collection will grow, and this items will be useful. For example certain items are needed for dimensions that you haven't visited yet or vise-versa and it keeps progressing.

Now, as he keeps traveling through dimensions. He get glimpses of this dark creature, not really sure what it is since it was just a glimpse but the further he goes, the more dimension he travels the more of these shows up. Until at one point after he keeps getting clues here and there from doing quests.. He realized..

"Everytime I rip a tear in space time.. They went out.. "

Every time he opens a portal to another dimension. A creature from the void, the gap between the dimensions, escapes. These are creatures of nothingness, they were born out of nothing, lived in the middle of nowhere between dimensions and everywhere they go they create nothingness, and by this time everything was too late. There were already too many of them set loose by the boy and they started creating nothingness here and there. Things start to disappear, people start to disappear. Everything, one by one starts to disappear and here comes the grand quest. The boy has to not only save the world, but save hundreds of thousands of worlds. He need to get rid of these creatures and save all the different dimensions.

Using an old ancient temple that is known to make portals between dimension, the way to restore it and to make it work is to use the items you have, including the tool that you found in the beginning. Opening the grand portal will suck the void creatures.

This game is about a character that is trapped inside a sphere. Inside the sphere is an a vast open universe which scales outwards as if the character was a speck of dust.

The character will be hunted by the evil spirits that inhibit this world and have to survive within the sphere using the environment to help them survive. The character will need to find sources of water and hunt to survive. The ultimate goal would be for the character to escape the sphere which they are trapped in by destroying the evil spirits are within it.

The character would be allowed 1 choice of companion which will act as a companion and also help them defend and retrieve resources to help them survive. They would have a choice from different animals that they could ride such as; Big Cats, Wolves, Horses, Scorpions and other different animals which would have different advantages and disadvantages, sometimes these would be zone based.

"All humans are to surrender to us. Your nations have fallen, you have nothing left. Surrender." Was the first thing you heard when you woke up. You don't remember who you are but from outside the window of the building, what's happening is obvious. The human race is losing a fight against an invading alien race who seem interested only in the conquest of earth. The only clue you have to yourself is a note telling you to find yourself if humanity is ever going to survive this.

This is game where you have one task, fight the aliens and get them off this planet. For weapons and supplies you have whatever the humans supply to you, alien tech doesn't work for humans. Your missions are the general fight and destroy key while fighting any protection this target has. What makes this different however is you have to try and remember who you are. This is achieved by flashbacks that you can remember if you are in an area that your character recognises. These flashbacks are recorded but you don't remember events in order so their sequence won't make sense but you can view them over an over again because they do have hints that can help you progress. Also the aliens seem to want you dead badly. So must have done something to annoy them.

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