The game is a 3D multiplayer online game. After the end of the day, most of the world is destroyed, the human only survival in a few small place. No one knows what happened in that day, the survivors realized the human's civilization just gone. All the Earth is occupied by the variant animals, they become giant and have invasive. All the characters are the members of the junkmen in the ruins of a city, the players just have a broadsword in the beginning. They could build a place to defense the attack from animals or other people. Or choosing be an attacker to loot others. The center of the city is a safe place for everyone, they cannot infringe the laws which the elders made. Otherwise, the character will be killed and lost all the things they have.

The player could choose to learn two type of skills. There are many skills available for choosing, such as forging, tailor, builder and technician etc.

They could choose to either hunt the giant animals to obtain the materials for exchanging or loot another city to obtain the rewards from elders.

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The game is a 3D endless runner game for IOS and android device. The player could through tapping or sliding the screen to control the character jumping, coasting or attacking.

Autumn is coming and the squirrel is busy picking up pine cones for the winter. The player controls squirrel hopping about on the trees to collect nuts. The squirrel would never stop running, the players' mission is helping squirrel to avoid run into the crotch or other animals. The player needs to deal with many interferences from the inconstant environment and various animals or birds. The nuts could be used for upgrading some skills like jumping higher or running faster. Also, some tools could be bought for helping the squirrel to defense hurt by spending the nut.

The squirrel could sustain harm three times in every a thousand meter. Once the character falls down to the ground, the game is over. The game has various achievements available for the player challenge, such as no hurt in a thousand meters, stunning 10 snakes or flying 10 meters.

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The game is a 3D survival game for computer and console devices. The character is an explorer in a forest. Unfortunately, he lost the way due to the compass and communication equipment was broken. How to survive from the virulent forest and find a way out becoming a serious problem. The player needs to help him to build a temporary home, and try to map the new territory. Basically, any problem which could exist will come finally. The player needs to decide in which place to build the house, it very important for avoiding ferocious animals or serpentry.

In the beginning, the player could choose three things to bring, such as a knife, a lighter, fish wire and a few medicine etcetera.

In fact, the main enemy for him is his body. He has to deal with starvation, exhaustion and sickness. Everything he tried will record on a notebook, the skills will upgrade based on the thing which he made.

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It is a 2D casual game for IOS and android device. The player needs to tap the screen to force the fish float upward, and use the underwater gun to protect the fish which he grabbed.

Old shipwrecks were rediscovered by a young diver, and he is so excited that nearly forgot he is under water. It was too late when he wants to go back to his ship. There is no enough oxygen could support him to float upward to sea-surface. Fortunately, he found a shoal roaming around him.

The diver needs to catch the fish and make it float upward. The player must grasp the opportunity to grab a strong fish which has enough power to carry him up. In the same, some sharks want to eat him. The player needs to use an underwater gun to disperse them.

The character brought some gold coins with him. Once the character arrives sea-surface without any gold coin or the character dead in the water, the game failed.

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It is a 3D survival game for computer and consoles.

The character woke up in a prison and he has no idea about what happened. He has been told that his death sentence will be coming in five days. So, he decides to break out of the jail. However, as a major criminal offender, the jailbreak is almost an impossible mission for him. Fortunately, he found an old notebook and it has recorded some loophole of jail. The main problem is how to get the tools from another place in which the character could not approach. The character just could walk around a few places in the jail. Then exchanging some stuff with other prisoners becomes an only way to achieve the goal.

The player needs to control the role to complete some missions, such as slipping into the monitor room, stealing weapons and getting the stuff which other prisoners' needs. Of course, the character's enemies are not only jailers but also need to be careful with other prisons – they are maybe more dangerous than jailers.

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The game is a 3D tower defense game for IOS and android.

The character is a happy farmer, his farm sits on the side of the hill. Lots of cattle roam in his place. One day, a group of Orcish found the farm, and when he went to a nearby town the invader laid farm in ruin. He knows the Orcish will come back, but nothing could quench his longing to return home again, thus he rebuilds the home and decided to defense the enemies.

The player could lumber, quarrying and building some traps in the daylight. And the enemies will come to the farm on the night. They will try to destroy the defenses and plunder his cattle. During the defense time, the player could control the character shoot arrows. The enemies will choose a way which has less defense. So, the player has to plan the way carefully. Once the character lost all his cattle, the player failed. After a successful defense, the character could get some coins which can be used to buy more powerful trap design paper.

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Umbrella buster is a 2D casual game for IOS and android devices. The players play as a naughty God, they could control the wind's direction and level. The main goal is to destroy pedestrian's umbrella as much as possible and make people soaking in the rain. Of course, in normally method, changing the direction of the wind frequently is a good idea. But with the increasing number of levels, the method will not works forever. Using the blast to push some heavy stuffs fall down on the umbrella becoming a new way. The player needs to be careful, once any pedestrian dead, the mission is failed. In the beginning, the player could control the breeze, then with the unlocked levels, more kind of wind will become available for their choosing. The wind will start from breeze to blast and gale. The player has to destroy enough umbrellas before the rain stopped. The rain usually take a shot time which from one to five minutes.

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Wake-up service is a 2D game for IOS and android devices, the player could tap and draw the stuffs on the screen.

Mr. S is a lazy guy, he often late for work and the only reason is oversleep. His boss told him if arriving late once more time, he will be fired. The player's only mission is to try to use stuffs, which in his bedroom, to wake him up. Try to use some kindly ways, because he has a heart condition. Once he gets a heart attack, he might die, which means game over. There are many things in the room, such as a glass of water, a television, three footballs and a computer. Of course, the player needs to be careful with his briefcase, which just put on his bed, some very important documents inside of it. In each level, the player has two minutes to achieve the goal.

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A 3D god game with strategy, player will play as a small god and rule an small village in Egypt, the peaceful village turn to a bloody village because the army from the city nearby attacked them, the god rule the city has ordered that.

An Acient Egypt was rule by many god and their servants. Each god will have some servants to help him rule the country. Many of the people in the village were very close friend to the small god, now he want to get revenge, he used all power of himself to resurrect one best friend in the village, the guy name is Ra. Small god and Ra will have to gather all of believe from other town and city in order to resurrect their old friend in the village Anubis, Horus, Isis... and gather the strength of the people to fight against the the biggest enemy that have killed them.

The game will test the player how to manage food and the strategy to get the believe from citizen, as well as control the army to fight in the battle.

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The lost story is a third-person survival game for computer and console device. The character woke up in a ghost city. The city seems similar with modem city, but most buildings are covered by the plants. Many vestiges of human activity appear on the road. However, the character cannot find a single person. The last date stay on August 30, 2015. It seems all the people suddenly disappeared in that day. The character has to find out what happened.

Hunger sensation, feeling of fatigue and sickness are the main problems for the character, thus the player needs to be careful about those symptoms. Because of the game is an open world sandbox game, many buildings can be scaled. Also, some of them are easy to scale rather than climb down. Once the character falls down from a high position, he may get hurt. Food and water need to be searched for surviving.

The character could make some simple weapons and medicine by himself. The proficiency will be upgraded with more making.

The main enemies are lots of break out of zoo's beasts.

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Hunting is a 3D video game for computer and console device.

Zombies, a kind of undead people, always searching for fresh meat. Because of low intelligence, slow speed and brittle head, they frequently suffer from human's hunting, even though their group has a large number of members. As one of them, the character luckily retains the intelligence from before his death. The place in which he stays is his home, at least it used to be his home. So, he would like to stay here. Then how to survive when he confront with a team, who want to build a foothold, becoming a serious problem. The team has enough weapons and cautious members. Fortunately, the building is pretty big which provides enough space for his hiding.

Be careful with the sound and smell that the character has - it may betray his position. Trying to attack human from some unexpected places and make sure they would not phonate is a key point. Unfortunately, the character could not use any weapon due to atrophied muscles. Other zombies' actions are uncontrollable, but you can try to use sound to attract them.

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In a different planet without human, Ground, Air, Underground animals has made their move to a new evolution, they create a civilization for themselves and develop it by themselves. Ground animals have rich resources about food and water with a medium development of technology. Air animals with a high development of technology but lack of resources, they trade their technology for food, water and other supply, they proud of themselves because they create a flying land, all of air animals can live in the sky. On the other hand, Underground animals, with a low development of technology but rich of gold, steal, metal and other resources for making a strong weapon, they normally are very aggressive against other races.

The player will play as a traveler, gender and outlook will be customized by themselves, they can choose the race, ability and weapon. If the player stays in the kingdom that same with their race, they will not be in trouble, otherwise, the NPCs in the game will cause them trouble.

The game is an RPG game, third view person.

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An survival game where player require to solve the mystery, stay alive and get themself out of the dangerous place.

Player will play as an unemployment man who are currently looking for a job, he received a strange offer job mail. He came to the place and got hit from the back then passed out.

When he woke up, he is locked in the 16 meter square room with 4 walls, without door or window, the roof make by steel and flat and there is a shovel in the corner, no food no water and limited air. There are 3 bars which are hungry, thirsty, and suffocant, if any one of them run out the game will be over

Digging is one of the option, it will take him to the second room which bigger and has much air than last room, it have no food or water, but there is a small hungry dog, he also stuck in the room, this moment player need to choose to eat him for survive or continue digging which will take more time than normal.

Based on the choice player made in the second room, the game will take them into a different story.

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An offline traditional genre of game hack & slash with traditional method of story Hero save the Princess. A farm boy fall in love with the princess of his country, there are many princes from other country want to married her but she's waiting for her true love, but she is 18 now and the king give her 3 years to think about her marriage. The Princess create a potion to turn herself into a disaster monster if after 3 year she did not meet her true love.

As the farmboy, player will need to train themself into a undefeatable knight, a nightmare assassin or a extremely powerful Wizard to make her fall in love with the farmboy, 3 years to do it.


A hardcore hack & slash game where it is very imba, area of effect skill with massive damage, or HP regeneration plus more than the damage of a strong monster can hit, attack speed like lighting, can hit other units 10 times in 1 second.

The game will be unbalanced because the level will be unlimited in the game, some of the monster are very strong, they can one hit blow player away but what happen if player has 99% of evasion (Nightmare Assassin) and can only hit by magic but immune to every physical attack.

The game unbalanced with the stats and the skills but it will be balanced in other way, like a requirement to defeat one character, so no one can be the strongest, the strongest still have weaknesses.

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In the future when the sea level increasing and cover more land than before. Human have to move to the sky and live in the airship, the airship become popular, it's become family house, the medium for traveling, moving. Player will play as a Airship Crafter, craft the airship based on the orders from the customer.


A management game like tycoon game, the game requires player create new type of airship to compete with other shops. By this way, the game will have a little adventure like RPG game, player need to explore the world's land which has change much because of the changing.

Airship has many parts, especially during this time, they need more resources to make the engine, natural color for painting, monsters'skin to make chair or so.

There is a activity in game call, Airship Festival, where people bring their Airship for challenge, if the airship is chosen, they will become popular

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You will play as a skillful Shipkeeper who offer every ship even pirates or royal the serving services including cleaning, cooking, fixing ship, massaging, story telling... You will do almost everything to make everyone in the ship happy and feel that your services is unique.


Normal mission will take awhile ( normally from 1 week to 4 weeks)

Long vacation mission will take longer than (couple of months)

To the New Land (time will be vary)

Before departure, the ship owner will give player the details of the ship( how big is it, how many people, any special person) and the payment. Player can choose to take or reject the offer, as they accept, they will have to buying enough equipment, hiring more servants, buying food and other supply for the mission. Player require to calculate how much food will be serve for the passengers in the ship and what entertainment will be on show.

Normal mission will increase the fame slow, long will increase it normal, and To the New Land will give player more things to study or learn about.

Game basically will test the player how to manage strict budget at the first place to gain fame, manage everything else on the ship to make their services is special.

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A simulation and management game, player will be the one who setting the basic elements for new planet.

As a Creator, player can make the structure of the planet as they want, there are some things like:

Elements: Choose Water, Earth, Wind, Air and set a number for Pureness, Templerature, Color, Smell

Gravity: Player can choose the basic of gravity by choosing Balance( , AntiGravity( jump will push the object close to the heart of Planet), NoGravity( no jump)

Season: Number of Season, Disaster

Animals: Grow( How fast the population), Lifetime, Evolution

Beside that, the creator have to live test by putting some different animals and set the testing time. People around the galaxy will come to visit and may invest their resources in to the planet or go away to find another promised one. Player can also choose to delete the planet by throwing them to Black Hole, but it will cause Game Over if player throw the planet into a living one.

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Simulation and RPG game, player will play as a boss and fight against hero.

In a RPG game where there are too many players make the game unbalance. You as a boss of a Dungeon will start to level up monster in the dungeon yourself, recuit more potential members for your dungeon or hire bosses from another dungeon to help you protect gold and resources in the dungeon away from hero.

Player can also build some building like: Spawning, Tower, Trap... they can also re-set up the dungeon themself, but it will cost more money to do. Minions in the dungeon can be equiped armor or weapon, but there will be some chances that they lost their item to heroes.

Player can also level up themself as boss in the dungeon and fight with their minions against hero. As a boss in dungeon there are many different type of boss, so are you, player have to pick there stype of monster to play. An unstoppable beast which hold a big axe, a deadly witch that can summon, buff, heal the minion, curse or poison hero or a dark ranger attack from behind monster.

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An 3D RPG with Fleeing style game.

You will play as a boy, his parents and his kind was, the magician of Acablaam, they has been killed by another kind, the Witch of WeeWood. Before his parents die, they has locked all of his power and send him away to keep him safe, his power will unlock until he's18.

When the boy is 18, he discover that he can heal a heart of living species, even when they die, if it is still fresh he can bring them back and make them become his allies. In order to do this, he have to have enough power to clear the black shade in their heart, it depends on different people, more black mean they are more powerful than other.


Player will need to both travel and ask for information to get away from Witch

Player can stay in tavern to regain HP, eat fod or drink to regain Stamina, but also watch out for Hunter

Building his secret base in a magical city in a ball, he called that Acablaam World, as his magic grow stronger, the city will become bigger

Player need to have enough armies to fight back before The End ( Leader of the Witch used her power to summon you at WeeWood)

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Mysterious World is a 3D single player game for consoles and computers.

The character woke up in a strange place – a tiny planet. Everything is different between his world and the new place. The sun is pink, the water is glutinous, the wind always point to the ground and the weird animals roam everywhere. The strangest thing is gravity, it is same as the Earth on the surface of the ground, in the cave is completely opposite, which means if the character excavate a hole he could float in the air. The character wants to find his way home. But he has to collect many fragments on the ground first for matching a structure drawing and setting up a space ship. The fragments are scattered in some places where are occupied by various animals, some of them are very dangerous. So, the character has to rationally use stuffs on the surroundings. Once the enemies touch the character, he will dead. At the beginning, the character holds a shovel. He needs to use it to build a temporary home and find a safe food and water for surviving.

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The game is a massively multiplayer online game.

In the game, the player controls a cell in an unknown liquid. The goal is to swallow as much others viruses as possible. It consumes a certain amount of energy every minute, which means the cell has to eat something continually. Of course, players need to be careful with someone who bigger than him, all animals have to observe the jungle law. When the cell swallows enough gene, it will be evolving to the next species. Its evolution based on what did it eat. The more genes they obtained, the powerful specie they will become. So, how to survive from predators' hunting and swallow as much weaker cells as possible at a same time become a key point. In addition, the bigger cell is not invincible for some smaller cells, if they cooperate with each other. After all, the wolf has a winning game when the shepherds quarrel.

Also, what kind of animals it will become, depends on what kind of cell they ate most. They could evolve from a cell to a fish, turtles, lizard and dinosaur.

Once the cell dead or be eaten, game over, they have to start over. And the cell that they chose will keep a part of gene from last one.

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