In the XX world, the scientists invented an anti-aging vacine for human, when someone affected by the vacine, their cellule will keeping restore themself back to normal, making the age of human stop. They cannot die, even they kill themself, they are still brought back to live, it was an perfect ideas at the first time, but later on, it is a disaster when people can live for hundred of thousand years but they still cannot die. People are losing their purpose to live, nothing to motivate them, becoming emotionless, they even pay money to someone successfully kill them. No one want to have baby, the population of the world finally stand still.

A 3D adventure game where player will play as a last person with evil mind in his heart, other people are too kind and the world is too nice for him. The purpose of the game is bringing back the devil to a very nice world to bring back the balance and ideas to live on for all people. The main character is belong to a generation that reject to have the vacine on their body, this generation is the last family in the world that can die. Money, Gold, Everything become useless now, player have to choose his way to bring back the balance to the world by invent new vacine that cure this sickness by travel outside the Earth or inspired people to help him create a time machine so he can change the history, or think about a way to make people die, they will very happy about that and try to help the player.

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More submissions by tranphuc for MDS GDV110 - 'One Game a Day' Assignment

A turn based and strategy game where player will choose to play 3 heroes with the special skills they will choose for their heroes and fight against the final boss with all 3 special ability that player was chosen for their heroes.

The map in the game will be medium size so both side will have time to manage their weapon and items until they face each other. The AI will play the boss and start at the same time player start to play, each side have to defense for their base. There are other neutral base, which will defense against both side and will follow any side that defeated them, they also have heroes for themself. The base can also be upgraded to produce units to defense the base and build tower, trap, gate or wall.

The special skill that player will choose for each hero: Gain more gold when defeat monster, Gain more experiences when defeat monster, attack twice each turn, all atributes plus, deal damage double to other hero, movement increase...

Every new day, player have limit of movement for that day and it will regain fully after another new day. The 3 heroes can be plit and bring different army for themself.

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A bubbles simulation game where player have to smash them to gain point, the game is a mobile game for iOS or Android. The game will follow the style of ninja fruit, but in order to gain point, they have to smash different color of bubble in different way.

Blue bubble is the common kind of bubble, normal smashing can blew the bubble. Red bubble is the uncommon kind of bubble, it has a stronger skin than blue one, also in order to blew this bubble, player have to make an double cross like x alphabet. Green bubble is a liquid bubble, which will cause the miss on the screen and leave the liquid there if player smash them. Yellow bubble is a rare bubble, which requires player to make a 5 star symbol to smash them. Black bubble is boss bubble, depend on the size so it will require to be slash more than other bubble. Lastly, White bubble is a friendly bubble, which cause a small explosion around it and damage to other bubble when smashing.

Bubbled will have story mode and defense mode, both of them requires to play at the same time to unlock and carry on new skill or effect.

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A puzzle game where you have to use your gold to make the troll kill the demon. Player will have to use a limit of gold in every level to lead the troll to the demon's gate guard.

Player will play as a naughty boy who was making fun of a troll and both was fell to a gate of hell. To escape from the hell, player have to make their way to the gate, but there is a demon who guard the gate, you cannot kill him but the troll does. The troll loves gold, he can help the player by smashing the demon's head, so player can escape by that.

Every level will have at least 3 characters: Naughty boy( Player), a Troll and a Demon. There are amouth of gold place around the room, player have to collect the gold, avoiding demon and plan the gold from the troll to the demon.

Player: move 1 every turn, can collect gold, can throw gold 2 square away from his current position( any direction).

Troll: Gold is priority, smash everything stand near to him, can detect gold 2 square away from his current position, move 2 every turn.

Demon: Player's life is priority, move 2 every turn, cannot kill troll, detect player 2 square away from his current position, doesn't like gold.

there are also other elements such as:

Trap: which can kill troll, demon will never step on trap, player may step on it.

Poison arrow: slow troll and demon 1 square in 3 turns.

Stone: Stun the demon for 1 turn or make troll move 1 more square for 3 turns.

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A multiplayer game which will have some mini-game based on evade mechanic. Each player will have their own avarta and 5 points at the beginning, there are some attribute such as: HP (increase hit point), movement (increase movement speed), regeneration ( increase the regeneration of HP). At the beginning they can choose to use their point to increase the attribute, then everytime they win another round they will have 1 more point reward.

The rule for every mini-game will be simple, player have to be the last person stand still in the mini-game to win. As the first round start, players can vote for random game or choose them.

There are few ideas for the mini-game, firstly, called "bomb from the sky", all players will be put into a square, where will have the bomb fell into, each bomb when flew up will have a small area effect. Secondly, "stone from nowhere", another square field where the stone will flew into, at stage 1 stones will come from left to right, at stage 2 additional stones will come from another right to left, at stage 3 stones will come from bottom to top and stage 4 top to bottom, if player can still survive the amouth of stone will increase double every more stage. Thirdly, "earthfall", in this game player have a ability to jump, a small area of earth will fall and disappear every 3 seconds.

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A multiplayer game where player have to manage their way to the safe place in the field full of mines. Once player stepp into a mine, it will immediately kill the player and eliminate him from the game. A game will have 3 minutes for player to make their way to the goal full of mine.


Each player will have 2 detectors to help them locate mine in a small area, they will have to cooperate or make their way alone to the safe area

Only the first person come to safe area first will get the reward

There are Gold use for buying items and support items like Shield( will disapear when step on bomb), Owl Eye( detected bomb nearby), Extra Bomb( place bomb to the ground for killing another player) will spawn in the mine area. Gold can be use to buy items to change avarta, also gold can use to buy pet (give advantage for detect mine).

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A 3d puzzle game where player will play as a rabbit try to avoid the banana that throw into them by the monkey in the tree. The rabbit want to have a nice trip in the top of moutain but the gang of monkey ask rabbit for sandwich, rabbit only have 2 sandwich for him and his girlfriend, so he has to manage to take them to the top of the moutain.

The game will be third person view with down-top camera. The rabbit will have 2 skills, Sprint will increase the speed double, Hide will help rabbit fade away in the bush. There are some different monkeys with different skill such as

Multi Throw: throw 3 bananas at one time

Blind Banana: if the banana hit, it will blind the rabbit for a while

Fast Throw: increase throwing speed

Invisible Banana: throw a invisible banana

Player will start from the bottom to the top, the rabbit will have the Stamina bar. Everytime he is hit by banana, the level in the bar will go down, and it take time to recover, if it go down to 0 the rabbit will be stun for 5 seconds.

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An Adventure and Role-playing game where player have to save the world in a boat.

In the future, because of global warming so almost land in the world has been covered by water. The world now full of monster because of the leaking nuclear when the flood come to big city.

Player will play as a Monster Hunter, the major job is kill the monster that cause trouble for some places, not everyone can do it especially fighting a monster in a boat. The nuclear has changed the gene inside everything, some of them are dead, some are getting stronger, but the survival can only be considered as a monster. The main character is one of the monster in the human race, the one can walk on the water and breath normally in the water.

The game will follow the first person view with shooting and slashing, hunt monster for money and use the money to buy the stronger weapon. Player can also catch the monster and make him become a pet for himself, but it requires special gem, favorite food and share the blood with the monster, it mean once the pet die, the player also die.

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A top-down, turn-based mining competitive game, it will have 2-6 players, player will have to get more gold than other player to win the game.

A poor village have discovered a gold mine nearby, every house now go there to get as more gold as possible, they use gold to buy more useful things like: cart, car, or even robot to help them get as more gold as possible, those thing can be upgrade for more gold collecting. Also, use gold to upgrade your house for more storage, as player grow richer, more thiefs will come to steal their gold, but they can be prevented by buying dogs or security to stop.

There will be gold, silver, stone, diamond, five-elements gem, four-temperature pearl. Collect stone will have less money but it has change to get the gem or pearl for more valuable money when get full collection. When the entering the mine, player will take turn to mine and collect gold in the mine.

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In a deadly island with many poisonous animals, there are some tribes there which love to eat other people from different tribes or places. Player will play as a man whose family is in danger, because before he went back to his country, this man has stole an important thing from an dangerous oversea organization. Now the organization has been tracked down his family and threat to kill them if he don't return that thing. The thing has been put down in a far away island, now he has to go back and take it to save his family. He has one month to do it before they kill their family.

The thing has been sent randomly location in the island, there are some different ways to find that thing. First, he can sneak and continue searching around the island, avoiding the deadly animals and man-eater native people. Second, he can convince the tribes to help him find the thing, but if the guy is not careful enough to make a smart choice, he will be dead instantly.

An adventure game, with first person view, there will be no gun in the game, there are only knife, tent, lamp, and hand make trap or weapon. After he done with the island, he need to save his family, because later on he discover that the thing is an activation of several nuclear bomb going to destroy his country.

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A big rich family in the city was mudered by their govenment because of the money. A young girl of the family was survived and saved by her small friend, a black mouse Mik, a red squirrel Bub. When she was young, she discovered that she could talk to the animals, these two guys were her best friend. She went deep into the forest until she saw a house. A man was in the middle of agure with his wife, they introduced that they are a Druid and a Witch, both of them think their power is more powerful than other. Mik and Bub convinced them to teach the girl their power, and she would decide which power is more powerful than. The young girl also want to revenge for her family so she accept that.

Player will play as the girl, Mik and Bub will be the partner and give their strategy to help for the revenge. Player have to choose the strategy for each mission by using Mik or Bub methods or customize them by combine both of their strategy. Mik's strategy will be focus more on the purpose, otherwise Bub's strategy will be focus more on consequence. Druid's power focus more on the natural power of the character, like negotiating, transforming, physical form boost... When Witch's power aim for using magic, hypnosis, and curse.

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In the world of magic, magic is exist at a physical form that can be absorded by other people and used as a currency to trade. Human when born have a very small amouth of magic but this magic in their body will grow up bigger and bigger until they can produce by themself. Different people have different amouth of magic they can generate in one day, so magic become a very big business, because magic can do almost everything in this world. Therefore, goblin, the master of thief create many guild for themself as a stealing squad, run by a master goblin, goblin have no limit of greedy, they will steal as much as they can, sometimes they will get catch and be torturing or become an experiment by magician.

Player will play as a goblin leader who try to make his group become the richest guild ever in the world, stealing magic and sell them for gold will be the main business. Different goblin have different skill, ability, health and agility. Player will go to rob with their group and run their own business, build a underground town and hire more goblin.

The game will follow the classical steal mode, try to avoid watcher in the magician's house or negative the trap, rescue their friends from prison, sometimes attack against magician to open a new business, taking control of the town for magic's income every week.

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An adventure game where player will play as a computer nerd, this chosen one has been summoned by a group of talented people who create a time machine to bring one person to the future. This person going to help them fight against the alien who has doomed the whole future world.

To have a power to save the world, the main have to do a big surgery which will help him gain the power by putting ADN from animals into him. The surgery will have 100% success, but at the first place, the character can only put 1 ADN of animal into him, as he grow stronger in both physical and spiritual, outside to inside, he can put more ADN into his body. There are many different ADN but only 3 available in the laboratory to choose.

Complete the first mission will gain him enough strengh to put the second ADN to his body, during the first mission the game will teach him how to use his power properly. When he has the second ADN he also start the second mission which will bring him to the real battle field with real enemy.

Boss battle will be 1vs1, where boss also have the same power like the main character, defeat them will gain their items and ADNs. Boss battle will increase the difficult by adding more ADNs to the later boss, as well as the AI.

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God is bored of human, he decided to cast a curse to human race, a curse that change entire life of human species. God give every human a card of themself and 10 different cards including attack and invade, whenever someone die, they will turn themself to a card, the winner can take every cards of the loser.


The main card will have HP & Resistance attribute, beside from the main card there are 4 different types of card called side card, the other card have requirement to play

Attack: Use to attack, there are different combo in the set of card

Evade: Evade attack or spell

Spell: Can be trap or spell for casting

Effect: Give the main character aura when play

The card battle only happen when both players agree to play, every player can have maximum of 4 mains card with 40 side cards, 10 for each. Everytime 1 player defeated, the winner can choose to make the opponent become another main card with other side card or 3 extra cards for his/her exist main cards.

There are also a different between other side card, the rating from Common, Rare, Ultimate, X-Ultimate. Everytime, player win a battle and choose to have extra card for their main, their is a chance to draw rare or ultimate cards, X-Ultimate card can only achieve by defeat one of 24 King card Player, after defeat them, player will be one of the King card.

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A 3d shooting game where animals are zombie. In the year xxx, when zombie apocalypse happened and human already fought a cure, so they get immune with the virus. The animals are not lucky like that, because the virus take one more step to the evolution.

First the virus affect to the animal body, make it mindless, only fresh and hungry like human zombie. Second it boost the physical body of the host, the body of the host tough like a stone but it is still flexible ( the evolution virus have this effect). Third, the strongest host in a group is communicable and even thinking (this is boss in the game).

Human once again together fight against the new enemy. A swarm of mouse or rabbit will be a nightmare, rabbit can speed up to 100km/h in 5 seconds, it will be a very hard to catch target, a hundred of mouses come to kill player, how can they hide from them. A unbeatable Bear, which can destroy a house easily, a very smart wolf now smarter and hard to detect than before.

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3D strategy, action-adventure and role-playing game.

A young man who has ability to stop the time, but based on the requirement so the length of the time is stopped is vary. He need to steal other people time to do so, it's can be time for waiting bus, time to cross the road, time for go shopping, time for family.


Game require player steal the time wisely and safe as much people as they can, player will be put in a scene that accident or crime is going to happen, they have to stop the coincident to win the stage.

Based on the different of time that people plan to do, a person may meet the friend for 15mins(in-game time), this time can be stole. So instead of going to see friend, this person will go home or do other thing, as a consequence it may danger the person who was stole the time, they may go home and on the way home they may get killed or accident.

There are 5 different color from green( safe) to red( dangerous) to tell player that if the time of doing some time is green it may not affect much to that person. If the time is steal is red, it is dangerous for them if player steal them. What goes around come around, it also affect directly to the player if they make many people die, player will get accident or killed depend on the situation and it make the game over.

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A 3D survival strategy game


A group of more than 50 people agree to join a project, this project will bring them to Antarctica to explore more about the species there. But this is a trap that was set up by a secret organization, they pay money to see the true face of people.

They left more than 50 people in somewhere Antartica, each of them have a bag which have enough supply for 1 week and the airplane will come back and get the survival next 4 weeks.

So they have to somehow manage to survive until then, they can do anything to do it.


Player play as a normal female writer, who has fast and comfortable with cold

Player have to stay survive during the game, making decision to keep their character alive

Player also watch out the hungry bar and the cold bar, if one of them go to 0, the game will end

There are some dangerous animal such as: Snow wolves, Bear, Killer Whale or even Seal.

There are also disasters in the game: Snow fall, Storm Snow.

Not all of the people are nice, Player have to figure it out how to deal with people and finding supply for next 3 weeks.

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New generation of bird, they sell weed to people for money to buy food, support for their family. Player will start at a starter bird, flying around, finding weed and selling them to their customer.

There are some different attribute of the bird:

Ganger: increase a number of bird can lead

Eagle Eyes: abillity to detect weed or rare weed

Iron Rostrum: increase damage whenever hit enemy

Faster than Fast: increase flying speed

Naga Voice: Increase chance to pursuade people to buy good

As level go higher, it will hard to sell good to people, because there are a lot of competitors, they even have a squad or even gang. To create a gang for yourself, you will have to have enough requires ganger point. Once your gang is created, other birds will come to ask to join, you can choose to reject or not, it's also based on their history, skill, close.

After create a gang, you also require to manage it, do all bird have their job or someone try to sneak into your area. Fighting with other gang is also recommend to expand the teritory, recruit quality bird.

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3D simulation game, player will play as a young boy, who want to be like his father, becoming a Forester. In the world of the Great Tree, tree can communicate with people, people here they don't eat anything, the tree will give them food call "Spririt of the tree" that will help them survive for 1 year. By exchange, people have to take care young tree and cut down the dead tree, sing a song for them and promise to use them for winter otherwise the tree will become Tree Ghost that will harm other people and other trees.


Player will have to gather dry firewood, cut down the dead tree, take care young tree as their duty everyday in order to exchange the "Spirit of the tree" for the food support for 1 year.

Merchant will pay a price to buy Mineral found in the moutain based on their rare, gather them and sell to Merchant is the way making money.

Ceremonial of the dead tree before cut down requires player play a puzzle dacing and singing in front of the tree. If the player don't want to do it, there are some priestesses whom they can hire to do it.

The Town will have many different activity, join the activity for reward. Player can also get married, have baby in game, build house in game.

Player can also talking with animals and tame some of them( it requires skill and enough attribute) They are helpful for collecting Mineral

Ex: Horse, Cow can help to carry mineral home

Wolf, Dog can help to find the mineral

Lion, Bear can help to dig the mineral

There are also main attribute for the character:

Strengh: requires to dig mineral

Tamed: requires to tamed animals

Argue: bargain with Merchant for more gold

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A 2D platformer, multiplayer game, player will play as a sky diver, flying in the sky and throw the airbomb to another player, everytime a player hit an airbomb they will lose their balance and may not be able to regain it and fell to the ground.


Every player will have the balance bar, if it go down to 0, they will fell to the ground and lost

The main bomb of the game is Airbomb that will explode and create a big wind around it, causing other player to lose their balance, player can only throw 1 bomb until it explode in order to throw another

The Airbomb will have two elements: Area Effect( area of the bomb) and Intense( How strong it is) and those 2 elements can be upgrade per game only, by collecting them.

There are also different type of bombs:

Shockbomb: paralyze enemies

Blindbomb: cover an area

Stickybomb: when explode it will create many small fragments, when it hit the enemy it will slow him down

Timebomb: explode when hit a button

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As a Pro gamer, you are a very well-played gamer, you challenged plenty of awesome opponent and beat them in any game. It make you become haughty and dare to challenge anybody even Death. Unluckily, you got a cancer and will die soon, it's make you desparated . So one day, Death come to see you, ask you if you want to play a couple of games with him. Rules are easy, you had cancer , he would heal you if you won against him, if you lost the games, you will gone forever.

You will have to play 3 games

Reverse Tetris:

Everything will come from the bottom and go to the top

If 1 row is cleared, it will send 3 obtacles to another player

Every 1 minutes the opacity of the screen will decrease 10%

You can also press Up button to double the speed of the game

Super Mario Bros game, which you will play as usual but Death will control the obtacles in the game (Ex: flying turtles, piranha plants, Goombas...)

Megaman X10 Death will play as Bass and follow you( Megaman) from behind to hunt you down

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