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This is a competitive party game where you race your friends in a remote control race, there are three catergories to choose from which drive, fly or sail. All of the vehicle you have access to are fully customizable so you stand out among your friends, and the model possibilities are endless. Also there are extra forms of races you can participate in that turn the game into a side scrolling runner, and a horse betting game.
There is also the challenges mode, where you and your friends compete to complete challenges in the shortest amount of time and with the most points at the end.

This is an Rpg game where you play through a co-op adventure, but the twist is that you pick the traits for the other player, the skills and abilities of your partner is entirely in your hands. There are a multitude of adventures to choose from, each giving it's own story, not all stories are the same and each playthrough can be different, it all depends on the traits your partner chooses for you. your character could be a coward who is incredibly stealthy, or a hulking dude who has a soft side. This is a quirky adventure game that is fun for competitive players and those who like short but fun games. It is a top down, hack and slash game similar to diablo 3.

This is a stealth action game where you are in a crowd of people and it is your goal to photo bomb as many people as possible, the objective is to sneak up behind them and pose for the camera. Each round gives you 2 and a half minutes to sneak around the crowd and photobomb as many victims as you can, you are given a set score you must reach before the timer runs out or you fail the level.
As you pass each level, you can use your points to upgrade your abilities and become the best photo bomber in the world, you can upgrade sneaking speed, noise reduction and even what pose you strike for the camera.
This is a game aimed at being funny and comical, and to give players some light entertainment.

Do you love waiting for your game to download? wish there was more of it? Then this is the game for you.
Loading screen is a game that is basically just a loading screen, it follows the normal setup of regulars games in the sense that it has a startup menu, options menu, new game, etc...
Once you make a new game you will be presented with a loading screen so you can wait for your game. The concept is mainly based around a loading screen, but the twist is that while you are waiting, things start to happen on screen, and that is the basic gameplay, a story is then centered around the loading screen, by the time the game has finished loading, the player would have had an adventure. Basically what I mean is that, there would be a story in which the loading screen is implemented, for example, a creature might steal the loading bar and you have to get it back so you can tell when your game has finished loading.

This is a simple puzzle game where you allocate parking to cars, it is up to you to arrange the cars you are given in the grid without creating any issues like, people having their cars trapped or even creating a fender bender.

This game is designed as a time waster game, it would be available for mobile gaming, and it is just a way to stimulate ones' mind or just to kill some time when doing other things, like waiting.

You control the cars by placing down beacons for them to follow, while also making sure they don't run into each other as well, the game plays out that you place the beacons on the grid, give the cars time for when they should proceed and then go to the play stage where, you see whether or not your calculations are correct. The further you progress in the game, the more difficult it becomes to park the cars, as the carparks will then have hazards that you must steer the cars away from.

This is a comedic style game that pits you in the field of war as an troop trainer. The world is in a bad way and you must train your countries finest recruits to be efficient and skillful, but the high demand and casualties of troops is at an all time high, so you only have thirty seconds to train them up and ship them to war.
This game is a quirky game for mobile gamers and it aims to make players react quickly under extreme pressure, the goal of the game is to dish out training to the troops you are given and you are only given thirty seconds to do it before they are commissioned, how well you train them dictates how many more troops you must train in the next round, train them well and you won't receive as many, train them badly however, and you might as well surrender.

This game would be a small price as it is only a fun little game to pass your time.

In this game you play as a police officer tasked with stopping and checking cars at a checkpoint. This task includes checking their Drivers licenses, giving them a breathalyzer and issuing the tickets.
Your shift revolves around a series of nights, starting from thursday and working until tuesday. The hours are long ,so you must keep yourself awake by any means necessary (drinking coffee, running on the spot.
This game is similar to the game 'papers please' as you go person by person and investigate them and it was up to you if you wanted to let them pass or not. With this game however, you must pass judgement onto the drivers, but you must also make sure you do not hold up traffic.

You have been given a machine that let's you go back in time to help your ancestors solve problems to make your family well known through history. This device lets you ascend from the classical age towards the modern age, in every age you take control of your ancestor from that time period and complete a series of quests that made them famous at the time.
Be careful though, all your decisions have an impact on the future and if you fail to do something for a certain ancestor, you won't be able to re-do the mission which will change the outcome of the family history, this means that there are many possibilities that can come from simple actions.

In this day and age there are many people lying about their identities on social media, in this game it is your job to figure out the truth for you clients. This game play out in the same gameplay style as telltale games, where every decision counts. Each client will present you with someone they want you to investigate and tell them if they are a catfisher, first you are given their profile to study and then it is up to you to go out and find out whether or not they are telling the truth, you get money for every completed client, which you can use to make it easier to catch out your targets.
Be wary though, your approach determines how each contract ends so you can scope targets out at a distance or be a lot more forward with your investigations.

In this game you play as an interviewer at a prestigious company, and it is your job to interview the people who are trying out to get a job at the company.
The game is formatted like a dating sim where you have multiple dialogues to say to an NPC, what you say dictates how the interview goes, and in the end it is up to you if you want to hire the person or not, but you must take into consideration, their C.V, how professional they are and their experiences before you make a decision that could benefit your company, or sink it into ruin.
What the Company is called and what they make is entirely up to you, so you can see whether or not an interviewee is qualified or even experienced in the field you company majors in.
This game is aim to give players a hard choice to make, that will reveal to them the nature of how they percieve people and make informed and wise decisions based on a person's character.

This is a comical look at RTS games where you play as a child who must dominate the sand box with troops of varying things.
It will be in the standard form of RTS gameplay but with cartoonish art style and a funny outlook on warfare and territory acquisition.

You start off as a kid on one side of the sand box, then you collect sand to build your forts and defenses and deploy toy troops to conquer the sandbox, while ultimately getting rid of your foes before they overwhelm you. This game can be played against AI or against your friend either online or in a local server. There are also different maps to choose for your conquests, ranging in from a simple backyard sand box to a sandbox at the park after a rainy day. The resources strewn about the maps consist of twigs, puddles and dropped food which players have to strategically fight over control of the resource to further advance their troops and armies.

In this game you play as a baby who puts a up a fuss, to get the food that it wants,

Each level is timed so you must cause a ruckus in a set amount of time, to do this you

must collect points by performing actions like, screaming, throwing food, feeding the dog, etc..

Each level has a different difficulty, so any forms of strategy may not work all the time

because the in game parents might know how to counter act your behaviour, so be creative with your mess.

Also you can spend your points to gain new items to wreak baby havoc, like a rattle, crayons, and various

toys which can help you in your effortsp to make your parents give in to your baby wits.

This is a quirky game were you play as a small little rain cloud floating gently across the sky, you objective is to collect vapor to grow bigger so you can rain on the people below you. Vapor can be collected from puddles, lakes and oceans, but to collect vapor you must wait for the sun to heat it up and then you fly into it to collect it.

The bigger you grow, the better your abilities as a cloud become. you start out with a small, drizzle and work your way up to becoming a storm, or even a tornado-cane, it all depends on how you manipulate the water molecules within the cloud, different combinations give different abilities (like a skill tree).

There is also a secret bonus ability where you can rain on couples and make them break up a.k.a Feelscast.

Project 12 was designed to be the worlds most efficient and deadly killing machine, he killed without premise, morality or regret, he never spoke a word nor did he ever show his face. He was a hollow shell of a human who could not feel emotion, his lack of empathy for those he killed were spine chilling in the wake of his victims.
As the years had passed, he started to develop different characteristics, and his decisions start becoming impacted by his newly developed morals as he is tasked with killing a teenaged girl.
Play through his story as you fight to protect his new found friend as he makes his way through person after person to fight for his freedom and his right to be human.

Ever wanted to be a web designer, without having to do all the hard work?
Then this is the game for you, Websites galore is a puzzle game where you must design websites for your clients as best to their description as you can without running out of budget. The better the website design the more you get payed for your work.
The game runs in a simple drag and drop style where you can place anything anywhere on the website page to make it, but you only have limited resources and funding to use, so it is best to be smart to achieve the best goals.

As you progress through the game, you will be able to buy more resources to use in websites, like games, videos and articles to spice up your work.

There is also and endless survival mode where you must race against the clock to complete each website, the funding is put at an infinite number , but your client orders just keep coming and coming, if you let them pile up and your clients get impatient than you lose them, if you lose 4 client then it is game over.

Joel was a normal guy who loved books, his dream job was working at a library where he could read all the books he wanted in a safe environment. His love for books kept him away from the physical and social worlds.
One day when he was working at the library, his co-worker who was beautiful beyond compare, was suddenly pulled into a mysterious book. When joel went to save her he was transported into an entire fictional world, he soon realized that he had a responsibility to bring his "friend back to the real world.
This game is a 3rd person adventure game, that takes place in a fantasy story world, The game has RPG element, except how good you are depends on your gear instead of your skills(like legend of zelda).

You are but a simple game character living in an incredible gaming world. But one day, a few unscripted errors came in and ruined the game, shattering it into millions of features and stripped it down to a minimal viable product. With no one but the narrator as a companion you must traverse endless concepts to track down the lost features to the game and restore it to it's former glory so you can play through the story properly.
This game, is and adventure game where the player must reassemble a game as the main character, by looking for or buying features to restore the game like, animation, simple controls and even good graphics.
The only audio in the game is the narrator as he often comments on what you are doing to some what drive you crazy, like na'vi in The legend of Zelda series.

A tower defense game where you play as a helicopter parent and try to keep your kids safe from most things in the world, (e.g. bad internet videos, drug dealers)
The weapons you have to keep these bad avenues away, is your ability to nag and to give growlings. The further you go along the more you can upgrade your abilities with parent points you collect from stopping a bad influence with your protectiveness.
This game is available on pc, android and ios systems.


- facebook linking.

- co-op gameplay.

- versus.

- multiple difficulties.

Have you ever been so bored that you just can't think of things to do, then this game is the perfect time waster.
In this game you must keep your character moderately entertained to stop them from going mad with boredom, you must walk around the house to find new things to do to satiate your boredom.
As you progress, you will receive allowance to use on buying toys that will improve your chances of boredom, the better the toy, the less bored you will be.

this game will be available on PC, android and ios as a time waster game that can be played on the go.

In this world everyone has their purpose and place, even those who maintain the city's water supply.
Take on the role of a water reticulation engineer as he goes about his work of keeping the water ways working.
Customize your character and start from the bottom as an offsider helping out and learning off the tradesman, and work your way up to having your own truck to go around fixing burst water pipes and water mains.

This game is a 3d, puzzle game that takes place in a small city, you get the opportunity to go around fixing pipes that are in the form of a puzzle game similar to the hacking minigame on bioshock. As you progress through the game the puzzles become more challenging as you work your way up through the ranks. for each pipe and main you fix you will receive money which you can spend on upgrades and better tools to make it easier for you.

If you ever feel angry and pent up, and you just want o release some stress, then Rage relief is the game for you.
This game is a series of different games to let you let out your frustrations on the poor help less sprites. Feel like punching someone in the face?punch the npc in the face and watch him bruise up, feel like flipping a table? why not just destroy the whole house, which stress reliever you play is up to you.

This game aims to give people a healthy yet safe way to express their anger that doesn't put anyone in danger, all the mechanics are different so not every game will be the same.

This will be available on PC, android and ios as well so you can let your anger out where ever you are.

(disclaimer: I was really angry and frustrated when I wrote this game)

This is a vs, multiplayer, party game in which you play against your friends to get the most numbers in a crowd of women.
The game is simple, all the players take on the role of a playboy who is trying to woe women, then they compete for their numbers by talking to them, impressing them or even sabotage other players. The player with the most numbers wins.

There are also, other gamemodes to choose from as well to give it that real party game feel.

- Last man standing: All players have a slowly decreasing health bar and must collect numbers to keep it from hitting zero, last one alive wins.

- Target: The men are dropped into a crowd and will be given a target to woe a specific woman, the first person to collect the number gets the points, and the one who collects the most targets wins.

Dwarven Dungeoneers

2-4 players

1 players is Dungeon Master

Other players are Adventures

Dungeon rules:

Dungeon master always goes first, on their first turn they must draw 6 map cards and place 4 face down as the beginning wave. He then must put the remaining two cards back in the map deck and shuffle them.

There are four waves in total until the adventurers face the dungeon master.


Cards will be flipped faced up when an Adventurer lands on it

Spades: Fight cards, the dungeon master must deploy orcs to this card to fight the adventurers.

Clubs: trap card, dungeon master rolls the die and the adventurer who is on it takes the damage shown on the die.

Diamonds: treasure card, the adventurer who lands on it can draw a treasure card.

Hearts: free room, adventurer can rest in this room to gain health shown after rolling die at the cost of 1 turn.

Treasure cards:

Health: increases health by amount indicated on card.

Strength: deals more damage to enemy player when used.

Defence: the adventurer takes less damage from the orcs.

Orcs all have 10 health

Dungeon Master will have 20 health and gains 5 health for every red card adventures landed on

Player will win by landing the last blow to dungeon master

Dungeon master wins by killing every Adventurer

Adventurers can only move to adjacent rooms and not backwards each turn.

Battle sequence:

When adventurer is up against an enemy, both the adventurer and the dungeon master roll their respective die for the adventurers damage, the person who's turn it is rolls the blue die, which is for how much they defend while the dungeon master rolls the red die to deal damage, the adventurer takes the damage of the damage die minus the defence die minus what armour the adventurer has. Then they both roll again for what damage the orc takes which is calculated by the adventures die plus their weapon stats minus the dungeon masters die.

Our game is a Dungeon crawler where Adventures will be fighting to kill the Dungeon master first to reach fame.

We have a dice rolling Mechanic, adding and subtracting mechanic for health systems. And moving mechanic.

Producers:William Wong, garion Gleeson, Cameron Airlie, idea: Kahoki Peke-King-Minnear.

Never underestimate the power of cuteness, in can wage wars, solve them and even kill people.

Choose from either a kitten, puppy, duckling and a chick and go out and destroy humanity, you job is to melt people's heart with you over abundance of cuteness and slowly take over the population.
Beware for there will also be others who seek to dominate the food chain of cuteness so you must deploy aggression towards them without letting the humans see your bad side, if that happens you won't be as cute anymore and they may call animal control.
The more you, dominate the more effective your cuteness will be, and with enough practice you will be able to bend the wills of your victims to do your bidding.

For years the legends of elves, orcs and other mythical beasts have been told from a medieval setting. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the timeline was pushed forward to modern times?

Modern fantasy aims to change the script of fantasy games, the beloved creatures that gave a world of mystery has now been inducted into the new age. Choose from a variety of races and play through a story of your own choosing. The world is modeled after the world we live in, only all mythical creatures that roam the earth in fantasy games are now in a modern setting mingling with normal society.
Even in this modern world magic and alchemy still exist, but it is regulated among the populace as the laws of old are no more.
How you conduct yourself in the new age of fantasy is entirely up to you.

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