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A streak is a commitment to yourself to complete some activity every day or week to help improve yourself.

At Streak Club you can organize or join creative streaks, streaks where you create art, record music, write short stories, or anything else you can think of.

When you join a streak you get a calendar of squares you need to fill:
current streak
Get a green box each time you submit. Try to fill as many in a row as possible!

How it works

Creating a streak is simple: pick start and end dates, write some rules, then invite some friends (or do it solo). Don't want to create your own? Browse around some public streaks and join in.

Creative streaks?

That's right. Streak club is designed for doing activities that produce something. You're encouraged to post your results so you can reflect back on what you've done and see how you've improved as you streak. will keep track of what streaks need submissions and when:
Time left to submitday #27
Try to post a submission before the countdown runs out of time.
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