"All humans are to surrender to us. Your nations have fallen, you have nothing left. Surrender." Was the first thing you heard when you woke up. You don't remember who you are but from outside the window of the building, what's happening is obvious. The human race is losing a fight against an invading alien race who seem interested only in the conquest of earth. The only clue you have to yourself is a note telling you to find yourself if humanity is ever going to survive this.

This is game where you have one task, fight the aliens and get them off this planet. For weapons and supplies you have whatever the humans supply to you, alien tech doesn't work for humans. Your missions are the general fight and destroy key while fighting any protection this target has. What makes this different however is you have to try and remember who you are. This is achieved by flashbacks that you can remember if you are in an area that your character recognises. These flashbacks are recorded but you don't remember events in order so their sequence won't make sense but you can view them over an over again because they do have hints that can help you progress. Also the aliens seem to want you dead badly. So must have done something to annoy them.

Image from: http://www.segnidalcielo.it/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/alien_invasion_by_mmirkovic-d5s8jnz.png

More submissions by CameronAirlie for MDS GDV110 - 'One Game a Day' Assignment

The press calls him "The Night Killer" a vicious serial killer who always kills victims on their way home from night clubs. The bodies are always found in a dark alley near the club having been killed in various gruesome ways. He also likes to torment the police with cryptic codes and riddles to help them try and guess which club he's going to hit next and when.

For this third person puzzle solving game you play as a member of the police investigation squad that has been tasked with trying to find this individual and put a stop to the needles bloodshed he is causing. To do this you will have to use your intellect to try and best him at his little game by solving the puzzles he leaves behind as well as combing for evidence and talking to witnesses with one objective in mind. Finding out who "The Night Killer" is and let him see justice if possible.

Image from: http://www.jacksonjwood.com/wp-content/uploads/IMG_1064.jpg

For this game you are a detective from a big city whose holiday on a small island quickly turns into hell after discovering a strange note in your hotel room that reads "Don't trust anyone. Follow the Dolls." Then strange events begin to unravel around you and you find yourself in a fight for your life. Apparently the Island is home to a dark spirit who revels in chaos. That same spirit has apparently woken up. However there is also talk of a good spirit who will always try to prevent the bad spirit from having his fun.

This third person is a game that plays on choice. The story for the beginning is always the same but a crossroad always emerges in the story when you see a doll. There you have the choice to follow the direction it is pointing in or ignore it and go your own way. If you choose to follow the dolls will always guide you out. If ignore it you might still get through the challenge but it will be difficult. Either way everything had a price.

Image from: http://msbisonline.edublogs.org/files/2012/10/good-vs-evil-16rul82.jpg

You knew going into this abandoned town was a bad idea but your friends talked you into it. You felt like your whole group was being watched the moment you stepped foot inside and then you were attacked by something you couldn't see.

Separated from your group you found yourself alone when you noticed the camera you brought with you glowing for a couple of seconds. That's you noticed that though you can't see whatever it is that is attacking you your camera can.

For this first person game you have to find your friends and then your way out of the town without dying at the hands of the creatures that are attacking. You have your camera that can see them and a gun you found. The only problem is you can't look down your camera and shoot at the same time you instead have to look down you camera to see where the creature is and then shoot in the general direction and hope that it's still there. You can stun by taking a photo but it won't stun it for long.

Image from:


This is a first person driven game where you play as a member of a small team sent to into a high security prison after the alarms sounded. The only transmission received said this wasn't because of a prison break, it was because Inmate number 274 was loose.

Upon getting there though your team quickly finds that the situation is a lot more severe than first though. To begin with there were bodies all over the prison. Some of them had fallen in a fashion that suggested the inmates were helping the guards. Next most of the inmates and guards, that are still alive, have never heard of inmate 274 and you find out that inmate 274 is a ghost story surrounding the prison that is better known by some of the older inmates and guards. Finally you don't realise what horrors you are about to walk into.

Your task here is simple find out what is going on. To do this you have to find out more about inmate 274, anything even if it kills you. If the stories are true then you might not be walking out of here alive. Also be aware this prison also doubles as mental institution and houses some most criminally insane psychopaths who are egger to cause bloodshed regardless of the situation.

Image from: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1443817/images/o-PRISON-facebook.jpg

Nobody expected to see something fall from space, only to impact somewhere in the woods and disappear. But that is exactly what has happened. It was big and bright but nobody could find anything not even an impact crater.

Heated debate occurred about what happened to for a while but then it died down. The only odd thing that occurred was people disappearing around that area nobody knows why.

For this game you play as somebody who finds out exactly what happened. Whilst in the woods on a camping trip you and your friends discover a strange new species of plant that doesn't like it's from Earth and it's getting more frequent the further you get in. Everything then goes from bad to worse when a large planet opens up revealing a human corpse the plant is devouring shortly followed by another one.

It should be obvious what you have to do for this game. Get out of there or the plants will kill you. You have access to whatever the corpses had on them but that is all you have to defend yourself against these plants because they can grab you and suck you in.

Image from: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/a4/21/f0/a421f0303ed6abc4181ceb70d5c4041f.jpg

Being a private driver for a transport service is a good thing on some days. You get to meet some of the wealthiest and most interesting people in the city. All that changed however on that one pick-up.

You were told to go to the airport to pick up your next client. The first red flag you should have seen was that he was carrying a briefcase that was handcuffed to him. Second was how he only told you an address and nothing else. The final straw should have been when you noticed that vehicle following you.

After the ambush you made the stupid decision to go to the address the client gave you even though the guy was dead and the briefcase was stolen, just to tell them. Next thing you thing you know you're working for the government until the briefcase is tracked down. Which part of the government? They won't say.

For this open world game you have to go around the city doing whatever it is the government wants you to do. What are you doing? Tasks that will later only be readable by a blacked out file. Also don't try to run or blow the whistle otherwise you will be charged with treason and nowhere the on the planet is safe. Do I make myself clear?

Image from: http://www.openminds.tv/wp-content/uploads/Yeates-Redacted.jpg

You are part of the crew at a research station on an antarctic planet. Your task is simply to study the qualities of this ice and compare it to Earth's as well as analysing the atmospheric conditions of this planet for the possible location of a luxury resort. All that changed however after the crew brought back that chunk of ice.

There were a number of life forms inside. You don't know what they are only that they were frozen in the ice for years maybe even centuries. The conclusion was reached after a heated debate that the creatures should be thawed and then investigated. That was the biggest mistake you ever made.

The creatures were parasitic in nature and highly intelligent. What's more after infecting some of the crew they hatched a plan to take the creatures to civilisation where they could be bred with no shortage of hosts to choose from. Their plan is simply to have them picked up and delivered to the nearest colony.

For this game you and a few uninfected are all that stands between humanity and this. You have to try and find a way to stop this by any means necessary. This won't be easy because if the infected crewmembers spot they will attempt to infect you unless you hide and lose them.

Image from: http://www.adventure-network.com/files/styles/large/public/news_comnap_seoul_jangbo.jpg?itok=cklhC39c

Being hired as the security guard handling the night shift at a shopping centre seems like it would it would be the most boring job in world, especially after you discover you discover you are not going to be on patrol in the mall instead looking through the security cameras and alerting the guards to any suspicious behaviour in the mall.

However there were some things you weren't about the history of this place. First on the opening week a woman was found dead in the bathroom. Next there are complaints from the janitorial about displays, chairs and tables being knocked over. Finally there is just how many night security guards have quit since the place was open, for reasons unstated.

This game involves you looking at the security camera system to alert the patrol guards to anything suspicious, but on the second night everything changes. You see what looks like a figure in one of the shops, but the guards don't see anything. If you haven't figured out by now this shopping centre is haunted and you are the only one who can keep the other guards alive because for some reason the cameras are the only thing that can see the spooks which are very violent. You have to direct the guards away from the spooks otherwise, you don't want to know what you see. Don't worry about you. Due to budget limitations, you're in a van parked out the side of the building just try to make sure the guards get through the night alive.

Image from: http://img2-1.timeinc.net/people/i/2014/sandbox/news/140303/ghostcircle-600x450.jpg

When you first checked into the hotel you didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. The receptionist seemed nice, staff were friendly and the building had an overall good fell to it. However after a while you noticed how the hotel seems to be bigger than it looked on the outside. You also found a journal in your room. Most of the stuff in it is incomprehensible gibberish along with various riddles, but it constantly talks about unthinkable horrors and a presence that won't let anybody leave.

For this game you have to navigate around the hotel trying to piece together what is going on here. Your only clue is the journal. Though most of it is incomprehensible, the riddles tell you where you need to go next. Also don't let hotel staff catch you with the journal because otherwise they might show you their true nature in which case your only option is run and hide. Just don't lose the journal or you will never leave.

Image From: http://www.navyhistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Ezra-Pray-Journal.jpg

You're one of the crew members in an underwater mining drill facility. You're head hurts, you don't remember a thing, there's blood coming from your forehead, alarms are going off all over the facility and everyone else in the facility is dead. Don't worry though help is on the way

This a mystery game where you are tasked with trying to figure out what just happened, why is everybody dead before the rescue crew show up otherwise they might be walking into a trap off some kind. You have full security clearance to everywhere on the facility, so that is not a problem. What is a problem though is that you keep losing consciousness and when you wake up not only has time passed but you're not where you just were. To make matters worse some systems have been sabotaged. You don't know who or why but even worse you don't know if they are still on the base.

Image from: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/13397365/images/1294163472588.jpg

This game is third person adventure set in some kind of fantasy world with the usual task of rescuing the princess from an evil monster. I think. You see the game will follow the usual pattern of your typical adventure story, at first until whilst in swamp you spot a sign. It will say something about this area being dangerous but after reading it for a couple of seconds it will change to read "Error #86. Multiple files corrupted. Replacement files added" At first this does nothing until you face a modern zombie. From there the game gets weirder.

What appears to be happening is though the game is still following the typical adventure game several aspects from other appear to have entered. For example a town you discover suddenly has not only fantasy building but buildings that look like they belong in a sci-fi shooter or a zombie apocalypse along with others. Characters follow the same principle but the story remains exactly the same, even if what a character says doesn't fit with what they look like. At one stage defence computer programs "enter" to clean but they become just another enemy.

So can you still save the princess even with this going ERROR.

Image: http://prajwaldesai.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/error-code.jpeg

Let's face it, nobody likes a mischievous or evil ghost. People like them even less when they possess people and that is exactly what has happened. You are the newest employee at a small amusement park when one day whilst getting something out of a store room, at the side of the haunted house, you saw a ghost that quickly flew off leaving you a note. Apparently it has cursed you to play a little game with it called "Find Who I've Possessed."

For this game you are tasked with doing exactly what the title says find who the ghost has possessed. This is done by asking questions to the small number of employees in the park at the time (The ghost said he had possessed an employee in his note). You have the use this information to find the ghost. How? The ghost doesn't anything about who they've possessed and they always lie. You have to ask multiple employees before you can identify the liar.

Be careful though sometimes the other employees might not know the answer to the question and take a random stab in the dark at the answer. Also if you get it wrong the ghost will kill you and steal your soul where you will serve him till the end of time if you get it right the curse is broken. Finally this game is randomly generated so what might be right the first time might not be right the second time.

Image from: http://sd.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/i/keep-calm-and-break-the-curse.png

You are a drawing living on a piece of paper in a happy as can be with all of your paper friends, without a care in the world. When one day your world is turned upside down when they show up. Erasers. They have come to erase your world from existence and being nothing but a drawing there is nothing you can do, or is there? Look at all these splotches off ink around the world. Doesn't that give you an idea?

This game is a 2-D platformer where using special weapons you collect from the world you are tasked with getting rid of the erasers that are threatening your world. How can these weapons stop erasers? They aren't firing pencil lines their firing ink like a water gun and if you hit an eraser enough, it'll become so inky that the eraser is useless. But be careful, you're a drawing and they can get rid of you easily. But don't worry you have more than one life and the further in you get the better weapons you can get for firing more powerful shots at the erasers.

Image from: https://lh4.ggpht.com/lcydxe9aTLvDT5flQ4PldQQswbnrC0tR4IIpTQjPr5PI2fSSvHhlc3ENf2B6DyGZOIY=w300

For this game which you can play in either third person or first person, you are a police officer whose task begins as usual with dealing all with all the crazy/ illegal behaviour of some people. However not far in the game takes a dark turn. When you visit your characters old partner on the force in hospital, a disturbance quickly erupts and you find yourself shooting a "rabid" human. It turns out this has been happening for a while and though the hospital is trying to contain it, more keep coming in on a daily basis, so its' spreading and they don't what it is. They only know it can be passed on if an infected bites an uninfected.

As the game goes on the world around you slowly becomes crazier and bizarre as the number of infected slowly begin to outnumber the living. Soon enough more cases arise of supposed "rabid" humans and ordinary people doing unthinkable things.

This is how it began, the zombie apocalypse, which caused the world to lose its head. Just don't lose yours as you try to survive, and don't get infected or its game over.

Image from: https://austinconcorde.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/new-york-ruins-jenovah-art.jpg

Imagine this scenario. You are happily haunting the house you died in without a care in the world when suddenly those pesky living folk show up and start treating the place like their own and you don't know how to get rid of them. Then call "Mr Ghostly Haunting Services" and of our representatives will show up and rig your house to be so utterly terrifying that the living will have no choice but to leave. We scare all from families to annoying teenagers. Don't delay call now.

For this game you are the newest recruit for "Mr Ghostly Haunting Services". Your objective to set a house to be haunted based on a client's request. You equipment you can use to achieve this but they all require a certain level of experience. To gain experience, complete jobs. The harder the job, the more experience you get. The more experience you get, the more equipment you get and jobs you get. Will you be our best employee?

Image from: http://thumb9.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/946633/156688706/stock-vector-cartoon-ghost-halloween-vector-illustration-156688706.jpg

You've woken up in a town you don't recognise. It's a small town and it looks like it's in the middle of the 1920's. Everybody here seems happy and content with their lives like nothing is wrong, but something about this town doesn't fell right. It almost fells like this town is almost artificial or a dream. To make matters worse you don't remember how you got here.

For this third person open world game, you are tasked with trying to figure out what is going on in this town. To do this there is only one way, explore the town using the room you rented out at the local hotel as your base of operations. Explore every building in the town even the abandoned ones. Talk to the town folk because though they are friendly and happy something about them seems off. You also have a gun with you which you might need.

Image from: https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/133/320445407_cf55ca7962_z.jpg?zz=1

You don't remember a thing. All you know is you have woken inside the pilots cabin of a commercial airliner. The plane is parked at an airport of some kind, the walkway leading in is still attached, but the airport and the surrounding is in total darkness. You can't stay on this plane forever so you have no choice but to go inside the airport and try to find a way out. This will not be easy task with the airport being dark you need to use a torch you found just to find your way, but that is not the only thing. For some reason there is something else inside of this airport.

This is one of those first person games where you torch is your best friend, because it is the only thing you have for seeing where you are going and without it you can't see a thing. You also have to listen for this game because if you hear something coming then have to hide and turn off your torch otherwise what follows won't be pretty.

Image from: https://slm-assets2.secondlife.com/assets/2334116/lightbox/evileyes-1.jpg?1287113747

Whilst travelling over the Mediterranean, a cargo plane bond for London reported that they were in the middle of a bizarre lightning storm, even though no thunder storms were reported in the area or volcanoes spewing out an ash cloud nearby. The next moment however the plane disappeared from radar after what the ground operator said sounded like a lightning. The plane disappeared without trace with no signal from the black boxes.

What happened was the aeroplane and its crew were shot into the future after the human race lost to an invading alien race call the Kyroges. The surviving humans had invented a device that could allow for time travel and somehow their first test brought the cargo plane through to their time.

For this first person shooter you play as the captain of cargo plane after you have been captured by the Kyroges. Your mission is to first escape with your crew, then find a way back home to warn people that this is coming.

What makes this different however is how different however is you have to use devices and technology that is both unfamiliar to you and your character. Things are also shaken up when another alien race shows up to try and get the Kyroges off Earth.

Image from: http://api.ning.com/files/XFdVs5ceLNY8nRiw5X2g3*zT0zYad2UyL*TdxmrPge-vOGGJby2BozvyKYuEQ239eZp*n5s0kNli*83Gp1fIpbRQ-LSkl7oV/Lightningstrikesoverth003.jpg

Being trapped in a small seaside town is normally a good thing, being trapped in one after reports of strange beings attacking vessels and the inhabitants of seaside towns is a bad thing. Welcome to Sunny Sands a small but idyllic seaside town that doesn't have a lot of people in it except during the summer. Anyway you and a group of friends are trapped there after a rock slide blocks the only road in and there is no other way out. Anyway whilst you are there some strange creatures emerge from the ocean and proceed to attack.

For this game you are forced to improvise and use whatever you can get your hands off to fight off these creatures and then take them on in a gruelling melee combat system and just be careful because if you these creatures get you they like to dismember their targets before consuming on their flesh. Above all remember your ultimate goal, either find a way out of Sunny Sands or find to get help and then wait for it to arrive.

Image from: http://img12.deviantart.net/691d/i/2013/230/c/1/beach_at_night_by_myraalex-d6iot9k.jpg

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones" Albert Einstein

"War does not determine who is right – only who is left" Bertrand Russell

"Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind" John F. Kennedy

There's always a maniac. Somebody who wants a war. They called themselves "The Keepers of the World." They believed that they could alter world events in such a way so that the World War III would begin and then would end with them as the unquestionable rulers of the entire planet. But they badly misjudged what would happen when the nukes started flying. They lost all control. Their group that was supposed to encourage and make the people join them were all shot dead. They were caught after attempting to hack into the Russian military defence grid. The Kings were found to be in a remote location in Brazil. When word reached the people that were left in the area, they attacked them and executed the lot of them, in act that was called "The Last Sane Act of Society."

For this first person shooter an entire month has passed since the last sane act and you play as one generic person in a small group of survivors heading into Minneapolis, one of the few cities that wasn't hit by any bombs. However you don't realise that you are heading into a dangerous place because in desperate times people's true nature shows especially when the possibly of ruling the world shows its ugly face once again.

As you've probably guessed what sets this apart is that it doesn't glorify violence in a patriotic way, instead it forces you to see the dark side of humanity under the worst possible light.

Image from: http://www.atomicarchive.com/Effects/Images/WE12.jpg

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