Dark Space


Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: This game is an enormous Open-world, RPG drawing concepts from the Mass Effect Trilogy and the film Pandemonium.

In Dark Space players will take on the role of a man or woman who's had some dealings with an elusive, intergalactic crime lord that many believe to be a myth or they don't know about them at all. Unfortunately for they have also regularly found themselves in debt to this crime lord and this has often lead to them using their skills to do the odd job now again (The players back story that they select will define how they acquired these skills). The fact that you have these skills has been the only thing that has prevented you from being murdered, as you have been forced to work on missions in order to pay off your debt.

The game is set in a universe where humans have been a space-faring species for centuries (but still relatively young compared to other lifeforms/races). The game begins with the players finding themselves kidnapped by the crime lord's men. This is a first as usually an agent will be sent "requesting" you to either do jobs or face the consequences for your debt. The player will be fed some backstory about what this game will be centred on and where it will be set as they are told about an old, massive human colony ship that was one of a kind in the sense that it was the largest colony vessel humanity had ever created. The player learns that it was lost some hundred years ago whilst attempting to reach a distant and habitable planet. The Player is made aware that the ship has been found floating around the corners of dark space, and is believed to of re-entered through a wormhole. No authority, or faction knows about the ships re-appearance as the crime lord has been using his agents to keeping it a secret. The player is told that a few teams have been sent to investigate this ship but none have returned and all contact has been lost. The player is forced to either use their skills to go investigate the ship to find anything of value and learn what they can, or be killed.

The Players character decides to chance investigating the ship even though they get the feeling it's a suicide mission. Players will come to find themselves learn that the ship is not devoid of life as they come across deep space monstrosities no one has seen before and uncover mysteries pertaining to the ship. Like in the film Pandemonium, a large portion of people in the sleeping pods have been mutated to adapt to living life on the ship instead of the planet and have turned into cannibalistic humanoid monstrosities that have formed their own culture/society. The player will come across a range of different characters who are living on the ship and have not been mutated, some of these characters are descendants from the original crew of the ship.

The player will be able to form relationships with the people they meet and create a small team that will follow them through the ship to help them achieve their goals as well as their own.

Aim: To give players a rich sci-fi experience that is both heavy in narrative and kick-ass combat. The ship is designed to be gigantic and thus it will feel like players are playing a massive open world game as there is lots of levels, regions and sections of the ship to explore.


. Third Person RPG: Players will pick their gender and design their character at the start of the game.

. Open-World: This is an open world game where players will explore an enormous colony ship, with many quests to undertake, secrets and mysteries to uncover and interesting NPC's to interact with.

. Character customization: Players will be able to customise the look of their character at the start of the game and during it. They will be able to equip various weapons, armours and spells to suit their characters build.

. Moral Alignment: The decisions and actions of players will affect their moral alignment. This influences how NPC's will react to the player.

. Multi-choice dialogue options: Players will interact with NPC's through a multi-choice dialogue mechanic. Things players say to NPC's can be beneficial or detrimental to them. Choices made can affect their player's moral alignment.

. Crafting/Modding: Players can use the junk they find in the game world and craft it into useful items such as upgrades, armours, Weapons, etc. that can help them survive on this monstrous Colony ship.

. Level up: Players will be able to gain experience from completing quests, learning new things and killing enemies etc. Once players gain enough EXP, they will be able to level up and improve their stats.

. Skill Tree: Players skills will also be a mechanic that will have its own progress like the levelling system. Upon improving skills such as crafting, using certain weapons etc. the player will be able to unlock new skills in the skill tree, some which improve pre-existing skills and others that will give the player new abilities.

More submissions by Blair George for MDS GDV110 - 'One Game a Day' Assignment

From Ashes



Platform: PS4/PC

Overview: This is a real time strategy game set in a zombie apocalypse. Similar to crusader kings 2, players will start off designing their character and picking a background and some traits that will help them to build the type of character they want to. In this sense you are the leader of a small community of survivors and will have to begin trying to rebuild a safe place for people and establish the type of community you wish to run.

Players can expect to micromanage their town's people, and assign them jobs and tasks which are best suited to their peoples skills (everyone will have their own stats.) in order to have the best chance/hope of surviving the zombie apocalypse and creating a new community that will be able to thrive.

Like in Civilization (and games of that nature) there will be a tech web which the player will use to improve their communities knowledge on fields such as medicines, warfare, survival, hunting/gathering, building etc.

As the population of the player's community grows, they will be able to expand their town and take more territory from the surrounding area.

The games map will be massive as it is supposed to be representative of large city.

Image Link: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11119/111191852/4719986-4046179342-post_.jpg

Rogue A.I.



Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: Inspired by the film BladeRunner, this is a massive open world RPG with a Cyber punk aesthetic. Players will step into the shoes of a young man new to the policing division R.A.I.I.B. (Rogue Artificial Intelligence Investigations Bureau) that specialises in the handling of crimes related to robots, androids, and other artificial creations of man. They will be tasked with hunting down rogue machines but this will not be an easy job to complete as they will have to figure out if they are machine or not (much like in BladeRunner). This game is aimed to challenge the players moral viewpoints as the line between humanity and machine will become blurred, causing players to think deeply about how they deal and interact with suspects, victims and the culprit(s).

The game also has heavy detective work so players can expect to get a real sense of what it means to investigate crime scenes, gather clues and follow up their leads.

As stated earlier, players will come to find that not everything is black & white, and this is what will cause them to think carefully about how they approach any given situation. People can and will, live & die by players decisions which will help to give impact to player's choices and also further establish the tone and narrative.

Aim: To give players a rich, dark and mature narrative that they will be able to experience and cause them to question their own morality as they will face things such as what is right & wrong, what does humanity mean to them? Etc.

Image Link: http://coolvibe.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/scifinoirwallpaper.jpg

Grave Robber



Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: "Who said stealing from the dead was easy?"~ Notorious Grave Robber

Grave Robber is an isometric dungeon crawler that will play similarly to that of Diablo. This game will put you in the shoes of a Grave Robber who goes into long forgotten cemeteries, tombs and the like in search of buried treasure. Though stealing from the dead (which is highly Immoral) turns out to be more of a "grave" matter than intended as you quickly come to find the not-so-dead isn't so eager to part with their earthly treasures as you once believed.

Fortunately for you (or unfortunately) you've always valued gold over all things and a few dozen shambling corpses and angry spirits aren't enough to stop you from trying to get your hands on the big steal.

Aim: The aim of this game is delve deep into cemeteries, tombs, crypts and all manner of things to do with people's final resting places in search of their most loved valuable, earthily possessions, which are sure to fetch you a high price once you fence them off to your shady dealer.

Players will need to equip their character with various gear which will allow them to stand a better chance of coming back with loot alive. Players will need a range of different gear in order for them to reach certain places and of course dig for glorious treasure.

Players will tear through waves of enemies much like in Diablo and will get gold and other badass gear to make their thieving career one with style and of course lots treasures.

Image Link: http://img12.deviantart.net/8e75/i/2015/161/2/0/darkest_dungeon__grave_robber_by_voodooval-d8wpy5j.png

Gallery of cursed paintings



Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: This game is an artistic, 2D platform game with puzzle solving mechanics. You will play as an aspiring master artist who has been desperately searching for inspiration so that he may begin to work on a new work of art. To your delight you discover that a moving art gallery has recently appeared not to far from your local area. Rumour has it among artists that these paintings and illustrations are masterfully made and are extremely rare. You feel like this is what you have been waiting for and these artworks will be the catalyst to ignite your own artistic imagination and give you the inspiration you have been craving.

After walking down long forgotten and dark alleyways within the city, you finally locate this illusive art gallery and find it to have been set up in an old abandoned store that looks as if it had served many different purposes in its time. Finding this place alone has already given you much inspiration as you have never been down these alleyways before (albeit they are a little creepy). Although this place appears ominous and a part of you tells you to turn back and never return, you press onward and enter the store, the place is relatively dark and it appears like no one is here until you are greeted by an old man who has a dark and sinister aura about him. He smiles at you but it does little to disarm the tension as his crooked and yellowed teeth just add to his frightening visage. "Ah, so you've come to look upon my collection of cursed paintings" he says with his twisted grin. "Cursed paintings?" you inquire but he only nods and grabs you by the arm and leads you deeper into the store until you see an array of paintings displayed upon the walls and tables. Many of them instantly catch your eye and you can already feel yourself being lost in your own thoughts. The old man begins to shuffle off and as he does so he gives spills the usual ramble about not touching the paintings, being careful, etc. You almost don't hear it but his last words pique your interest as he says "…And one last thing, try not to stare too long at them….it can be unhealthy...Hahahahahaa." And with his veiled warning delivered he disappears amongst the paintings the aisle of paintings leaving you to peruse them at your leisure.

You travel around the room looking at all the different paintings of varying styles, you feel as though you have spent a lot of time here but cannot be certain. Two reoccurring questions have begun to circulate through your mind more frequently, "How are these paintings cursed?" and "Why should I not look at any of them too long?" just as the last question goes through your mind you suddenly feel yourself being sucked towards the painting you were currently looking at which depicted a dark wooded forest with odd beast like men dancing around a large open fire. You are disorientated for the moment, but when your sense return to you, you discover that you are no longer in the creepy gallery but are now in a dark wooded area that resembles that of the painting. Although you scarcely believe it, you come to the horrific realisation that you have been somehow transported into the painting. You feel like you can hear the voice of the old man echo through your mind saying "I told you not to look at them too long. Ahahaha they never listen."

Aim: This game is a 2D platformer with puzzle solving mechanics. The layer has become trapped inside a painting and will need to move about the environment in search of a ways to escape the painting. Once the player has figured out how to escape the area of that painting, they will find themselves moved to another painting and will have to solve the puzzles and mysteries of that painting.

Each painting will have its own unique world and art style. The player and the world around him will embody that art style which will add to the illusion of them being trapped inside that particular painting.

Players will have to employ a vast range of skills in order to overcome the obstacles they will face such as time limits, reaction times, problem solving and stealth. The challenges won't be easy but the art and the nature of the puzzles will be engaging enough to keep players hooked on trying to complete them.

Image Link:http://orig10.deviantart.net/7bba/f/2014/035/f/4/deep_dark_wood_by_jordangrimmer-d753hx2.jpg

Rock Golem



Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: You play as an ancient being known as a Rock Golem that dwells within secluded areas such as mountains, caves, deep forests etc. As a Rock Golem, you spend most of your time in deep slumber, until you are awoken by a disturbance near your area. Golems have always behaved like guardians of their environment and you have been awoken by reckless humans, how have begun chopping down trees from your ancient wood for their kingdom. It's time to join your brethren, and awake from slumber so that you may repel the humans threatening to destroy your home and those who have dwelled within.

Aim: Rock Golem is a third person action game with RPG elements. Players will take control of a Rock Golem that is fighting to defend its forest and will be able to unleash its mighty power in an effort to achieve this goal. Players can gain experience from destroying human equipment and winning battles. Experience points can be used to unlock ancient powers that will make them the strongest Golem of them all.

Merchant trail



Platform: PC/Android/iphone/PS4

Overview: Drawing from some aspects of Oregon trail, this game will have you put in the shoes of an young traveling merchant whose looking to make himself known throughout the lands for having the most exotic, rare and fabulous items to sell. In this game players will start off from small, humble beginnings and will have to use the resources at their disposal wisely. This game is about the journey from one place to another as much as it is about acquiring valuable items and selling them. The road between places can be dangerous and players should expect to be prepared for anything they might encounter on the roads, so investing coin into guards will be a relatively safe bet for dealing with such dangers.

In order for the player to acquire unique goods and top tier items, they will need to set up trade agreements with other traders specialising in certain areas. Forming good relationships with other chains will allow players to get a good reputation around the land.

Players will be able to deceive their way into to making vast amounts of gold and fighting off the competition as well, the type of merchant you want to be completely depends on the player's choice.

Image Link: http://img08.deviantart.net/9991/i/2011/074/e/e/traveling_merchant_by_baranha-d3bor2f.jpg

Keyboard Warrior



Platform: PC/Android/iphone

Overview: Keyboard Warrior is a humorous, incremental game where players will be able upgrade their keyboard, computer specs, body mass, and their warrior army. The game will have a fake newsfeed with outrageous and funny captions which narrate what's happening to the world/universe due to your keyboard warriorness.

Aim: The aim of the game is to get players hooked on the upgrading and visual aspects of the game as they start off from small, arrogant beginnings, which eventually evolve into world conquering cyber warfare and commander of a legion of keyboard warriors which can be used to conquer the galaxy and beyond.

The game will be a mix of Cookie clicker fused with Hero clicker in terms of visual representation. The enemies players will fight will start off being other small time keyboard warriors but as the game progresses, the types of enemies you will fight will get even more ridiculous such as planets.

Image Link: http://i0.wp.com/www.irkitated.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/keyboard-warrior.jpg?resize=600%2C370

Scrap Heap



Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: You are a junkyard Keeper, a machine created to manage the scrap heap for a world dedicated to storing waste for an advanced civilization. You are a new model that has recently been placed on the world to help with the management. However you have malfunctioned and in the process gained a form of sentience or self-awareness. This junk world is extremely dangerous and Keepers go missing and get destroyed all the time by other creatures or faulty machines that inhabit the world. With the accidental gift of self-awareness, you will traverse a vast waste of scrap metals and other disused items and be able to craft/combine junk items into gear and equip it to yourself.

Aim: The aim of the game is to explore a vast scrap heap world and use the junk to create inventions, upgrades and weapons that will help you survive in this dangerous world. The game is heavily customisable, giving players the ability to make unique creations with the different items they find out in the wastes.

Image Link: http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--p9oEP0Zd--/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/775450505783883809.jpg




Platform: PC/Android/iphone

Overview: Supernova is a simple point and click, god mode game that simulates the explosion of a supernova and life of a sun. Players will be able to watch what happens when a sun dies in a randomly generated solar system. Players will be able to cause the sun to explode at any time and watch what happens to planets and moons within the blast radius. Players will also be able to cause the star/sun to become a Neutron star, black hole etc.

Aim: The aim of the game is to provide players with an educational experience that is also visually appealing, as the game will have good graphics that will make it interesting to watch the life of a star and how it looks through its various potential stages of life. Players will be able to zoom in and out so they can see the bigger picture of things or the minute details of the space surrounding their sun/star.

Image Link: http://www.wallpaperup.com/186242/outer_space_stars_nebulae_supernova.html

Dune Raider



Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: This game is an action orientated RPG where players will play as a character who was born and raised on the harsh deserts. Players will step into the shoes of a young person who has fell into the role of a dune raider (term used for bandits of the desert) that preys on trading caravans, civilians and scours the barren desert in search of plunder and valuable artefacts.

Aim: The aim of the game is to provide players with a rich fantasy world set in a desert like environment with intense action simulated through playing in the shoes as a Dune Raider of the deserts. Players will have to try to survive in the harsh environment as they will face many challenges such as desert monsters, they piercing heat and need for water and food as well as other bandit groups and authority types.

Image Link: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/2a/f8/7a/2af87a067e919bf026f3c08649652b2b.jpg

Beneath the skin



Platform: PC/PS4

Overview: You are a Pathologist, new to the gritty profession of performing autopsies and dealing with dead bodies. Despite being young you have shown extreme skill and potential within the medical field and science. One night everything changes. Just as you're about to leave and head home for the night, two men in black suits come in with a body and tell you to perform an autopsy on the corpse, by the look on their stern faces you get the impression they aren't asking and so you do it without question. Upon first impression the subject seems to be normal nothing out of the ordinary but as you dig deeper, you uncover that things aren't as simple as they seem.

After performing the first sudden autopsy for these strange "Men in Black", players will find themselves called upon to perform more top secret, lab work and are slowly inducted into a dangerous world of mystery, government secrets and aliens.

Aim: The game is heavily influenced by narrative and player decisions, much like Telltale games and Heavy Rain. The actions and decisions of the player will influence the plot/narrative and can even lead to the players own demise as well as other characters.

Players will need to also perform autopsies and other forensic related tasks as they have to try and discover abnormalities/clues on their patient's bodies. Clues that players find could be literally save their characters life or others around them.

The game is intended to be thought-provoking and cinematic, as the idea is to invest the player's imaginative curiosity into the game whilst placing seeds of fear of the unknown and unexplainable into their minds. Thus leading to a psychological experience that wreaks havoc on the player's paranoia and emotional state.

Image Link: http://coronorcal.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Secret-Agent-Man.jpg

My Gnomes Want Me Dead!



Platform: PC/Mobile Phones

Overview: You have come into possession of your great grandmother's home, she has always been someone you're family have found to be strange as she has always shown a strong and firm belief in the supernatural and even suspected of dabbling in witch craft. In the garden there is a set of gnomes that seem quite valuable and you think it could be worth some money to sell to a collector of such items. The problem is these gnomes have always given you the creeps, constantly feeling like their watching you through the windows and when you are in the garden. At first you considered this to be just paranoia but as time pressed on and weird stuff started to happen that you couldn't explain, you have become convinced that they are able to move and that they have malevolent intentions towards your well-being. The good news is you have finally found someone who wants to purchase them and for a decent price as well, the only problem is that it's going to take a week for the buyer to collect them as they are passing through the local area looking for rare and unique collectables. Will you be able to survive till then?

Aim: The game will be broken up into 7 days where the player will have to keep watch on the 7 Garden gnomes and know their original location. Players will notice they can move and will have to find where they might be hiding in the various locations of the house. As the game draws closer to the end of the week, the gnome's movement activity will increase making it harder to keep dibs on their location and find them throughout the house.

This is a point and click game that only requires a mouse and a sharp eye and memory.

Image Link: http://marlon-wayans.s3.amazonaws.com/mw_shop/Bloody-Crawling-Zombie-Gnome.jpg

Hell Tycoon



Platform: PC/PS4

Overview: Inspired by Tycoon franchise, players will play as a new baron who has inherited some land in one of the horrific planes of hell. Players will construct monuments/buildings to attract demons (civilians) to their lands so that they might choose to settle on their lands. Players will be able to reform the landscape around them to suit their purposes and construct unique buildings and acquire unique demons that can only be built in that certain environment.As the game progresses players will begin to see their holding take shape and see how the land has morphed to their liking. The intention of the game is to give players control over how they want their lands to look and how they want to design their, towns, villages, cities etc. In order for players to unlock new and better stuff (such as buildings) they will need to increase their populace. Increasing populace will allow players to gain more income from taxes, but will also present problems if players don't put some of that revenue back into the community by building more living spaces and preventing slums from forming.

Depending on how their city takes shape will determine the type of demons that are drawn to it for example, Nobility will like to live in a city where the lines between lower class and upper class are strong. Segregation will keep nobility happy and providing privileges to them will keep them happy. Lower class demons will create slums and high crime if they become overpopulated and left to fend for themselves, putting resources into the lower class/lesser demons will make the city guard more respected and lower revolt risks and war between lower and upper class. War within your lands negatively impacts trade and revenue between your cities which will damage your bank vault.

Players will also need to take note of powerful families that reside within their land and try to deal with problems they come to you to solve such as plots, schemes, social events, loans and favours etc.

Players will need manage between constructing/managing their city and dealing with events of a more diplomatic/social nature.

Image Link: http://s683.photobucket.com/user/michigan_man2005/media/BackgroundImage-5.jpg.html

The Grinch



Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: Inspired by the film, The Grinch who stole Christmas, Players will play as the Grinch in a real world setting and will have to try find unique and creative ways of stealing presents from houses on the eve of Christmas without being caught.

Aim: This is a third person puzzle game where players will have to find tools/items in the area to use in order to make contraptions and cause distractions, so that they can increase their chances of sneaking into homes to steal as many Christmas presents as possible.


. Puzzle Solving: Players will have to observe the environment and come up with ways to get around obstacles such as guard dogs, hard to reach places and people who haven't gone to bed yet.

. Interesting & Comedic Dialogue: The Grinch will narrate his actions and talk to himself as the player moves and interacts with the environment. He will offer useful hints on if players seem stuck on how to approach a particular task.

Image Link: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/christmasspecials/images/e/e3/How-the-grinch-stole-christmas-2000-02.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20111109002542

World Eater



Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: Inspired by the Reapers from Mass Effect, you will play as an ancient monstrosity, so powerful that its abilities could be considered godlike. You have come from the deepest and darkest reaches of space, consuming entire planets and solar systems leaving only empty, dead husks of worlds and galaxies, as all life has been devoured.

Aim: This game will play similar to sins of a solar empire as you will need to amass a swarm to send ahead of your arrival to weaken the life that exists in those solar systems. Your swarm or fleet will always arrive years before you come to devour the planet. Your goal will be to try to annihilate the pre-existing life on these planets before you do arrive. Players will have to find ways of weakening the enemy as the larger threat you pose to solar system or other planets, will draw their attention and when they feel threatened they will do their best to fight for their survival.

Players will be able to employ a range of tactics to weaken empires such as infiltration, indoctrination, assault defences etc. Each solar system will have races or empires that have different perceptions of each other e.g. If there are planets or empires that have good relations with each other, then players will have difficulty trying to wipe them out as their combined force will be much stronger than if they fought against you by themselves. Factions/empires that have poor relations with each other will find it difficult to work together to fight against you. Players can capitalise on this by sowing dissent between factions, which will impact their ability to fight against your swarms making it easier to destroy them.

Image Link: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140928151717/villains/images/7/7a/Mass_Effect_3-_Reapers.jpg

Legend of the Wild West



Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: You are a man or woman who has dreamed of becoming the fastest and deadliest gunslinger to ever emerge from the Wild West. Ever since a young age you showed potential in your marksmanship and have acquired a unique ability to control the path of your bullets once they have been fired. With this skill, it is time to make your life's ambition become reality and carve your name into legend.

Aim: This is a third and first person, semi-open world game that mainly is focused on duelling. Players will fight in shootouts and also be able to equip various gear that will allow them to craft deadlier bullets with different effects as well as find legendary guns and craft/upgrade their own.


. Deep Crafting System: Players will be able to craft bullets with various effects that will give them an edge in gun fights. They will also be able to upgrade their weapons and craft their own with resources and schematics they find world and win through duels.

. Level Up: Players will be able to gain experience from gunfights and use this unlock new abilities that will give them greater control over their supernatural ability to control the flight path of their bullets, making them that much more deadly.

Image Link: http://www.corporate-eye.com/main/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/gunslinger.jpg

Dangers of Alchemy



Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: Unfortunate events has lead you to become the apprentice to your local village's alchemist and herbalist. People have travelled far and wide seeking his potions and remedies for things that trouble them but he has always been known as being on the crazy side. You remember when you were just little, how many sought him out to study the world of alchemy under his guidance, but his method of teaching proved to be….fatal, and so as time went on would be apprentices sought other mentors as the knowledge the mad alchemist had didn't seem the price of he life. This is part of the reason of how you've ended up as his next victim/apprentice, the mad alchemist is getting on in his years and the people fear what would happen if they lost all that knowledge along with his passing and so you have been appointed as his apprentice. As the saying goes "nothing bad can come from good intentions" all you did was help mend a few broken bones, mix a few local herbs together for simple salves and suddenly you are the best pick to be his apprentice. Well, there's no point complaining now, there's a higher chance you'll survive this compared to the alternative which was to become a border guard and that would mean certain death for you as your weak, small frame is not one that is suited to taking out bandits and fighting off wolves.

Aim: The aim of the game is pay to attention to your master's instructions and create alchemical potions and remedies successfully. The game will be broken up into third and first person view depending on the action, which will give you greater ability to complete tasks. E.g. When hunting for herbs or ingredients it will be third person as you will have to hunt round the countryside, go into towns etc. to find the ingredients you need to make your potions. When actually making potions or plucking flowers/herbs etc. it will be first person as you will need to control how you remove or mix ingredients because a plant might need to be cut in a certain way or the leaves might be poisonous and only the stalk is needed etc.


. Deep Crafting System: Players will use a deep crafting system in order to create potions, mix ingredients and gather resources. Players will need to pay close attention to the recipe and follow it as closely as possible or risk causing something bad to go wrong which could cause their death.

. Level Up: Players will be able to gain experience for successfully gathering ingredients and brewing potions. Once they level up, they will be able to use a deep skill tree which will give them the ability to unlock skills and refine their talent in the alchemical arts and allow them to invent new potions and use more complex recipes.

Image Link: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ae/Van_Bentum_Explosion_in_the_Alchemist%E2%80%99s_Laboratory_FA_2000.001.285.jpg




Platform: PS4 Exclusive

Overview: Firefly is a 2D side scrolling puzzle game where the player will play as rogue speck of flame that came off a candle and turned into a flame in that is in the form of a fly. The player will have to navigate over obstacles and avoid contact with direct contact with strong gusts of wind and this will weaken their flame which is their life force. The player will be able to rejuvenate health (increase their flame) by traveling over sources of open fire, burning flammable objects such as leaves will also give the player a small boost. Players will need to try to keep their flame alive at all costs as they attempt to solve puzzles along the way and move obstacles that are in their way by using their fire like abilities. Players will have to think about how they use their fire to increase their actions such as dashing, jumping burning etc. as these will all deplete their health at a much faster rate.

Aim: The aim of the game is to solve the puzzles on the level whilst trying not to burn out. Players will have to think about how they navigate the map as they are essentially pressured by their depleting flame that can only be restored by fire and burning things.

Image Link: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Fly-Fire-402966047

Monster Scientist



Overview: You are a mad scientist that has taken an interest in the crazy, creepy and deadly creatures of a horrific fantasy world. Your greatest interest is the monsters that inhabit the land and you desperately wish to study them so that you can engineer your own horrific monsters to unleash upon the world. Problem for you is, your last loyal servant recently got killed by the monster you tried to bait and capture and so now you must do it yourself.

Aim: The aim of this game is to study various monsters from regions around the world and find ways to capture them successfully by using your research notes and data to construct traps, lures and the right gear.


.Crafting: Create items to help you on your evil quest to capture monsters so that they can be studied and used to make your wicked monsters.

.Create your own monsters: Players will be able to create their own monsters by capturing pre-existing monsters and combining traits/attributes from them to make new monsters.

Image Link: http://www.cuded.com/2012/07/concept-art-by-alex-shatohin/

Giant Escape



Overview: You are a human captured by giants and now you must escape or else find yourself in the pot and wind up as part of their snack. In this third person RPG puzzle game you must find ways to get past the Giants and escape from their territory. You might be small, but you will have to find ways to use this to your advantage, as you will be able to get into hard to reach places and hide behind objects etc. In essence you are like the size of the Borrowers compared to the giants.

Aim: The aim of this game is to use the environment to solve puzzles and find ways to escape from the Giant occupied territory. Players will also have to work together with other humans who have been captured and can either help them or use them to further your own ends.


.Environmental Puzzles: Players will need to manipulate the environment in order to create opportunities to escape or get around obstacles.

.RPG: Players will interact with other prisoners and their actions could influence their fate as well as their own characters.

Image Link: http://img09.deviantart.net/a99f/i/2007/224/d/3/thor_vs_a_giant_colored_by_bear65.jpg

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