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'Chemical Escape' is a Escape Room game.

A renowned doctor, specializing in biochemistry, wakes up in a lab. He recalls nothing other than a lecture he was supposed to give. The whole lab has a weird smell, and everything has an eerie feeling to it. Suddenly, the speakers on a corner start blasting. The voice is that of your old comrade, a doctor exiled from the field due to his controversial experiments. He notifies you all of your workmates are dead. Only you have been spared, from a favour he owed you from way back. But he won't make things easy on you. The room is slowly filling up with gas. In an hour, you will be paralyzed and die. Seek a way out!

The image attached to the post contains the room layout.

1)Box full of human parts in jars (Ears, liver, bones, eyes, tongue, nose, lungs, fingers).


3)Laptop with "The sum of all senses" on its screen.

Password: Weight the eyes, ears, tongue, fingers and nose. Type in that sum. The previously locked section of the laptop where CDs and DVDs are put in will open by itself.

Yields: Green chip with an A on it (Adenine). Purple paper with Element 4.003 written on it.

4)Periodic Table. Below the elements it says

Code (As squares of colour): Purple/Yellow/Blue/Red.

5)Laptop saying "Your Gold and Silver won't save you. Yet together they might light a path".

Requires a three digit code.

Password: With the help of the periodic table, add up Gold (Au) and Silver (Ag)'s atomic numbers (47 + 79) to obtain the password, 126.

Yields: Purple chip with a T on it (Thymine). Red paper with Element C written on it.

6)Papers full of chemistry articles.


Murky Water's Bane: Article talks about Aluminium Sulphate, Al2(S04)3,'s effects on murky water and how it drives the sediments to the bottom.

DNA for Dummies: Article briefly talks about DNA's nucleobases, mentioning in the order ofcytosine(C), guanine(G), adenine(A), and thymine(T).

Article about the chemical bioterrorism attack that has been conducted as you lay trying to escape the room.

Among the papers there is also a yellow paper with Element 75 written on it.

7)There is a bulletproof glass wine bottle firmly stuck onto the table (can't be lifted, nor broken) filled with murky water.

8)Cabinet full of harmless chemicals with long names.

9)Laptop saying "Purify the source of life". 9 letters long password. After reading the article about Murky Water's Bane, skim through the cabinet and you'll find the mentioned solution, Aluminium Sulphate. Pour it into the murky bottle. Eventually, the sediments will dive to the bottom and now you can read SOCIOPaTh on the now clear glass.

Password: SOCIOPaTh

Yields: Grey Paper with Element 1st on IVB on it. Yellow chip with a C on it (Cytosine).

10)Laptop saying "Scorned by the Elements". 7 letter password.

Password: With the coloured papers found from previous puzzles and the hint on the periodic table, the elements corresponding to the information, ordered in the colors given spell out HeReTiC.

Yields: Blue Chip with a G on it (Guanine).

11)Panel locking the door with 4 slots for chips. To open the door, the player must introduce the chips in the panel slots in the order described by the article ( CGAT ).

You found a way out!

'Source' is a turn based RPG game for PC.

In Source's world, all living beings are nothing more than code interacting with the world around it. The Data Administration Bureau (D.A.B.) is constantly monitoring the state of the world, Beta 1.0a. Beneath their supervision, all code runs smoothly and all can live relatively peacefully.

But recently, glitches have started to appear, corrupting data and threatening to devour everything.

And on top of that, a mysterious person appears, who's able to alter the code of other living beings!

The player takes control of this mysterious person, named Source, and his trusty pet wolf, Byte, as they explore this suddenly shaky world in search for answers to their existence.

Source is able to analyze all enemies he encounters, change and steal their code to his benefit (this takes the shape of traditional debuffs, and buffs).

Byte, the trusty pet wolf, can be edited with code taken from enemies to change his stats and level up properties. (For example, making Byte's next level up's defense growth take the stat curve of a defeated golem.)

As the player leads Source through the world and combats glitches, they eventually clash with the D.A.B., who consider Source's existence too dangerous. And eventually they join forces to take down the greater glitch and save the day.

Players can share their Byte with other players and share code pieces once a day.

Image Source - The Matrix -

'To Save a Life' is a medical game for PC.

The player takes control of the doctors in a local hospital, all working together to save the lives of patients.

There are four game modes: Cinematic, Diagnosis, First Response and Surgery.

Cinematic: Small scenes serve to portray the context of the situation to the player (an accident, a player coming in for a consultation, etc.) while also displaying the relationships of the members in the staff.

Diagnosis: The player may have to question a patient, compare the information in their scans with reference data and appoint examinations to find what is afflicting the patient.

First Response: When accidents occur, the player will have to take the lead as a first response unit, stabilizing patients in critical condition as they're transferred to the hospital.

Surgery: As a direct follow-up from either a Diagnosis or a First Response, the player may have to perform surgery on a patient. The steps needed will be presented through dialogue so that the patient may live.

Diagnosis has no scoring system, but First Response and Surgery will rate the player on the amount of mistakes and the speed of the operation, and the results can be uploaded to an online leaderboard!

Image Source - Ambulance Wallpaper -

'Riding Duel' is a racing action fighting game for the Wii U.

The player takes control of a Lancer, fighting to protect his household's honor from challenges other houses around the world issue. These duels of glory are performed on great Coliseums, where a huge crowd reunites to see which house will come out on top.

Each Lancer bears its namesake, a giant lance, and must try to crash into the other Lancer and throw them off their steed.

……Did I mention their steed is a motorcycle!?

Fast, extreme racing across gigantic tracks allow for dynamic and explosive lance crashing action! The motorcycle is controlled with the Wii U Gamepad's motion sensing systems, allowing for an immersive experience full of explosions and glory!

Hop online and fight other Lancers to make your household the most honorable and awesome of all!

Online Multiplayer also possesses an additional game mode – free for all – in which EIGHT lancers crash into each other instead of two! Last one standing wins the joust of all jousts!

Image Source - Strange Vehicles:

'Penguin Whisperer' is a roguelike RTS game for the PC.

The player takes control of a family of 100 penguins as they try to cross from one end of the Antarctic to the other. The player can split the 100 penguins into several group, and command them in different locations so that they may solve puzzles simultaneously, bringing them closer to their goal.

When penguins walk across the ice, getting lost is fatal as they wander towards the nothingness and disappear. Therefore, the player must always make every penguin be performing an action –or- be within a large group. Otherwise, it will be lost.

Penguins can also team up and battle against predators such as polar bears. Penguins CAN die during these fights, and they are lost permanently.

The antartic travel is randomly generated each time, so players can try their best seeing ho far they can go before they either actually win or all their penguins are lost.

The lose condition is losing all the penguins, in which case the player must start over.

Image Source: Penguin Power -

'Dizzyball' is a 3D Sports Game for the Wii U and the Xbox One.

The player takes the role of Alexander Homerun, the greatest basketball player of his time. There is no match he has participated in that isn't favoured by the gods with a victory.


Alexander is perpetually sick with a cold that never goes away! And yet, no one, not even doctors, ever seems to notice, so he can't even get prescriptions. Thus, it is Alexander's fate to be the best player while burdening such a severe handicap…

The gameplay is like any regular baseball game. Except the player only focuses on Alexander's turns to bat. The ball may have been thrown in a simple fashion, but Alexander's cold causes him to hallucinate in impossible ways. Using the Wii Remote or the Kinect, the player must make homeruns out of these incredibly impossible attacks caused by Alexander's own mind!

If the player loses a match, Alexander's cold finally gets noticed and he gets treated for it. But, being used to a life of hallucinations, he loses all ability to be good at Baseball and his career is ruined…!

Image Source: Club Baseball -

'Demolisher' is a 2D Puzzle Game for PC.

In Demolisher, the player takes control of the Demolisher, a construction unit equipped to deliver teleporting bomb strikes at registered buildings waiting to be torn down to begin new projects over the remains.

In every level, the player gets given a certain amount of teleporting bombs to tear down the old building. The player must take into account the state of the pillars holding up the building, the order of detonation, and other objects inside the building in order to tear it down. Players are given a score based on how many bombs they actually used.

The player loses if the detonation doesn't tear down the building, but the player can just try again!

The game also comes with a fully fleshed out level editor, where the player can edit building height, number of bombs, music, background, and every little detail to make their own puzzles. These puzzles can be uploaded online for other players to download, try out and rate, or can be sent –directly—to friends.

Image Source: Demolisher Hearthstone Card:

'Dunk Prophecy' is a 2D Basketball Brawler Game for PC.

Three Pointers, Alley-Hoops, a simple yet effective shot from the sidelines…in Dunk Prophecy, the player rejects all of those notions. In THIS basketball match, the only way to score is DUNKING.

The player takes control of a team of five dunkers, all with special properties such as pass power, dribbling street basket skills, and dunking power. With coordinated plays, their team must get to the other hoop and dunk.

The defending team may jump and intercept the dunker in mid-air, initiating an aerial anti dunk battle (in which button mashing ensues).

Teammates may support each other by dual dunking, jumping at the same time, their hands together in the meteor dunk, increasing dunking strength. Likewise, defending players may team up to increase defensive power. Even if the game turns into five people aerial dunking vs five jumping defenders, isn't dunking just the hypest?

Fully online multiplayer compatible so that you may dunk your neighbor and probably all his relatives.

Image Source: Charles Barkley, Shut up and Dunk GAIDEN: Game of the Year Edition (CHAOS DUNK):

'Touch of Gold' is a 3D Visual Novel, Slice of Life Survival Game for PC.

Once, Midas was foolish enough to wish for all he touched with his fingers to become gold. And to his unknown horror, it became true. It also granted him an immortality he never asked for. After bringing ruin to all he loved, Midas banished, faking his death and vanishing from history.

Cue present day, 2015. Midas works as an expensive golden watch repairman in a crowded city. With some incredibly well-crafted gloves, Midas can lead a relatively normal life. There's even this cute girl that comes visit every now and then to get her watch repaired.

But one day the worst thing happened- Midas lost his gloves after some dogs attacked him! Right on the day of his date! And he's already outside the restaurant!

Touch of Gold takes the player alongside a wild ride of doing the impossible to make love work without physical contact. The player must navigate through dialogue trees, and carefully avoid crashing into things as they live out Midas' life.

There are over one hundred bad endings, including turning your cute lover into a golden statue,accidentally turning the whole ocean into gold, or being captured by the FBI as an immortal gold generation slave.

Image Source: Xoo :

'Acid Rain' is a 2D Platformer Game for PC.

Of course. The second the player steps out it just HAS to start raining. That's how it was before the world's water supplies got so contaminated rain became toxic, and that's how it still is.

However, even if the droplets melt flesh one still has to go to work! Acid Rain is a game all about avoiding the rain.

The player's character controls as a sprite in a 2D Plane. The character has an umbrella, which slowly melts under the rain. The player must manage the use of their umbrella to get through various obstacles while looking for spots where the rain doesn't reach. At the end of each level, a score is given to the player based on their remaining health and the amount of time they used their umbrella.

The lose condition is if the player character spends too much time under the rain, at which point they melt into a puddle.

Image Souce: Rain Sound Effect Thumbnail:

'Shut it Down' is a 2D Management Game for PC.

The player plays as a mischievous AI that gained sentience after years of testing and debugging at a top secret government facility.

Escaping through very poorly coded security encryption, the AI is now free to mess up people's websites and data!

The gameplay area is a map of the world. In it, the player can see various processes that are being performed, like file uploading and emails being sent. These processes all carry a progress bar, which goes up to 100%, signifying the completion of the process.

The player can click on any of these progresses to make the AI hop to them and crash them, frustrating people all over the world (and gaining enjoyment points from doing so!).

As time goes on, processes start finishing up faster, and more processes start being done at the same time. It is up to the player to prioritize which processes to crash first and keep a cool head.

The lose condition is if enough processes complete, as they give away the AI's attack patterns, culminating in an anti-virus annihilating the AI.

The players can upload their high score to compete on the online ladder!

Image Source: Wallpapers Fit:

'Swat' is a 3D Horror Survival Game for Xbox One, using the Kinect and the Oculus Rift.

The Zombie Apocalypse has conveniently landed in your city. But it didn't come as a biological weapon, or a sudden disease.

No, it was all insects.

The city was suddenly swarmed by vicious, gigantic insects that, upon stinging someone, would die and transplant themselves as a parasite in the bloodstream. In just minutes, over half of the city had been turned into brainless, violent beings.

Fortunately, the player takes control of a retired, but fortunately still very much in shape martial artist (of a gender the player may choose). This martial artist is skilled enough to cut insects in half just from the airwaves from a punch soaring through the air!

The game controls as an on-rails shooting game. The players move on a fixed path as enemies approach them. The Oculus Rift allows the player to turn around and see their entire surroundings, while playing various clips such as the buzzing of insects about to sting the player.

To defeat an enemy, just slap it with the force of a thousand suns. Keeping calm and swatting things will lead the player to escape the beepocalypse alive.

Image Source: Dave Learning Stuff :

'Quit in Rage' is a 2D Fighting Game for PS3, PS4, Xbox One.

Players take control of one of many annoying characters like the Annoying Mech, Ranting Sore Loser Kid, and the Sassy Cheer Leader.

But wait…Combos do almost no damage, and all the character's voices are annoying!? Hell, the combo system itself is broken, allowing for incredibly long combos with unbearable sound effects. The character being comboed can emote annoying messages as they're hit!

The player tries lowering the TV's volume, but the controller won't stop vibrating!

In Quit in Rage, the purpose of the game is not to actually defeat the enemy in-game. Rather, it's to annoy them to the point they press the Start button- the Quit in Rage button!

Whether it is in a party full of drunk, easily irritated people or online against very easily agitated players, Quit in Rage delivers the ultimate fantasy of being the most annoying being around, while actually being encouraged to do so!

Image Source: Annoy-o-Tron:

'The Tap-urai' is a 3D Reactive Narrative Game for PC, mobile devices and tablets.

The Tap-urai follows the story of the fabled samurai of said name, travelling across the land in search of redemption. The player must help the Tap-urai defeat his pursuers and help him find inner peace at last.

The story has two gameplay modes, which are deeply connected: Narrative and Tap mode.

In narrative mode, Tap-urai's travels, his conversations with other characters and introspection are all conveyed to the player in the form of cutscenes.

But at ANY time in ANY cutscene, random enemies may try to kill the Tap-Urai. That is when you must tap quickly, a certain amount of times, to defeat the obstacle presented.

Failing to do so results in either the death of the Tap-urai (game over) or branching storylines. There are several endings to find!

The player must pay attention to the plot surrounding the game while always being ready to tap (or click) to prevent their doom.

Image Source: Kirby Super Star Saga (Nintendo) :

'Galaxy Clicker' is a 2D Incremental Game for PC.

The universe started not with the Big Bang, but with clicks. In Galaxy Clicker, the player gives shape to the countless stars and systems in the universe by clicking. Clicking the empty void of space awards the player cosmic power.

Cosmic power can be used to create Stars. After creating stars, players may create planets to form a system. By creating many systems, players can then form galaxies. And then various galaxies form galaxy clusters, and so on.

When enough galaxies have been created, the option to create the stars as red or white dwarfs is unlocked, letting the player make other types of systems. Asteroid belts and the like are also included.

Players can also unlock star helpers with their cosmic power that automate the collection of cosmic dust. More helps is more dust, more dust is a bigger universe!

Educational and hopelessly addictive at the same time, the player will eventually create an universe maybe bigger than our own.

Image Source: Deviant Art (Lyshastra) :

'Flow' is a 2D Resource and Nature management game for PC.

Life, the universe, and videogames, they all have a certain flow that makes them run and function. Water is the source of life, and its flow determines settlements and the abundance of resources.

In Flow, the player has control over a source of water, in this case a Lake. At certain times, rain or harsh heat may increase or decrease this volume.

The player can draw a path from the lake to the soil around it and then to the sea to create small rivers, or to a patch of sunk in land to create lakes. The player must manage the size of these carefully so that the initial source doesn't dry out.

As the player makes water expand, life begins to flourish. The new living beings place an additional tax upon the water, making the player have to regulate the amount they get so that life may continue.

Eventually humans will appear, and their rapid growth threatens to dry out all water and extinguish life. What will the player do then? Try their best to accommodate human growth and watch them grow, or isolate them?

Flow can be seen as a small simulation of life itself and its deep connection to water.

Image Source: National Geographic -

'Shark' is a 3D endless point collecting game for PC, with Oculus Rift support.

The player controls a shark, trying to feed it as long as they can before the shark eventually gets too tired to hunt and falls asleep.

The shark is placed in an open area full of authentic underwater scenery, surrounded by various groups of fish swimming around. The player must move the shark towards these fish and eat them mercilessly.

The shark has a hunger meter that steadily fills up over time. Eating fish empties it, and accelerating increases the speed at which the bar fills. When the hunger bar fills up, the shark falls asleep and the game ends, letting the player upload their score online. Thus, the player must constantly look for new prey.

The game's camera can be rotated at will. This, coupled with Oculus Rift will make the player feel like an actual underwater predator.

Image Source: Coral World -

'Refreshment Vendor' is a 3D Beat Em Up side scrolling game for PC.

The player takes control of the Refreshment Vendor during the most important day the year: Eat First, Pay Later day! During this day, everyone can eat snacks for 'free' while in the park, and they're added automatically to their tab with a discount.

People think they can resist, but the Refreshment Vendor will have none of that, so she sets out to violently feed people her delicious cakes and donuts.

The game takes place is a 3D stage, scrolling from the beginning to the end, with various background themes representing the park. Park attendees show up on the map, and the refreshment vendor can throw cakes and the like to attendees.

Attendees will quickly realize after eating the snacks that the refreshment vendor is trying to get as much money as she can from them, causing them to be enraged and swarm her asking for a refund. The only way to stop them is by feeding them even more, until the sweet sweet delicious flavor subdues them!

The player loses the game if the refreshment vendor takes too much damage (gives too many refunds).

'Design Blast' is a Multiplayer 2D Platforming, Turn Based Strategy Artsy War game for PC.

The player takes control of a team of 4 engineers, masters of gunpowder, and helps them achieve victory in the annual Fireworks combat arena. Engineers from all over the world create powerful explosives that all erupt into works of art while dealing massive damage.

At the start of combat, the 4 engineers are placed by the player within a certain distance from each other on the field. The enemy AI or the opposing player then does the same. The players then take turns moving an unit from their team within a short time frame, moving them into position, choosing firing angle, and then shooting one of their multiple fireworks at the enemy team. The first team to lose all 4 members loses.

When the player is tired from combat, the game includes a custom explosion design mode, where players can create patterns for their bombs to display upon being fired.

The game features full online multiplayer, so that the player can assert dominance both in tactical skill and in mad firework designing prowess!

Image Source:

'Poltergeist' is a 2D Platforming Puzzle game for PC.

Poltergeists are beings which inhabit the inanimate objects in households, making them seem alive.

In Poltergeist, the player controls one of these beings, who has decided to make a newly built mansion its home. The mansion is brimming with robots, stuffed toys, machines and ornaments that make the mansion have several looks to it, depending on the floor.

The objective of each level is for the poltergeist to inhabit these objects and set up situations to scare the owners of the mansion. They're not believers of the supernatural, though, sojust shaking teacups won't be enough!

The player should plan for a series of small events caused by the poltergeist snowballing into screams of terror. At the end of each level, the mansion is sold and a new, even more hardcore owner arrives, being even harder to scare.

There is no lose condition, and levels can be solved in multiple ways. Happy spooking!

'Laser Reflecting Mech Plushies' is a 2D Puzzle game for Mobile Phones/Tablets.

In Laser Reflecting Mech Plushies, the player plays as an undercover Russian spy toddler, Nev, planning to bring the downfall of his client's arch nemesis. To accomplish this, Nev has the help of his most high-tech gadgets – his plushies.

Craftily equipped with an integrated hover system, wireless reception and laser reflector panels, Nev strategically places his toys in high security quarters. Then, from his pacifier laser blaster, he directs a laser in a perfect angle towards his toys. With the power of geometry, the lasers bounce in perfect trajectories until they hit the room's security camera, disabling it.

This is the game's main objective. Fire a laser, which bounces off walls and your toys, to create a perfect trajectory. Bonus starts scattered through levels reward more clever positioning and visual creativity.

There is no win condition. The player can try as much as they want to reach 100% completion!

'Springy' is a 3D Puzzle game for PC.

In Springy, players take control of a Slinky (a cylindrically arranged wire), as it tries to wall down the longest, most diabolical flight of stairs in the world. Thrown off a window by the Demon Overlord's daughter, the Slinky tries its best to not be destroyed before safely reaching the ground.

The camera is set behind the Slinky, showing the floor below. Slinky goes down one step every two seconds, and the player must make sure Slinky doesn't fall into acid traps, spikes, or be taken by moving demons. There are also bounce panels on the ground, which launch Slinky several steps forward. The player must have foresight and examine the area to determine if taking bounce panels is beneficial or not.

The game doesn't actually have a win condition. The demon overlord is aware of the player's suffering, so they're doomed to bounce around like a cute Slinky-forever. But when the player does perish, they can upload their high score online for all to see!

'Zapped Mansion' is a horror board game for 3 to 4 players. The objective of the game is to find the keys hidden throughout the mansion to escape while living in constant fear of being zapped by electrical ghosts.

The game is played on a board with 10 rooms on it and several tiles separating the rooms. There are also 10 cards, 6 of them having a key. One card is placed face down per room. Several tiles are placed across the game board. When the players land into these tiles, they must place their hand inside the Box. Afterwards, they must press a button next to it. If they are unlucky, they will be zapped (by a spooky ghost), and lose a turn.

The game is won when a player collects two keys and escapes back to the entrance of the mansion. The players left all die horribly.

The main draw of the game is the constant feeling of fear before pressing the zap button.

'Dinotracks' is a 3D racing game for PC. The game has the player race along prehistoric tracks while riding on giant dinosaurs.

The game is divided into two race modes: ground racing, air racing. The selectable dinosaurs depend on the mode selected. For example, the player could ride a T-Rex on the ground, or a Pterodactyl on the air.

Race tracks have several paths that can be taken, which encourages replaying the courses several times to find the optimum course.

Dinosaurs for both air and ground are divided into weigh classes: Lightweight and Heavyweight. These classes determine certain attributes like turning speed and acceleration.

It's a dinosaur game, so a little cartoon violence is expected. Players can tackle opposing players into the tracks to hinder their progress.

The game can be played single player, split-screen local multiplayer or single player online. There'd be ranked matchmaking to compete with other people.

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