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This is an assignment for Media Design School's GDV110 (Game Design Principles) students in the Bachelor of Creative Technologies and Bachelor of Software Engineering, located in Auckland, New Zealand.

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youre here atlast, the long road of everlasting foxes, the quest to make it all the way to the promised lands, the 10% you always wanted. youve been flying through the plains of reality for as long as your mind will allow, the foxes, the gods we assumed to be animals but the war vanquished them all, the war against the space beings.

youve come a long way, atatcking each day with whatever you can congour in your mind against the impending acknowledgement of the failure that could happen if you dont. but its over, at long last your cosmic journey has finished.

join the fight as a cosmic fox in The Final Fox, a narritive based game where the main interaction is to choose how the story goes. this is a failry simple game for any platform.

OC art:

A multiplayer horde-mode game where survivors have to either survive or try to cross a massive city while all sorts of mythical creatures that have to find them and kill them. The ratio of creatures to survivors would be 2 survivors to 10 creatures. The survivors would have only 1 life while creatures would have infinite amount of spawns. The survivors would have to either get through all the hordes and get to a designated escape point or try to stay alive for a set time. They will be able to scavenge useful equipment and ammo. The creatures would have a variety of abilities to hunt the survivors. The city would be procedurally generated and would vary on every playthrough. Although, the whole map would be made of the preset tile sets and would allow the survivors to be able to navigate with a bit more knowledge.

#52 (8/09/2016)

The girl with blue hair

The girl with blue hair is a 2D adventure platformer in which you play as a wondering adventurer and at the beginning of the game you save a young lady in distress. She tells you that she is far from her home and seemingly lost, it is also noticeable that she is sad and depressed and because of this her hair seems a pale grey. Throughout the game she follows you as you protect her and receive objectives from her. The closer you get to reaching the end of the game, the brighter her hair glows, and the happier she becomes. The game ends once she is safely returned to her home town. Her hair glowing at its brightest when she gives you a kiss on the cheek at the end of the game.

Objective: Safely escort "the girl with blue hair" back to her home.

Target Audience: 8+, Male and Female

Genre: 2D adventure platformer

Image: Sadness Glow by ryky -

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The year is 2044 and society has broken down into complete turmoil after Microsoft in turn with apple systematically ruin and crash all computers and electronic systems by force updating them into very expensive bricks. Stocks markets crash, wall streets crashes and everyone all over the world is in uproar due to their constant reliance on technology not being met. In a remote eugenics lab out in eastern USA You experiments on creating completely new biological lifeforms and and cloning has reached its peak. You are a frog who has been broken out by the reincarnation of Harambe and the two of you must go out and restore order to society by purging all the internet trolls and weirdos who have now moved their internet habits onto the people outside their homes. You will be constantly riding your unicycle from left to right in a side scrolling hell shooter fashion to help defeat this plague on society and rescue Your fello genetic mishaps bred from the imagination of a scientist with little no no professionalism what so ever from certain death. You will be rolling down the street and rolling to the beat as you must fight your way to the end of each level to face off against many bosses including mega hitler and the immortal 12 year old elite sniper assasin to save your friends each level. The game continues until the final boss and the epic conclusion were memes and humans alike live peacfully in whatever world has been left behind.

Game 52

Title: Games with the boys

5 boys loves playing games and they meet up with each other and have tons of fun. Playing board games, outdoor games like tag and man hunt.

but one day one of the friends went missing. the rest of the group wasn't too worried at the time and looked for him casually. But Days went on where he wasn't found and his family and friends all worry for his safety. 4 years later when they all turns 16 mysterious notes and clues appear throughout the school and home of the missing old friend 4 years ago. all the friends are in delight knowing that a clue about the disappearance of they friends have surfaced from the unknown. But what they don't understand is that the truth of the horror 4 years ago is coming back. one by one the boys start to disappear. from the youngest to the oldest. leaving the last one he knows and its so obvious someone is kidnapping his friends. the whole town looks for the boys missing and reopens up the 4 yr old case.
this game is a multiplayer game. you play as one of the three boys or this game can be plays solo campaign, Third person.

the goal of the game is to find all your friends and find the reason on why they were disappearing and why this is happening in your town, and you will find out that you are the last person to suppose to disappear. Game about missing boys and friendships and betrayals.

Genre: Horror, Drama


You are a Magical Girl; your job is to maintain the balance of light and darkness over the world, where witches are then born of the existence of human's dark thought as their number grew so you are here to prevent humans to succumbs into it.

You are a magical girl; born of the light of a girl's dream; where as you of whom you are seconds before of your contract patch with the Grim Magi. You then caught in this forsaken world of life, and death of your whole existence. Would you then take up arms to fight between the parallel universe of the witch hunting ground.

A third person game which lets you craft your techniques and magica to a chain of spells to defeat the collosal witches. Fought through the ever changing mazes of their world, save peoples by defeating their witch kisses and maintain your daily student life; fulfil your dream and befriend with your friends and families. But one last thing: be happy and fulfil all other girls' dream to be as ones. Of whom you protects, and the world…

Genre: Horror, Third-Person, RPG

Platform: PS4, PC, XBOX

Rated: 18(Violence, Nudity, Blood and Gore, Drugs, Suggestive Theme)

Author: Rony Hanna

Date: 8 - 09 – 2016

Subject: GDV110 – Day 052

The End

Game Concept:

After locating a mysteriously deep sinkhole in the barn on his farm, the Icelandic farmer decides to descend and explore. From the looks of it, the hole appears to be bottomless. After a whole hour journey descending into the hole, the farmer set off into the bowels of the Earth, encountering many strange phenomena and great dangers, including a chamber filled with combustible gas, and steep-sided wells throughout. After taking the wrong turns, the farmer starts to run out of water and is trying to find a way back to where he landed so he can get back up to the surface. Desperate and unable to find the spot, he decides to continue to explore and eventually, he ends up finding a passageway marked by an anonymous cave explorer as the way out. However, the passageway seems to be blocked by a wall of granite. The player has to craft his way out of the cave and they will be having many challenges ahead doing so.


Wallpaper posted by Drea Horvath on on the 8th of October, 2013.

Note: Special thanks to my GDV110 lecturers.

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Kelvin Transistor is a game about inhibiting the heat death of the galaxy by mechanically controlling the sun. This game acts as a survival game where everyone but you is at risk. As the planets close in on your location over billions of years they come closer to their death by unsurvivable amounts of heat, and you can prevent this by managing the suns functions.

You can sacrifice the suns mass and heat and discard it into nothing through units, knowing that once the sun has shredded this energy, it will never return, the sun will forever shrink. You will manage these measurements based on how close the planets are to you, and the kind of heat those planets need to survive. Retaining too much means that the species will die off, or large parts of their planets will become uninhabitable, but making the galaxy too cold will mean that creatures will die from the opposite.

As you shred energy there is another consequence; as your temperature lowers, extra-terrestrial species with extreme immunities to heat will come to drain the sun to fuel their expansive civilizations in more evolved galaxies. If they drain too much of your energy, your galaxy will suffer, so as you shrink you will have to use the remaining power of the sun to fend off incoming threats.


  • Facing the heat death of the galaxy, the sun is our only savior. Control the sun like an incomprehensible mechanical construct and use it to retain the existence of all known life.
  • Fight off insane threats to your galaxies existence. Strange creatures will come to siphon your energy as your temperatures reduce enough for them to enter your atmosphere.
  • Adapt to ever changing threats by using the sun to concentrate energy away from the galaxy, and into the stars above to repel your adversaries, whilst taking the care to not harm your own.

You're a treasure Hunter. You have gone on adventures across the world. These past small time adventures have lead you to research on one this lost piece of treasure, believed to be descended from the gods.

You as the player has to go through old pictures and maps to uncover the location of this treasure. Examining each and every piece of research to uncover this mystery. You must have a keen eye for patterns and other out of place objects or symbols. You must connect the dots then you can move out and adventure to that location. But the player can get the wrong idea and can adventure to the an incorrect location.

When you have arrived at a location you can venture forward into the cave, dive deep down into the sea or scour forests and lands. The game is in first person and you can wonder, climb or even swim around the lands and sea to try and find the treasure or maybe only more clues or nothing at all.


You're a sassy wisecrackin' dog that loves to solve other people's problems, but nobody else can understand you-- even other dogs.

Gameplay would revolve around moving people and animals around an area to try and achieve a goal. For example, if your doggy senses told you two people were meant to be together, your goal would be to get the attention of one or the other person and lead them to one another.

The ways you could achieve your goal would be varied for each level, so even if you messed up one strategy it wouldn't completely lock you out clearing the level.

The game would take place on a 2D plane for simplicity/clarity. Ways you interact with things onscreen might be something like knocking a glass of water onto a guy to make him angry and chase you to a location, or growling at someone to get them to back off/run away from you.

Hints would be given through the dog's inner thoughts, and he'd always hint at the most satisfying/entertaining solutions to the problem (unless the opportunity has already passed).

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A security guard that discovers he has the ability to stop time tries to put it into good use by beating up his enemies and dodging their bullets and things they throw . The only downside is that he can only do it for 3 seconds tops so he has to react extremely quickly.the game would be a beat em up in which the player can jump and crouch to dodge things the fame could be made for cellphones. The game will also have some mechanic in which the player will have to swipe at the right time so he can beat up bosses. The game would end after the player reaches level 16. And will be a 2d side scroller. The game will also have an upgrade system every time a level is cleared until he reaches lvl 8. The level up system will let him choose whether to increase his hitpoints by one, more strength or more time when he freezes time. The game would heavily implement the use of the time stop so that the player has to remember where the objects and attacks are coming from picture from the movie unbreakable.

P.s. watch a cool movie.

[ Idea 52 - 07/09/2016]
Aqua Infinite.

Based upon an early summative, and a drafted game design document. The player plays as a bio marine engineer in a world that is majority submerged underwater and the local wildlife are biomechanical, organic in behaviour but 100% mechanical is physiology but the catch is the player is still human and will be forced to overcome various options such as food, hunger, oxygen and sleep.

This is an open world survival video game that combines the elements of a sandbox with "Lego-like" mechanics, which players can harvest, hunt and reuse materials from the local wildlife and manipulate them towards being used as something else.

-For instance: A player harvests the propel engine that allowed a tiger shark to swim to be used as a key engine component for a submersible vehicle. The Predator's so called "blood" can be used to fuel the said submersible or act as a fertiliser and resurrect a pre extinct agriculture.

There will be other mechanics the player will have to overcome as they attempt to survive in this mechanical ocean jungle such as: Buoyancy, Light as well as tidal and seasonal migration effects from the biomechanical wildlife.


After a hard day of moving in to your new home, it's finally time for you to curl up into bed and get a good night's rest. Unfortunately for you, sleeping in an unfamiliar place can be a bit scary… and it doesn't help that the place might be a bit haunted.


"Good night, sleep tight" is virtual reality horror game that has the player resting in bed trying to get to sleep. However, the player will start to experience some strange things that may include uncanny creaks, quiet footsteps, cries of terror, demented beings and so forth. The game will try to make the player scared and frighten them. The player loses if they make a sudden movement with their head, indicating that the player couldn't get to sleep and the game successfully frightened them. The game finally ends when the player is able to get the character to fall asleep (not make sudden movements for 6 minutes).


In this game, you play as an almighty god-of-the-hipsters. You view the game-world from above a small city that can grow overtime as you create trends. You can set trends and choose different methods of social-media to popularise a trend that you can create uniquely. Maybe the trend that you're creating involves some sort of headwear. You will have access to a customisable window for a specific part of the body where you can create and make different items such as hats for headgear or glasses for eyewear. Once you set a trend, you can watch overtime as different people in everyday society react to your trend, will they join it or be repulsed by it? That's for you to find out. You can set multiple different trends at once and depending on the trends that you create will affect the cities growth. You can also name your trend and selecting different people in your city will allow for you to have access to their likes, dislikes and current trends that they follow.

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The Siren is a short, repeating game in which you play as a siren of the sea, who is trying to feed her shiver of sharks (yes that's what a group of sharks is called) fresh sailors.

You sing out to the sailors as they travel by in their boats by playing a pattern of notes prompted on screen in a Legend of Zelda manner, drawing the boats closer and eventually getting the sailor's to jump out, into the ravenous sharks below.

Each day you must feed your sharks, who slowly grow hungrier throughout the levels, requiring more, or fatter, sailors. The songs will also get progressively more difficult, requiring more steps to draw the now wary sailors to their doom.

The game will be presented in a two dimensional space, with your siren seated on some rocks to the left of the screen, ships passing by as you can see beneath the waters your sharks follow after the boats.

[Image from]

'Lolly Scramble' is a game where you get to play as a colony of ants at a children's birthday party. A lolly scramble is happening and you are ready.

Send troops of ants to areas containing the lollies and collect as many as you can before the children are able to.

You must be able to collect and bring back the lollies in order for the score to count but be careful where you send your troops as the children may accidently squish them when they are running to get their lollies. Once all of your troops are dead the game is over and the amount of lollies you had collected in that time will be your final score.

You may use the lollies to purchase power ups that will help you collect more but since the lollies are your final score you must use them wisely in order to win.

In "Just a Little Yee Boi" the player walks through a city giving every positive thing they hear a little "yee boi". They would control a character walking through a bustling city who listens to everything going on around them. The player's goal is to listen in to any conversations happening around them, and give anything that sounds positive a little "yee boi" by pressing the spacebar. The player would hear all of the conversations through their headphones, creating the illusion of a busy city. They would have a top down view of the city, moving around groups of people to listen to. If the player mishears and gives something bad a little "yee boi", such as somebody discussing being fired from their job, then their character would be ridiculed. If they give the correct people a "yee boi" they would be rewarded with a satisfying hi-five. The game would consist of "days", after which the number of hi-fives the player got would be counted up. This would be their final score for the day, and would be translated into a "successfulness" meter.

Image from retrieved 8/9/2016

By: Andre Bastos Gottgtroy


08/ 09 / 2016


Painting In The Dark with be available in wiiU, portable touch devices and pc.


In Painting In the Dark players are given a picture to paint however their canvas is completely black and they are not shown what they are painting or where until they deem that they have finished and pressed the finished button. The game plays with both memory, skill and co-ordination as its main focuses. The game goes in levels with each level, if passed, giving progressively more complex pictures to be drawn. Players are given points based on how well they were able to draw the pictures and must meet a certain amount of points before moving on. The game will introduce players to the main mechanic slowly with the first levels showing players what they have drawn for a short amount of time before it disappears, as the levels progress the lines disappear faster until they are not shown at all.

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This is a game of organizing and submitting work before time runs out. This game requires players to organise their files from different numbers, dates, files etc and sort out which ones goes first and last. The players have to organize these documents under a time limit of 120 seconds, there will be different levels in this game that require the players beating each level to unlock the next. There will be all kinds of boost and pickups that the player can get during each level, for example if the player can sort out documents for three consecutive folders in a row then they earn another 20 seconds into their time. Players can employ AI for each level if they wants to pay in real life money for it, all levels are possible to beat but some are so difficult and frustrating that will lead the players to buy the AI instead. After purchasing they can use it as many times as they want, but the AI will be outdated when more levels comes in.

Image Reference:

In the rise to be a creative master, the player must practice their art and fight against enemies full of dullness known as artist's block, characters similar to feeble darkness found in Kingdom Hearts. The player must choose their class from visual artist, musician and dancer. Each class has their own set of abilities to take on the enemies in this action role-playing game. The visual artist uses paint via buckets and brushes to defeat artist's block. They can also bring the environments to life by tagging walls with spray cans and drawing objects and allies with their pencilsword. The pencilsword can also be used as a melee weapon to attack enemies. The musician makes inflicts long range damage by creating holographic instruments with their smartphone. Drum beats will break heavier foes' defense while shredding on the electric guitar deals lots of little damage. Other instruments include the piano(the general weapon), saxophone, violin, electric bass and double bass. The dancer makes use of different forms of dance to provide themselves buff as the player physically smashes through the enemy. Dances include ballet, breakdance, capoeira, waltz, salsa and samba.

In this 3D episodic interactive graphic adventure game, players take control of the protagonist who repeats the same day over and over again. Though the day resets, both the player and character remember the previous events and that can help when trying to discover the mystery of why the day is repeating. This game focuses on explanation, playing on the feeling of curiosity and excitement. The game also focuses on plot-driven gameplay. Though the player will not have to do any puzzle solving, they will still have tense moments that will require the player to react quickly through the use of quick-time events. When a play decides to go a certain route they will follow the route to the end of the day (they only have a certain amount of time to investigate routes each day), and this may lead to nothing or opening up more avenues of investigation. This will all culminate in a linear manner, but players can follow any initial path at any time.

In this game, the player, you, are a dragon and you must fly. Unfortunately you are a fat dragon and must flap your wings as fast as you can in order to fly. Not only that, but you are undergoing metamorphosis like in Eragon the movie. (Terrible compared to the book, by the way) This means that you are putting on more and more weight. In this game, you must tap the screen as fast as you can, getting as high into the air before the metamorphosis makes you to heavy for you to flap your wings to keep up with. The game will end when the dragon hits the ground, and score is based on the length of time that the player was able to stay in the air for. If you are able to flap your wings fast enough, then you will be reverted to a dragon hatchling and may start the cycle over, the speed at which you will need to flap your wings will increase with each hatching though.

'City Litter' is a single player RPG where you play as a stray mother cat, on a search for her missing litter of kittens through the streets of a sprawling city metropolis.

You were out foraging for food when the city pound invaded your litter of kittens and took them away. As an animal there is still the scent from their captors, so without any time to waste, you must travel beyond your stomping ground in order to bring them home.

Players plays this game from a third person view, and see our world from the height of an animal. Controls come from the familiar format used for RPG games using game controllers (such as GTA V). Player characters interact with environments that intuitively recognizable for cats – climbing ledges, sneaking up on prey for food.

There are many predators – animal and human that you must avoid.

Unique to this game, is the absence of any dialogue. Although the player interacts with the world and other NPCs, information is communicated largely through visual cues (highlighting and pointing markers to places of significance).

'Scent', a core mechanic in the game, is represented in-game with the use of colour. This is something that is taught early in the game, and is a dynamic players get accustomed to very quickly.

Examples of this, would be different overlaid shades of green to indicate nearby food sources, and shades of red which get brighter to signal nearby or approaching predators.

There are side missions to accompany and deepen the main narrative. Completing side missions give you points that can be spent on a skill tree where to acquire skills to make you more agile, stronger, and stealthier. For instance:

  • Strength - an ability to survive from falls at higher elevations;
  • Night vision – seeing farther in the dark
  • Intuition – greater sensing of predators

The approach to the feel of 'City Litter' is comparable to Wall-E, players build a connected and personify a non-human character.

Platform: Gaming consoles – Microsoft Xbox One, Play Station 4
Target Audience: Mature audiences ages 13 years and older.

Reference Images:

You've come oh so far, passing through many trials and losing much along the way but gaining experience and knowledge. At last you have reached your final destination, the afterlife.

You play as the spirit of a man on his way to the afterlife; however he must face one last trial to traverse limbo, the land in-between the living world and the dead.

The player plays from a first-person view and controls the man's spirit; he must follow the path through limbo with its many twists, turns and treacherous terrain. On the way you may encounter obstacles that you must find your way around, as well as other people's spirits also traversing the path that you can interact with. Although you are dead, there are still dangers. The primary one would be corrupted spirits, those who are forever trapped in limbo and exist only to spread their corruption to others. The second would be if you wander too far from the path you will encounter corruption. If your spirit is corrupted too far you will join their ranks; trapped in limbo. But if you manage to pass the final trial and reach the stairway to the afterlife you win the game.

-Gameplay Style, First Person, Exploration, Puzzle

-Reference image from,

An assassination based game where the player has control over time and space.

The game aims to challenge the player's creativity rather than skill and rewards players for putting in more effort.

The game starts off on the final level. You are assassinating a head mafia boss and all his henchmen are around him defending him. The player can try their best with the weapons they spawn with to kill the boss there and then and end the game. However this is where the main aspect of the game is introduced, the player can rewind time to when they were picking weapons and bring in new ones to better suit their playstyle/the situation. The player can also hijack the minds of the henchmen in the level, doing so transports the player back in time to a place where the henchman is more isolated, they can then assassinate the henchman in this new level and upon travelling back to the present time that henchman will no longer exist.

However, depending on the hierarchical standpoint of the henchman the player may need to travel even further back in time to kill that henchman's henchmen. Or the henchman may be replaced and introduce a new henchman entirely.

This level within level aspect of the game will make for an enjoyable and strategy filled game.
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