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Do you like making games? Why not try to make one game every week?

It can be of any kind (digital or analogue), but it would be best if it could be downloadable or playable online in any form. This is because publishing the game and getting feedback is equally important as creating it.

The game can also be of any size contentwise. Don't be shy to post your Twine game (interactive fiction) or your latest platformer created with GameMaker, Unity3D oder Construct. Alternatively, you can have your elaborate card game rules - ready for print. Don't be discouraged by others that tell you that it is not a real game. If you think it is, it is.

Game development can be complex, but everyone has to start somewhere and starting small is okay.

If you have questions or need help starting out, talk to me on Twitter @talecrafter or via e-mail:

You can use the hashtag #onegameaweek if you are on Twitter.

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I did a ton of art the past couple days for my Ludum Dare entry, called Release the Monster. You play as a monster that was summoned by the nefarious Dr Destructo to investigate his minions and find the incompetent ones and destroy them! It was made in Adventure Game Studio and plays like the old Lucas Arts games (complete with 320x200 graphics!)

If you are interested in playing you can check it out here.

This is just a short interactive Twine story. Might be a bit confusing, given my current state of mind.


It's not really a game, it's more like a tiny dialogue thing. But I had fun painting it and it got done on a sunday, so I'm happy that it's not totally broken.

(Unity Web Player because the WebGL Build has a bug I could not figure out.)

My first one screen point and click adventure demo is finished. I finally settled on an art style and finished all the assets that I needed to create.

The only real error remaining is that one of the arrows displays incorrectly, but that is because I changed the game resolution a dozen times and screwed up the art asset.

I've compiled the game for Windows and attached it. Just extract the zip and run the TestGame.exe to play. If you run winsetup.exe it lets you configure some display settings. It doesn't install anything. If you want it bigger run WinSetup.exe then change the filter to 4x Nearest Neighbor, or whatever zoom you prefer.

EDIT - uploaded a new version. This one has some minor bug fixes, adds a status bar that shows you clickable areas, and changes the default resolution size but more importantly adds a couple pieces of dialog that make clearing the game possible. You might stumble onto the solution in the first build randomly, but it would require just random trying of things.

Explore Windows Version.zip1mb

This is my sunny sunday afternoon project.

I took some of the scripts from my earlier Prototype "Crowd" and meshed them together to another small game where you walk through a couple of patrolling zombies. It's just this one level and probably easy. Once they touch you, it's over.

I'm pretty sure the animations can be done better. :)

So, I'm reducing my scope from week to week, which for me at the moment is a good thing.

I'm going on vacation for a week today so I scrambled to put something together as quickly as I could. The game was built in around 30 minutes. It's nothing too special, but it's a completed game and it keeps the streak alive.

Keep doing awesome work everyone and I'll have something better for you next week...hopefully!

30 Minute Game.exe2mb

A very simple math game which I made this afternoon/evening. And it's my first try at "flat" graphics.

I am not really happy with it, as the gameplay is kinda boring and the style and interface could use more animations. But it's playable, so that's that.

Improvements would be adapting the difficulty to the player, balancing the numbers and perhaps mix it with other types of quizzes. And the owl could use more personality.

I made two games / prototypes this week. One isn't all that great, the other feels like it might have some potential. I'll let you decide. Both games were made in 1-2 days.

If you're only going to play one, I'd suggest Every Bullet Counts.

WARNING about "Every Bullet Counts": It can be brutally difficult, but it is very beatable with enough patience. It may be the hardest game I've built, but I tried to keep it fair.


"Ouroboros" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Every Bullet Counts.exe8mb
Cliff Jumper.exe2mb

The goal of this minigame was making the easiest possible game demo that has movement and collision detection for teaching purposes. Here's the source with German language commentary:

function love.load() -- hier werden zu Beginn einmalig Befehle ausgeführt
  sx,sy = 700,300 -- stehen für Spieler X- und Y-Koordinate
  cx,cy = 50,300 -- stehen für Computer X- und Y-Koordinaten
function love.draw() -- hier werden Bilder und Formen gezeichnet"fill", sx, sy, 50) -- Großen Kreis (Spieler) zeichnen"fill", cx, cy, 25) -- Kleinen Kreis (Computer) zeichnen
function love.update() -- hier werden Veränderungen berechnet
  if love.mouse.isDown("l") then -- falls Mausknopf/Touchscreen gedrückt/berührt
    if love.mouse.getY() > sy then -- wenn Maus/Finger höher als Spieler ist...
      sy = sy + 10 -- Spielerbewegung nach unten
    else -- ... in allen anderen Fällen
      sy = sy - 10 -- Spielerbewegung nach oben
  cx = cx + 5 -- Bewegung des Computers nach rechts
  if cx > 800 then -- Beim Berühren des Rechten Randes
    cx = 0 -- wird der Computer nach links versetzt
    cy = math.random(1,600) -- wird die Höhe des Computers zufällig berechnet
  -- Wenn Spieler und Computer einander nahe sind
  if math.abs(sx - cx) < 50 and math.abs(sy - cy) < 50 then
    cx = 0
    cy = math.random(1,600)

I figure some of you could use this to learn some German! :D

Needs LÖVE to run

minimal.love759 bytes

On Saturday I made this game in <7 hours at Berlin Mini Jam and on Sunday I fixed scaling on Android and made it a bit easier. On Desktop you'll need LÖVE to play. Music used from my music streak entry.

PSA: don't let your cat explode!


"A foreign planet. The people have lived in peace since centuries, safe and secure in the living towers on the upper side of the world. But an uprising shook the society, many had to flee. Some of these remembered the old tunnels and caves at the surface level.

You are not one of those. You are a peaceful mutant that does not want to get killed by these anxious people."

This is really, really short. But it works, has beginning and end. I am rather happy about it considering the short development time. (Sunday + concept image on Saturday) So, maybe I'm getting better at time management?

Would of course have liked to add much more dialogue, but had to hunt down some bugs whick cost me some hours.



Mac OSX:

My week six post was posted in Week 7, so this update will include extra gifs of the experiments I worked on over the last two weeks. I won't post the builds as most of the experiments are garbage, but if you really feel like playing one, just shoot me a message and I'll send you a build.

This week's game is Night Krawlers. I spent 2 days on it after massive procrastination ensued this week. Controls are WASD and the goal is to collect as many chests as you can. Short and simple. An awesome buddy of mine created the music for the game. You can find his music here:


Night Krawlers.exe7mb

This was the most relaxing project so far. It's not a game, I just created this evening a little toy for having fun.

Play it here

You need sound to be turned on.

EDIT: V1.1. Ok, after thinking a bit about the math, here's the more accurat version. The visual disc handling and the sound modification are now more realistic.

Something about a heart. It's an arcade tower defense survivor made in LÖVE, which you'll need to play.

Making this, I learned a little bit about quads and rotation and got reminded how non-straightforward managing lists of removable entities is.


There are a lot of thirsty travelers in space. Luckily, your "Booze Galaxy" is well known as a fine drinking establishement. Manage your own space tavern by sending the waiters/waitresses to the tables to serve drinks and clean the tables afterwards so there is place for new guests.

This is broken right now. Will upload a new version later/tomorrow.


This is hard for me, but I have to remind me of my own rule: No overtime. So, this stays at it is now, without working timer and more feedback of what is going on, without animations and sound. Another reminder of how I misjudge my time resources. Next entry will be a very small thing that is finished.

I have sinned.

I wrote the ugliest code in my professional careeer.

I have been punished.

I have seen my weaker self laughing at me terrible, because of being succumbed to take evil short cuts.

I had nightmares to finish this game, because of my sins.

I'll never do this again.



Jesus! What a rodeo ride the creation of this game was. Due the inner whisper "Ah just one more line and it`s finished,, you don't need any annoing OOP stuff or event system or component based entity model....just look! One more little if and else and you can catch this problem." I wrote the worst spagethi stuff.

As a result in this condition the game is right now, I´m not able to correct a fault I made and to adjust the be smarter than a brainwashed hamster.

My goal for the future is: Not to finish at any cost within the week limitation, instead having a clean, clever reusable code to be proud of.

The result can be played here.

So I finished this game yesterday since I knew I wasn't going to be able to work on it on mothers day. This week was a bit rushed and there was more that I would have liked to add, but so goes life. Completely forgot to post it here yesterday and haven't gotten around to posting it on my website yet. So I guess this counts as week #6??? Hope you guys enjoy and will gladly take any feedback you can offer.

Off to start this week's game...still have no ideas...doomed!!

Only You.exe17mb

I was at re:publica on Tuesday and had the joy of attending a workshop where we put a recordable greeting card sound module which was already rigged with conductive textiles instead of buttons inside a self-sawed puppet. I'm cheating and using this as my weekly submission even though it's just a toy. :)

More info about the puppet:

So I don't think that I'm going to get any additional time to work on Catabalt this week, so I'm posting it as it is now. This is a near direct port, of my old code although with some of the additions I was able to add features that I didn't get to the first time around.

There are a couple problems still:

1. There is no main menu or game over screen. It just brings you back to the beginning and shows you your score.

2. Luxe handles collisions funny (I am doing them in a strange way though, so that might be it). Basically it is the tunneling problem where if the game is loading something or the cat moves too far between frame updates Luxe doesn't detect the hit and you randomly fall through the floor.

If I haven't scared you off, the game is here. Space, X or Z jumps.

The Nazis just don't want do die. They return as the living dead, ready to strangle mankind in their icecold grip. But Gavin McKillmore, proud local boxer from Scotland, is ready to bash all of them into oblivion.

The idea was to create a single-touch action game where you build up combo points by dashing left and right and thereby increasing damage. Not much to do at the moment besides bashing and dashing.

I am not sure if I have time this week to work further on this, so I am uploading the latest version now:

Unity Web Player:

Android APK:

A half-baked attempt at making a sci-fi lap racing game.

At least the speed-changing sound works but its implementation is questionable and it seems to have blocked any other sound effects...

Unfortunately, there's no win/lose condition implemented

Requires blender (use blenderplayer) to play.

1 download

A criminal adventure in a fantasy inn. You are the investigator and inquisitor. A murder has happened, and the Oracle suggests that mysteries lie hidden in this age-old inn.

Again, horrible time management this week. I'm getting worse at this. :(

And the game is also smaller/more broken than planned.

Unfinished version (Unity Web Player):

(Game is missing dialogues and greater part of the investigation.)

I will not finish this. Will impose a new rule on myself: No overtime. Either it get's ready sunday evening, or not. This should hopefully force me to get better with my time management. Probably also not a good idea to make a story game in a week when not fully committed to this.

EDIT 1: I have to admit, I totally underestimated the difficulty of making a memory. A cool learning experience for myself!
I fixed the bug, now I can find the right cards and dismiss them when found.

Still there is a ToDo List:

- AI which is plaing against the player
- The juice around the logic, like for example the showing and hiding of the cards....
- More juice: Music and soundeffects.

I will continue this project this week to get hopefully a nicely playable version of it.


This sunday I created a Memory. But I have recognized somewhat late that I've produced a mistake in my card sorting logic. So I have to fix this tomorrow, because I'm getting tired now.

To mix it up, here the look to the inside of the game:

So I finished a good portion of Catabalt. I didn't get as much done as I would like because I was traveling this weekend and ran out of time.

List of things that didn't get done:

  • There is some difference between how Haxe parses data between when it compiles to Actionscript vs C++ with how it parses strings. So some of the animation frames for the cat are messed up. So that's bad.
  • The boxes when you hit them lower your speed for only one frame, which at 60 FPS isn't even noticeable.
  • The controls feel wrong.

In the spirit of publishing every week though, this is what I've got. I learned a lot about what works and what doesn't (for instance, in this game the player is actually stationary and the world moves past it. Every asset is recycled over and over again, etc.) So oh well.

Play at your own risk!

Away from my computer right now. Made an extremely basic space shooter using public domain assets. Wasn't feeling particularly inspired. Will build and upload later.

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