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This was the most relaxing project so far. It's not a game, I just created this evening a little toy for having fun.

Play it here

You need sound to be turned on.

EDIT: V1.1. Ok, after thinking a bit about the math, here's the more accurat version. The visual disc handling and the sound modification are now more realistic.

I have sinned.

I wrote the ugliest code in my professional careeer.

I have been punished.

I have seen my weaker self laughing at me terrible, because of being succumbed to take evil short cuts.

I had nightmares to finish this game, because of my sins.

I'll never do this again.



Jesus! What a rodeo ride the creation of this game was. Due the inner whisper "Ah just one more line and it`s finished,, you don't need any annoing OOP stuff or event system or component based entity model....just look! One more little if and else and you can catch this problem." I wrote the worst spagethi stuff.

As a result in this condition the game is right now, I´m not able to correct a fault I made and to adjust the be smarter than a brainwashed hamster.

My goal for the future is: Not to finish at any cost within the week limitation, instead having a clean, clever reusable code to be proud of.

The result can be played here.

EDIT 1: I have to admit, I totally underestimated the difficulty of making a memory. A cool learning experience for myself!
I fixed the bug, now I can find the right cards and dismiss them when found.

Still there is a ToDo List:

- AI which is plaing against the player
- The juice around the logic, like for example the showing and hiding of the cards....
- More juice: Music and soundeffects.

I will continue this project this week to get hopefully a nicely playable version of it.


This sunday I created a Memory. But I have recognized somewhat late that I've produced a mistake in my card sorting logic. So I have to fix this tomorrow, because I'm getting tired now.

To mix it up, here the look to the inside of the game:

Due this seems to be our week for slowing down the pace, I only write something about my efforts, without having a playable game to show.

My goal was to create a reversi clone, but I haven´t the time to fullfill this plan.It looks like this, but the mechanics are not implemented yet.

This week my inspiration was quite low, so I decided to make what all lousy inspired people do - a clone of something old, but brilliant.

The result is BreakIt, a very simple version of Breakout.

For me, it was a training day for getting to know the new unity standard shader and some procedual shaders I´ve found.Right now, there is only one level and very limited gameplay.

Play it here

Finally done! ;-) Holidays and gamestreaks don' t really fit.

My idea was to bring a simple, but amusing concept to life:

Guess the correct amount of marbles to win.

Play it here

This time, as suggested, I used specific ranged randoms to adjust the difficulty. The result is really a much more intruiging gameplay.

Thanks to your feedback, I added some sound for the audio feedback and added two more stages to the gameplay.

My first attempt to produce a litte game in under 10 hours.

The goal of the game is to reproduce the shown color with the help of three colorpots.

- Add one color by pressing the brightcolor buttons on the right side.
- Remove one color by pressing the darkcolor buttons on the right side.

The Game is stored here to play it online.

Have fun!

Edit: V.1.1
- Fixed the button problem
- Changed the input, so you can hold the LMB
- Changed the colorpot colors somewhat cosmetically.
- Added 5 more levels.

Thanks to all commentators for giving great feedback to improve it!

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