Submissions from 2015-05-17 to 2015-05-24 (4 total)

On Saturday I made this game in <7 hours at Berlin Mini Jam and on Sunday I fixed scaling on Android and made it a bit easier. On Desktop you'll need LÖVE to play. Music used from my music streak entry.

PSA: don't let your cat explode!


"A foreign planet. The people have lived in peace since centuries, safe and secure in the living towers on the upper side of the world. But an uprising shook the society, many had to flee. Some of these remembered the old tunnels and caves at the surface level.

You are not one of those. You are a peaceful mutant that does not want to get killed by these anxious people."

This is really, really short. But it works, has beginning and end. I am rather happy about it considering the short development time. (Sunday + concept image on Saturday) So, maybe I'm getting better at time management?

Would of course have liked to add much more dialogue, but had to hunt down some bugs whick cost me some hours.



Mac OSX:

My week six post was posted in Week 7, so this update will include extra gifs of the experiments I worked on over the last two weeks. I won't post the builds as most of the experiments are garbage, but if you really feel like playing one, just shoot me a message and I'll send you a build.

This week's game is Night Krawlers. I spent 2 days on it after massive procrastination ensued this week. Controls are WASD and the goal is to collect as many chests as you can. Short and simple. An awesome buddy of mine created the music for the game. You can find his music here:


Night Krawlers.exe7mb

This was the most relaxing project so far. It's not a game, I just created this evening a little toy for having fun.

Play it here

You need sound to be turned on.

EDIT: V1.1. Ok, after thinking a bit about the math, here's the more accurat version. The visual disc handling and the sound modification are now more realistic.