On Saturday I made this game in <7 hours at Berlin Mini Jam and on Sunday I fixed scaling on Android and made it a bit easier. On Desktop you'll need LÖVE to play. Music used from my music streak entry.

PSA: don't let your cat explode!

Bobbo · 7 years ago

This was hilarious. I loved how the cat grew as it ate.

The music and SFX worked well for this absurd game.

I'll have to try this on Android. I have a Galaxy S4 without a plan that I kept around just for these sort of things.

Anja · 7 years ago

Again very fun idea! Nicley executed, colors, sound and art are well balanced. Like Stephan said so nice, improvement would be possible for me in the reduction of not getting covered with cat food so fast from everywhere.

Stephan · 7 years ago

Lol. Why is my cat eating so much?! Bad cat, bad cat.

Gameplay is simple but works good, graphics and sound are charming, Plus fast restart. A very solid game.

Worked good on PC and on my Moto G.

Room for improvement could be adding a bit of variation like objects you may not touch. But maybe this is at is is exactly right for a short play inbetween.

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