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Simple LMMS revival.

Game music loop made at Berlin Mini Jam.

I just watched two FL tutorials (one by rm2kdev and one by Schematist) so it's probably inspired by them.

Made just with Etheralwinds Harp and Synth1 VSTs.

Inspired by UT99.

Trying out yet another DAW.

Some LMMS instruments and my sampled voice.

Sampled my own voice with factor 1.3 speedup in Audacity, added into LMMS and had fun inspired by Temmie Village Undertale Track made in Mixcraft.

Preview made with sox/gnuplot.


I don't know. Ballpoint, then MyPaint with Wacom Bamboo.

The goal of this minigame was making the easiest possible game demo that has movement and collision detection for teaching purposes. Here's the source with German language commentary:

function love.load() -- hier werden zu Beginn einmalig Befehle ausgeführt
  sx,sy = 700,300 -- stehen für Spieler X- und Y-Koordinate
  cx,cy = 50,300 -- stehen für Computer X- und Y-Koordinaten
function love.draw() -- hier werden Bilder und Formen gezeichnet"fill", sx, sy, 50) -- Großen Kreis (Spieler) zeichnen"fill", cx, cy, 25) -- Kleinen Kreis (Computer) zeichnen
function love.update() -- hier werden Veränderungen berechnet
  if love.mouse.isDown("l") then -- falls Mausknopf/Touchscreen gedrückt/berührt
    if love.mouse.getY() > sy then -- wenn Maus/Finger höher als Spieler ist...
      sy = sy + 10 -- Spielerbewegung nach unten
    else -- ... in allen anderen Fällen
      sy = sy - 10 -- Spielerbewegung nach oben
  cx = cx + 5 -- Bewegung des Computers nach rechts
  if cx > 800 then -- Beim Berühren des Rechten Randes
    cx = 0 -- wird der Computer nach links versetzt
    cy = math.random(1,600) -- wird die Höhe des Computers zufällig berechnet
  -- Wenn Spieler und Computer einander nahe sind
  if math.abs(sx - cx) < 50 and math.abs(sy - cy) < 50 then
    cx = 0
    cy = math.random(1,600)

I figure some of you could use this to learn some German! :D

Needs LÖVE to run

minimal.love759 bytes

For Trigger Rally, I started analyzing the user interface of comparable video games to learn and teach. LP videos are great but they don't focus on UI of course.



I wrote a fix for weird scaling of the menu background in the open source Trigger Rally.

I attached one example of a uber-widescreen resolution and an illustration of how the background textures is being used, depending on the aspect ratio.

I wanted to make a music loop by mixing multiple instruments I recorded and do I have a bad sense of tact! I learned that to compensate, I must use short clips for looping, as longer ones have too high variation in BPM to be acceptable hearing material.

Recorded with Zoom H2n, Mixed in Audacity. Preview made with sox/gnuplot.

I will probably use this in my next one-game-a-week.


For Trigger Rally, I created some fake brands to put on car textures as pretend-sponsors.

On Saturday I made this game in <7 hours at Berlin Mini Jam and on Sunday I fixed scaling on Android and made it a bit easier. On Desktop you'll need LÖVE to play. Music used from my music streak entry.

PSA: don't let your cat explode!


Warning: I only added sounds, I did not make the rest of the game.!

I played around with a beautiful FPS mechanics Blender game prototype and added sounds. Didn't manage to add normal walking speed sounds though and it's a bit buggy (you can make the walk sounds loop while jumping/falling it seems).

After my sound additions:

Before my sound additions:


This is a debug font texture made in Inkscape for the lowpoly open source rally racing game Trigger Rally for feature request 32.

Droid font, the old open source android font (new one is "Robot" and has no monospace version yet).

Sometimes I try to make melodies with the uke to be used in games. This time I made a really short and simple loop. Sounds like waiting.

Simple Uke Melody Loop.ogg199kb

Something about a heart. It's an arcade tower defense survivor made in LÖVE, which you'll need to play.

Making this, I learned a little bit about quads and rotation and got reminded how non-straightforward managing lists of removable entities is.


I was at re:publica on Tuesday and had the joy of attending a workshop where we put a recordable greeting card sound module which was already rigged with conductive textiles instead of buttons inside a self-sawed puppet. I'm cheating and using this as my weekly submission even though it's just a toy. :)

More info about the puppet:

A half-baked attempt at making a sci-fi lap racing game.

At least the speed-changing sound works but its implementation is questionable and it seems to have blocked any other sound effects...

Unfortunately, there's no win/lose condition implemented

Requires blender (use blenderplayer) to play.


Inspired by a VR experience at A MAZE. / Berlin, I started a scene to walk through in first person with Oculus Rift in mind (but not in use... yet?). Made at Berlin Mini Jam.

The genre is fantasy, biographical, biblical (old testament) or cartoon.


Just following a blender tutorial and picking information from other sources. Includes a 'puzzle' to get to the 'goal'. Also boxes. :)


To play you have to get Blender and run the room1.blend file.

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D'aaw. Seconds too late...

I made a tiny game you can play using LÖVE.

I guess I have a week to tweak it since I insisted submitting in the last, last second ^^


The music speeds up with every level. This is directly inspired by Anja's Mixit.


Completed streaks