Started 9 years ago (2015-02-01T12:00:00Z). Goes forever.

The rules are simple: Work on some art every day for as long as you can. Submit something visual that represents your effort by uploading an image or file. All art styles are allowed, there are no limitations on the medium 1. This streak is not a competition, it's for you to grow as an artist by giving you an excuse to practice every day.

If you're working on a multi-day piece feel free to submit progress images each day. If you do a bunch of things in one day then submit them all! You can upload multiple images per submission on Streak Club. Good luck!

If you're away from the computer and can't submit, don't worry, late submitting is enabled for this streak! Just head to the particular day by clicking it on the sidebar, and click the late submit link.

Sharing your stuff on Twitter? Use the #dailyartstreak hashtag!

P.S. There's also a Weekly Art streak!

1 Note: This streak is for Human Art. If you want to post the output of your AI prompts use another streak

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I've been watching one piece and really enjoying it

A submission for Daily Art Club

60 years Flamberg BiDo. Something to do with the boy scouts in my hometown. Not gonna elaborate on that. Except that the pencil is pretty cheap. Still, love the people.

Found a dude pullin a cool pose on TikTok and decided to draw it

all of these were drawn in 2-3 mins, aside from the bottom right which i had to redraw extensively to try and get the thumb to look correct lol. oh and the shading came afterwards too

i think i can say I can draw hands now??? so that's pretty sick.

Holy Shit I'm actually getting better at art. I would of never been able to make this a month ago. I don't really like the second horn but I'm proud of everything else.

didnt try the more traditional method here & just tried to draw the hand instead, as finding the hand shape was tough when it is so rotated

Just messing around with colors

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