Submissions from 2015-04-12 to 2015-04-19 (4 total)

Just following a blender tutorial and picking information from other sources. Includes a 'puzzle' to get to the 'goal'. Also boxes. :)


To play you have to get Blender and run the room1.blend file.

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"Hold space to fart" is a little game for the Ludum Dare Game Jam. It's about farting at a vernissage to chase the visitors off the food tables.

Painted minor things today like the portrait at the wall.

Update: Uploaded the game to Ludum Dare

This week my inspiration was quite low, so I decided to make what all lousy inspired people do - a clone of something old, but brilliant.

The result is BreakIt, a very simple version of Breakout.

For me, it was a training day for getting to know the new unity standard shader and some procedual shaders I´ve found.Right now, there is only one level and very limited gameplay.

Play it here

I finally decided on my game for Ludum Dare 32 (theme: An Unconventional Weapon). It is called The Great Debate!

It will be a puzzle game disguised as a debate simulator. The debate will take place over a number of rounds and each round of the debate, the two players will be given a list of four random words and have to choose between them. Each debate will also have a secret rule that determines how the words are scored (number of letters, highest ASCII value in the word, number of duplicate letters, etc). Your job as the player is to look at the results of the scores and try to determine the rule being applied, which will in turn let you maximize your score. The winner has the highest score at the end of the debate.

Play it here.