Submissions from 2015-04-05 to 2015-04-12 (5 total)

Only the splash screen and the first page is up for now. Still learning Unity and I'll get the rest of the "pages" up tomorrow.

EDIT: ...And I have to fix the dimensions of the web player. Web player dimensions fixed and remaining pages added. Interestingly, the game is actually in 3D because I initially planned to add moving characters and sound. It's such a small game, there was no real reason to switch it back to 2D. And I do hope to add graphics one day. Perhaps as practice for learning 3D modeling.

EDIT: Converted the game to a WebGL build, now it doesn't crash my computer. Unfortunately, it seems like the controls (pressing the SPACE bar) don't work unless you're in fullscreen.

Here's this week's game MetaRPG. I have all the basic mechanics in place except buying equipment. Basically it is an extremely linear RPG where you just walk to the right along a set path until you win. Battles are fought automatically in the background so you don't have to do anything.

As a matter of fact, it is easier to just hold the right arrow until you win. Dying sends you back to town with full HP. You lose half your gold, but right now the only point of money is to stay at the inn and refill your HP. So just hold right.

I didn't have time for actual content creation this week because I worked 50+ hours and spent this weekend cleaning the basement. If I decide to finish this it will have multiple towns, NPCs, dungeons and many more jokes and tropes about the RPG genre. But for now it doesn't.

Play it here!

Finally done! ;-) Holidays and gamestreaks don' t really fit.

My idea was to bring a simple, but amusing concept to life:

Guess the correct amount of marbles to win.

Play it here

This time, as suggested, I used specific ranged randoms to adjust the difficulty. The result is really a much more intruiging gameplay.

Thanks to your feedback, I added some sound for the audio feedback and added two more stages to the gameplay.

'Kronan, the Librarian' is a short adventure game for the Adventure Jam. (Link to the Jam:

I am bending the description of one game a week a bit here because it is not ready at the moment. To be exact, there is no gameplay for now, just two scenes to walk in. But that is according to my own plan, as next weekend is Ludum Dare, where a game will be produced, and I thought, why not use the first days of next week for this adventure, too.

So I will update the game in the next few days with content.

Art-wise, I cleaned up the main character and painted the bag for the interface, otherwise, most time was spent on other stuff.


Uploaded the final game to GameJolt

D'aaw. Seconds too late...

I made a tiny game you can play using LÖVE.

I guess I have a week to tweak it since I insisted submitting in the last, last second ^^


The music speeds up with every level. This is directly inspired by Anja's Mixit.