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Here's the first one. Testing basic color schemes. Still needs metals and details, but I might not do the details. I've got a lot to paint.

EDIT - I realized that a couple days ago I forgot to attach the file. Here it is.

we started a new DnD campaign and I'm going to be painting miniatures for it. I started the prep of a bunch of kobolds.

Just a little update to Death Run. I'm playing and rating Ludum Dare games the next couple weeks, so that is taking up much of my free time.

No net access. I did some art though so I figure it counts.

Did a little more stuff on Release the Monster. Here's some of the intro.

I did a ton of art the past couple days for my Ludum Dare entry, called Release the Monster. You play as a monster that was summoned by the nefarious Dr Destructo to investigate his minions and find the incompetent ones and destroy them! It was made in Adventure Game Studio and plays like the old Lucas Arts games (complete with 320x200 graphics!)

If you are interested in playing you can check it out here.

This is what happens to minions that you discover are responsible for the failure of the master's plan.

I started my Ludum Dare 33 competition entry with the theme of "You Are the Monster".

The evil Dr Destructo's nefarious plan has just been defeated by the forces of good and he is in a foul temper. He is sure that his plan was sound and the reason he lost was due to incompetence by his minions. He has summoned his loyal monster to use its powers of mind reading to discover who is responsible for the defeat and deal out horrible retribution!

Seriously though, if you wanted to help me out, I need some ideas for funny reasons that this unspecified plans could fail. Things like "Minion was drunk", "The meal before the attack, the minion cook used spoiled food to make dinner, so everyone was sick" and "minion forgot to put bullets in his gun" are what I'm looking for.

This is a game my brother and I have been working on forever. I redid a bunch of the graphics (instead of making actual progress...)

Run cycle

EDIT - Apparently the stupid internet connection in this hotel still isn't going to let me upload anything... You'll have to imagine it...

EDIT 2 - Apparently fourth time is a charm!

A submission for Daily Art Club

At a hotel with a painfully slow internet connection. I'm not sure I can upload...

Started drawing noses today.

I was traveling for over 15 hours yesterday by car, so I wasn't able to submit. I did art though.

Start of outdoor tileset. Inconcievable!

just did a quick palette swap of an existing typeset today. No net access on the laptop so I'll post later...

I'm sure everyone is as tired of seeing them as I am of making them...

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