Submissions from 2015-04-26 to 2015-05-03 (4 total)

A half-baked attempt at making a sci-fi lap racing game.

At least the speed-changing sound works but its implementation is questionable and it seems to have blocked any other sound effects...

Unfortunately, there's no win/lose condition implemented

Requires blender (use blenderplayer) to play.

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A criminal adventure in a fantasy inn. You are the investigator and inquisitor. A murder has happened, and the Oracle suggests that mysteries lie hidden in this age-old inn.

Again, horrible time management this week. I'm getting worse at this. :(

And the game is also smaller/more broken than planned.

Unfinished version (Unity Web Player):

(Game is missing dialogues and greater part of the investigation.)

I will not finish this. Will impose a new rule on myself: No overtime. Either it get's ready sunday evening, or not. This should hopefully force me to get better with my time management. Probably also not a good idea to make a story game in a week when not fully committed to this.

EDIT 1: I have to admit, I totally underestimated the difficulty of making a memory. A cool learning experience for myself!
I fixed the bug, now I can find the right cards and dismiss them when found.

Still there is a ToDo List:

- AI which is plaing against the player
- The juice around the logic, like for example the showing and hiding of the cards....
- More juice: Music and soundeffects.

I will continue this project this week to get hopefully a nicely playable version of it.


This sunday I created a Memory. But I have recognized somewhat late that I've produced a mistake in my card sorting logic. So I have to fix this tomorrow, because I'm getting tired now.

To mix it up, here the look to the inside of the game:

So I finished a good portion of Catabalt. I didn't get as much done as I would like because I was traveling this weekend and ran out of time.

List of things that didn't get done:

  • There is some difference between how Haxe parses data between when it compiles to Actionscript vs C++ with how it parses strings. So some of the animation frames for the cat are messed up. So that's bad.
  • The boxes when you hit them lower your speed for only one frame, which at 60 FPS isn't even noticeable.
  • The controls feel wrong.

In the spirit of publishing every week though, this is what I've got. I learned a lot about what works and what doesn't (for instance, in this game the player is actually stationary and the world moves past it. Every asset is recycled over and over again, etc.) So oh well.

Play at your own risk!