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A very simple math game which I made this afternoon/evening. And it's my first try at "flat" graphics.

I am not really happy with it, as the gameplay is kinda boring and the style and interface could use more animations. But it's playable, so that's that.

Improvements would be adapting the difficulty to the player, balancing the numbers and perhaps mix it with other types of quizzes. And the owl could use more personality.

I made two games / prototypes this week. One isn't all that great, the other feels like it might have some potential. I'll let you decide. Both games were made in 1-2 days.

If you're only going to play one, I'd suggest Every Bullet Counts.

WARNING about "Every Bullet Counts": It can be brutally difficult, but it is very beatable with enough patience. It may be the hardest game I've built, but I tried to keep it fair.


"Ouroboros" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Every Bullet Counts.exe8mb
Cliff Jumper.exe2mb

The goal of this minigame was making the easiest possible game demo that has movement and collision detection for teaching purposes. Here's the source with German language commentary:

function love.load() -- hier werden zu Beginn einmalig Befehle ausgeführt
  sx,sy = 700,300 -- stehen für Spieler X- und Y-Koordinate
  cx,cy = 50,300 -- stehen für Computer X- und Y-Koordinaten
function love.draw() -- hier werden Bilder und Formen gezeichnet"fill", sx, sy, 50) -- Großen Kreis (Spieler) zeichnen"fill", cx, cy, 25) -- Kleinen Kreis (Computer) zeichnen
function love.update() -- hier werden Veränderungen berechnet
  if love.mouse.isDown("l") then -- falls Mausknopf/Touchscreen gedrückt/berührt
    if love.mouse.getY() > sy then -- wenn Maus/Finger höher als Spieler ist...
      sy = sy + 10 -- Spielerbewegung nach unten
    else -- ... in allen anderen Fällen
      sy = sy - 10 -- Spielerbewegung nach oben
  cx = cx + 5 -- Bewegung des Computers nach rechts
  if cx > 800 then -- Beim Berühren des Rechten Randes
    cx = 0 -- wird der Computer nach links versetzt
    cy = math.random(1,600) -- wird die Höhe des Computers zufällig berechnet
  -- Wenn Spieler und Computer einander nahe sind
  if math.abs(sx - cx) < 50 and math.abs(sy - cy) < 50 then
    cx = 0
    cy = math.random(1,600)

I figure some of you could use this to learn some German! :D

Needs LÖVE to run

minimal.love759 bytes