Submissions from 2015-05-10 to 2015-05-17 (4 total)

Something about a heart. It's an arcade tower defense survivor made in LÖVE, which you'll need to play.

Making this, I learned a little bit about quads and rotation and got reminded how non-straightforward managing lists of removable entities is.


There are a lot of thirsty travelers in space. Luckily, your "Booze Galaxy" is well known as a fine drinking establishement. Manage your own space tavern by sending the waiters/waitresses to the tables to serve drinks and clean the tables afterwards so there is place for new guests.

This is broken right now. Will upload a new version later/tomorrow.


This is hard for me, but I have to remind me of my own rule: No overtime. So, this stays at it is now, without working timer and more feedback of what is going on, without animations and sound. Another reminder of how I misjudge my time resources. Next entry will be a very small thing that is finished.

I have sinned.

I wrote the ugliest code in my professional careeer.

I have been punished.

I have seen my weaker self laughing at me terrible, because of being succumbed to take evil short cuts.

I had nightmares to finish this game, because of my sins.

I'll never do this again.



Jesus! What a rodeo ride the creation of this game was. Due the inner whisper "Ah just one more line and it`s finished,, you don't need any annoing OOP stuff or event system or component based entity model....just look! One more little if and else and you can catch this problem." I wrote the worst spagethi stuff.

As a result in this condition the game is right now, I´m not able to correct a fault I made and to adjust the be smarter than a brainwashed hamster.

My goal for the future is: Not to finish at any cost within the week limitation, instead having a clean, clever reusable code to be proud of.

The result can be played here.

So I finished this game yesterday since I knew I wasn't going to be able to work on it on mothers day. This week was a bit rushed and there was more that I would have liked to add, but so goes life. Completely forgot to post it here yesterday and haven't gotten around to posting it on my website yet. So I guess this counts as week #6??? Hope you guys enjoy and will gladly take any feedback you can offer.

Off to start this week's game...still have no ideas...doomed!!

Only You.exe17mb