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Who would have guessed I'd have TWO pop-tart posts?
At any rate, another Valentine's Day box because I'm an adult.
Pop-Tarts for scale.

Ate too much cookie dough, got sick, went to bed early. Happy New Years?

Radio played the Bananas in Pajamas theme today, so here ya go!
Also, I got cute little highlighters so those are in the background randomly...

Was thinking this was a birthday cupcake, but close enough - it grants wishes and what not...

Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, a dinosaur of GIGANTIC proportions laid a massive egg. That egg split open, and started to bake in the sun.

Happy Thanksgiving from one tiny corner of the world!

Shout out to my girlfriend for being so sweet!
Err, or is Choco sweet? So uhh, pancakey?
I'm having trouble coming up with a trait for a pancake that is appropriate...

More circles! Except I didn't finish them because its late... Open to further circular ideas!

You guys sick of my pixel art scene yet? Cause there's still 19 days of this...

Saw the original file from back in January and decided to add a few more circles!

Do you want a banana?
Peel it down, and go mm mm mm mm.

Weird little pig with magical healing properties...

Had me some bottomless fries from Red Robin - so another entry into the food club!

Give the people what they want - and the people want TACOS

Author's Note: Whilst doodling, I mentally sang Bonnie Raitt's "Something To Talk About" except it was "Let's give them something to taco 'bout.." on loop

Restaurant Week continues! (or maybe it ends?)

The trend continues! (Also, I had pizza tonight so....)

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