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Finished Valentine's Day Box, err Tube.
One roll of duct tape and several cardboard boxes later!

Been watching Ancient Magus Bride with my girlfriend. Coincidentally, I ate lunch at a restaurant called Elia's today...

Another weekly theme - since I recently did the SteamWorld Dig drawing, it was fresh on my mind! Still may tweak some things...

Testing out the new markers I got for Christmas!

Just started playing the latest SteamWorld game, and had to throw some homage to the original character!

Trying out some new Sharpie S-Note pens - and so I decided to go back to the doodle of the Warawara and add some color to the little buddies

Made with construction paper and Crayola markers for complete authenticity!

Wanted to just play around a bit with color and line, and ended up with this.
Logo already exists, I just messed around with it.

Played a cute little board game with my girlfriend
(and she whooped me)

Was playing around with some concepts for a small project I'm working on, and ended up with this little guy! Everything is awesome!

Had me some bottomless fries from Red Robin - so another entry into the food club!

Restaurant Week continues! (or maybe it ends?)

Some very late night sketchin' for your viewing pleasure.

Author's Note: I'm running low on my little NVIDIA post-its! 😭

Used to play this Sega Genesis game featuring this little dude. 7 Up needs to bring him back!

Quick sleepy sketch because I should definitely be sleeping.