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Sending out a letter to someone who happens to be Pokemon GO friends with me!

A friend started drawings daily snails for "Februail" - so here's my homage to his project. Also, 'meow'

When I was young, I was constantly drawing things out of various "Draw 50 ____" books via Lee J. Ames. HUGE inspiration and reason I ended up drawing so much

Apparently the 18th is Pooh Day so here's a Pooh!

Of all the Dragon Ball Z characters I've drawn over the years, I think this is a first for me...

Just started playing the latest SteamWorld game, and had to throw some homage to the original character!

Radio played the Bananas in Pajamas theme today, so here ya go!
Also, I got cute little highlighters so those are in the background randomly...

Was thinking this was a birthday cupcake, but close enough - it grants wishes and what not...

No clue what this "tattoo" type of art is - just decided to mimic it :P

I skipped MetalGreymon - but he's pretty much the same as Greymon?...
Also, this was sloppy, forgive me!

Awarded to Stellar313 for her relentless and dedicated pursuit to keeping our glorious Instinct Pokemon gym free from the oppression of the Mystic tyrant.

Got some new BIC pastel highlighters and had to test them out. My friend said they were specifically an Easter thing so I went the spooky route in spite :D

It’s that Tomino-esque thing; saying it’s Gundam, but, basically, it’s giant robot anime, right?

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