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Small Valentine's Day gift I made for my girlfriend!

Wanted to draw 400 of something, then realized how much of a pain that was.
So it ended up being a lot of tiny emoji-ish dudes and dudettes.

Original art via FunkyPepe on Newgrounds.
He sorta looks like Nathan from Drawfee?

Sending out a letter to someone who happens to be Pokemon GO friends with me!

Done with a slightly modified version of the "leon soul" preset palette.

A friend started drawings daily snails for "Februail" - so here's my homage to his project. Also, 'meow'

Been watching Ancient Magus Bride with my girlfriend. Coincidentally, I ate lunch at a restaurant called Elia's today...

When I was young, I was constantly drawing things out of various "Draw 50 ____" books via Lee J. Ames. HUGE inspiration and reason I ended up drawing so much

I don't do well with the abstract... I feel like I need an end goal or purpose?

Apparently the 18th is Pooh Day so here's a Pooh!

You've all been stuck with me for one year...
I decided to look at my tags and do nerdy data stuff.

Sponge me! Sponge me up! I need to be absorbed by something...

Testing out the new markers I got for Christmas!

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