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Asked some people in a twitch stream for suggestions, and I got the Cube, and a Chubby Red Dragon. Sadly, one overcame the other :(

Started penning out a little chibi Squall for another pathtag design.
Base art's from World of Final Fantasy.

Need to catch up on the newer books in Saga...

The kid takes a moment to sketch a portrait of a time before The Calamity...

It's soft green glow puts a smile on your face.

He looks so grumpy, sorta like the pixel dudes from Aqua Team Hunger Force?...


*this sketch is definitely not related to any reasons why I didn't submit something until 3am...

This one goes out to @jasontomlee and all of his wonderful concept pieces!

Decided to add a bit of the background elements. White background version is below.

"Die. Die. Die."

Was sending a piece of mail out to Appleton, WI and decided to doodle the Pokemon on the envelope!

More progress on the vector version of my beloved trashbot. Realized the bottom left piece was actually a second bot in the background so it's removed. Also realized I need to add the other side of the wheels?

"Show some respect!"

Decided to illustrate the robot from the other day. Need some sleep so it'll have to be finished up another time.

"You're too kind,"

Decided to color in the drawing from the other night - skipped the skin tones though

“To feel sadness is to live, but as long as you are alive, the future is a blank page.”

I mostly hate his character; but love when he snaps

Switching elements around and playing with the colors

With this little cobweb potion,
You'll fall into dark devotion.~

Wanted to give the new Sharpies a better test!

They release a skin tones pack, and I had to try them out

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