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Spent too much time on a geocaching puzzle tonight, so have a quick sketch of a trackable I recently found!

Loved Chalk Zone as a kid, I wonder if it aged well...

Everyone else seems to be drawing some form of figure drawing, so I felt peer-pressured. Did a few 60s and a few 120s

The Mantle Pokémon. Roggenrola's body contains an energy core which is hard as steel from being compressed underground.

Tomorrow's October which means this project is now officially a year old!

You know how many of these things I had in Fallout? A lot.

A little sketch I did while listening to a song by the same name. Please pay no attention to the fact that the two shaded pieces don't look like they match...

Another rushed drawing while out camping. My pen was also falling apart for some reason?

More Animaniacs characters!
Quick and dirty sketch tonight...

Been watching some random anime. It has weird babies...

Gee Brain, I never thought I'd fit so many tacos in such a small suitcase! NARF.

Had me some bottomless fries from Red Robin - so another entry into the food club!

A non-profit I support received news this morning that their HQ caught fire over night and is a total loss. My heart goes out to the staff and supporters, and I hope we can rebuild it from the ashes.

Was watching something that reminded me of James Bond, which reminded me of Casino Royale, and I decided to sketch a little poker chip. This could also be titled "Leon can't draw circles"

Go check out the first episode of Unicorn: Warriors Eternal -- the dude who made Samurai Jack made it.

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