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Go check out the first episode of Unicorn: Warriors Eternal -- the dude who made Samurai Jack made it.

Some very late night sketchin' for your viewing pleasure.

Author's Note: I'm running low on my little NVIDIA post-its! 😭

This one goes out to @jasontomlee and all of his wonderful concept pieces!

Sent out another letter, and this person is a huge lion fan!

Was supposed to use the paper for origami, but I suck at that so I just drew it instead

I mostly hate his character; but love when he snaps

I don't understand the context for this face yet, but I started watching Soul Eater and a friend immediately went into a laughing fit thinking about it...

Wanted to give the new Sharpies a better test!

Used to play this Sega Genesis game featuring this little dude. 7 Up needs to bring him back!

Not quite as obscure, but a great one none the less!

A continuation of "sketches of old cartoons you may or may not have forgotten about"

If ye could be bwave, would ye?
Merobiba would.

Assume the crash position, hold on tight, and take a deep breath!
For a new kind of cartoon show!

Was tripping through nostalgia and remembered this weird little cartoon from way back in 2000.

Thought I submitted this last night; apparently not. It's part of my gaming project!

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