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Birthday gift for my girlfriend! Don't often paint/watercolor

Got some new BIC pastel highlighters and had to test them out. My friend said they were specifically an Easter thing so I went the spooky route in spite :D

I'm lactose intolerant, this bottle is hella dangerous 😭

Our first anime character in the series!
(Pokemon doesn't count...)

Oh my lumps... Like, are you calling me plump right now?!

Tried my hand at making an ambigram of my name.
Was obsessed with them in high school when Angels & Demons came out.

Depicted the Dagger from the cult-classic movie Romeo+Juliet for the fun of it -- and then a little dagger roughly inspired from an anime I watched a while back.

I don't know who would build a card castle in the grass -- though that might actually work out?...

A little BB-8 action.
(I've never seen the new movies, shhh)

You guys sick of my pixel art scene yet? Cause there's still 19 days of this...

Expanded the canvas again!
Now that I think about it, I could have placed the sign further down and not needed to...

Another one of those days where I had a more "appropriate" idea picked out but went with what's funnier...

Did I intend to do the reptile? Yes.
Did I chuckle and go 'but what if?...' Also yes.

Couldn't think of any solid ideas for the surface, so I went down under!

Almost did a wrench... Did a ball instead...
Does it look out of place? A bit....

I've shaken things up a bit!
(which will no doubt continue to change)

You will all beg for mercy. In vain. The debris of your planet will litter the solar system.

Soo.... like I'm following Inktober prompts... but its isometric pixel art?...
Don't judge me.