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Beat Dave the Diver tonight; Started playing Dredge.
Caught grouper in both games.... So enjoy?...

Radio played the Bananas in Pajamas theme today, so here ya go!
Also, I got cute little highlighters so those are in the background randomly...

The Ultimate Showdown popped in my head and I decided to doodle Godzilla - only to discover Dec 22nd is the 18th anniversary of this silly little Flash video. So uhh, here's to you Fred Rogers!

Was intended to be shiny, but I couldn't find the right color in the MANY many pens and markers I have

Shout out to my girlfriend for being so sweet!
Err, or is Choco sweet? So uhh, pancakey?
I'm having trouble coming up with a trait for a pancake that is appropriate...

It's late and I still feel like crap, so here's some Snapchat art of me trying to draw Vegeta from memory

Couldn't do much else today so I watched the most recent season of The Mandalorian. This is the way.

Always enjoy a badass anime fight, and I loved the way the main character looked in a recent scene. Not sure how I'll render color yet...

Went to my first soccer game -- An annual match between The Crew and FC Cinci. They put up this giant Rock'em Sock'em Robot thing at the beginning of the match.

New colored paper! You'll hypothetically be seeing more of them...

From Disney's "Adventures of the Gummi Bears"

Nothing too fancy as its late, but I wanted to celebrate!

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