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Took an amazon box and turned it into a tube!
It's my in-progress Valentine's Day box.

Another weekly theme - since I recently did the SteamWorld Dig drawing, it was fresh on my mind! Still may tweak some things...

A friend mentioned she'd like to see her cat as pixel art, so here's the start of that!

I had many wonderful moments this year (and a few bad ones) but I decided to work on this construction barrel to depict the year! You had to be there...

More circles! Except I didn't finish them because its late... Open to further circular ideas!

Tomorrow's October which means this project is now officially a year old!

Always enjoy a badass anime fight, and I loved the way the main character looked in a recent scene. Not sure how I'll render color yet...

It's apparently been 150 days since I last worked on this, so y'know - let's work on it!
(you can see the darker lines I did today [on accident])

Haven't used the skin-tones in a while!
Also, I need to figure out how I'm going to do the eyes, and the clothing...

Small little project I'm working on for a co-worker!

From "The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again"
(the real title of an anime, that's actually kinda good?)

Working on a little house concept for a project a few pixel artist friends and I are doing!

More progress on the vector version of my beloved trashbot. Realized the bottom left piece was actually a second bot in the background so it's removed. Also realized I need to add the other side of the wheels?

"Show some respect!"

Decided to illustrate the robot from the other day. Need some sleep so it'll have to be finished up another time.

"You're too kind,"

Decided to run with this design/parody - obviously and terrifyingly WIP.

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