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Those walls are 15cm thick.
Even giant monsters are ever so easily trapped in here!

Done with a slightly modified version of the "leon soul" preset palette.

Sponge me! Sponge me up! I need to be absorbed by something...

Radio played the Bananas in Pajamas theme today, so here ya go!
Also, I got cute little highlighters so those are in the background randomly...

Part of the Zack Pack gift set - you can sport a messy bit of facial hair just like yours truly!

He's right there.
It's like the easiest one you'll ever solve...

One of the times where I wanted to color him in but worried it wouldn't come out right so I did it digitally instead!

Someday we'll get to see it animated...

Solid movie! Some great humor, decent fights, and a typical throw-away c-list Marvel villain.

Finally colored it - did what I could with some of the effects, overall happy with it

Haven't used the skin-tones in a while!
Also, I need to figure out how I'm going to do the eyes, and the clothing...