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"An abundance of caution." It reminded her of a murder of crows, a flock of seagulls, a pack of wolves. She imagined that "caution" was a creature of some kind.

  • from Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Weird that I've now illustrated two yellow trash robots from anime...

I attempted to illustrate a little bowl of soup with a spoon and some crackers, but couldn't quite make it to the finish line.. So enjoy this really bad bowl.

Illustration of a little inside joke commonly referenced at my job.

I've never understood how people get white gel pens to do such incredible things...

Coworker casually mentioned a water mascot, and I decided to make it happen.
Professional sports teams, hit me up!

Small little project I'm working on for a co-worker!

From "The Masterful Cat Is Depressed Again"
(the real title of an anime, that's actually kinda good?)

Was playing around with some concepts for a small project I'm working on, and ended up with this little guy! Everything is awesome!

Silly holographic sticker I made/ordered for work

The sketch really bothered me so I decided to make a digital version of it. Slightly modified, and then poorly rendered in 3D.

I'm not sorry for the title's pun.

Was trying to see if I could use Illustrator, and the gradient mesh tool... and it was a nightmare. Hated this but don't have anything else to offer

Ended up changing the background, and a few other elements before sending it to production today!

Decided to add a bit of the background elements. White background version is below.

"Die. Die. Die."

More progress on the vector version of my beloved trashbot. Realized the bottom left piece was actually a second bot in the background so it's removed. Also realized I need to add the other side of the wheels?

"Show some respect!"

Decided to illustrate the robot from the other day. Need some sleep so it'll have to be finished up another time.

"You're too kind,"

Did a little poll with my co-workers on Pi Day, and I'm illustrating the results.
Very much a work in progress!