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Another case of "I wanted to color this but feared ruining it so I did in digitally"

More circles! Except I didn't finish them because its late... Open to further circular ideas!

One of the times where I wanted to color him in but worried it wouldn't come out right so I did it digitally instead!

Made it for work; love me a good gift exchange

Decided to do a little isometric building to celebrate 300 days. And then halfway through, I realized I had no clue what I was doing, and it was getting late. So uhh... enjoy?

Weird that I've now illustrated two yellow trash robots from anime...

Love these little guys... Just hopping along without a care...

Did I intend to do the reptile? Yes.
Did I chuckle and go 'but what if?...' Also yes.

Couldn't think of any solid ideas for the surface, so I went down under!

Almost did a wrench... Did a ball instead...
Does it look out of place? A bit....

I've shaken things up a bit!
(which will no doubt continue to change)

You will all beg for mercy. In vain. The debris of your planet will litter the solar system.

Soo.... like I'm following Inktober prompts... but its isometric pixel art?...
Don't judge me.

I attempted to illustrate a little bowl of soup with a spoon and some crackers, but couldn't quite make it to the finish line.. So enjoy this really bad bowl.

Some more pixel pushing tonight - spent way too long trying to make the Earth look like the real deal before giving up. Also tried a pixel gear but decided I'll leave those to Chriggu...

Saw the original file from back in January and decided to add a few more circles!

Illustration of a little inside joke commonly referenced at my job.

Almost went to bed, so you get digital Snapchat art

Wanted to just play around a bit with color and line, and ended up with this.
Logo already exists, I just messed around with it.

Coworker casually mentioned a water mascot, and I decided to make it happen.
Professional sports teams, hit me up!

It's apparently been 150 days since I last worked on this, so y'know - let's work on it!
(you can see the darker lines I did today [on accident])

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