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Super cheesy and generic design for temporary tattoos in my office

Done with a slightly modified version of the "leon soul" preset palette.

I don't do well with the abstract... I feel like I need an end goal or purpose?

Part 2 of my nerdy data illustration!
Did I spend too much time on the little icons? Yes I did.

You've all been stuck with me for one year...
I decided to look at my tags and do nerdy data stuff.

Another weekly theme - since I recently did the SteamWorld Dig drawing, it was fresh on my mind! Still may tweak some things...

Ate too much cookie dough, got sick, went to bed early. Happy New Years?

Added some detail in the form of a background/floor.

I had many wonderful moments this year (and a few bad ones) but I decided to work on this construction barrel to depict the year! You had to be there...

Saw The Boy and the Heron tonight - started to sketch these on paper but decided the wigglypaint would fit it well!

Couldn't let leafo have all the fun with wigglypaint!

Little mock logos for the gift I'm contributing to my work's white elephant.

Another case of "I wanted to color this but feared ruining it so I did in digitally"

More circles! Except I didn't finish them because its late... Open to further circular ideas!

One of the times where I wanted to color him in but worried it wouldn't come out right so I did it digitally instead!

Made it for work; love me a good gift exchange

Decided to do a little isometric building to celebrate 300 days. And then halfway through, I realized I had no clue what I was doing, and it was getting late. So uhh... enjoy?

Weird that I've now illustrated two yellow trash robots from anime...

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