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Another case of "I wanted to color this but feared ruining it so I did in digitally"

Made with construction paper and Crayola markers for complete authenticity!

Beware the beast... it hides in the shadows, terrifying all those who dare glance its way! It hungers for... milk...

Fell down a 90's nostalgia dog-shaped rabbit hole watching interviews and videos

Just a quick doodle of a Pokemon before bed.

Played a cute little board game with my girlfriend
(and she whooped me)

Not to be confused with Quaildog - definitely no relation there.

A bit derpy looking of a drawing, but so is Odie so maybe it works out?

My friend participates in Doggust each year, and follows prompts with breeds I've never heard of. I decided to doodle a few cartoon dogs I remember from my childhood, starting with the unnamed "Big Dog" of 2 Stupid Dogs.

Started playing a super cute and fun (and cheap) game on Steam called Cat Quest.

A chubby little raccoon that loves nothing better than to scamper. It's rumored to use a magic leaf to become invisible!

Orange ink?! It's like opposite day with my typical blue pen...