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Those walls are 15cm thick.
Even giant monsters are ever so easily trapped in here!

Ancient people believed that the pattern on Bronzor’s back contained a mysterious power.

Happy Valentine's Day to my significant otter!

Celebrating a geocaching event coming up!

From the Pagemaster (which I need to watch again)

Accidentally stumbled into some childhood memories!

Another letter going out, so more Pokemon doodles!

Whilst walking through the park with my girlfriend, we came upon a majestic swan -- bottoms up as it sought food in the murky depths below.

Of all the Dragon Ball Z characters I've drawn over the years, I think this is a first for me...

Spent too much time on a geocaching puzzle tonight, so have a quick sketch of a trackable I recently found!

No clue what this "tattoo" type of art is - just decided to mimic it :P

"Hellooooo, it's me -- Ivan Panced!

I can name you like.... 10 Digimon maybe?
And I think a handful are various forms of this guy?
...and Frigimon

Happy Thanksgiving from one tiny corner of the world!

🌿 Don't ask me what their names are, or if they even exist

Loved Chalk Zone as a kid, I wonder if it aged well...

Everyone else seems to be drawing some form of figure drawing, so I felt peer-pressured. Did a few 60s and a few 120s

Someday we'll get to see it animated...

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