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"Hellooooo, it's me -- Ivan Panced!

Was intended to be shiny, but I couldn't find the right color in the MANY many pens and markers I have

I skipped MetalGreymon - but he's pretty much the same as Greymon?...
Also, this was sloppy, forgive me!

Agumon digivolve to!....
(should have started with Koromon for this series... oh well)

I can name you like.... 10 Digimon maybe?
And I think a handful are various forms of this guy?
...and Frigimon

Another case of "I wanted to color this but feared ruining it so I did in digitally"

Awarded to Stellar313 for her relentless and dedicated pursuit to keeping our glorious Instinct Pokemon gym free from the oppression of the Mystic tyrant.

Happy Thanksgiving from one tiny corner of the world!

🌿 Don't ask me what their names are, or if they even exist

Shout out to my girlfriend for being so sweet!
Err, or is Choco sweet? So uhh, pancakey?
I'm having trouble coming up with a trait for a pancake that is appropriate...

Loved Chalk Zone as a kid, I wonder if it aged well...

"An abundance of caution." It reminded her of a murder of crows, a flock of seagulls, a pack of wolves. She imagined that "caution" was a creature of some kind.

  • from Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

So Instagram has a new feature that lets you AI generate digital stickers... This is my rendition of an AI-created sticker of Ohio.

The Mantle Pokémon. Roggenrola's body contains an energy core which is hard as steel from being compressed underground.

Camping! Though... It's cold out now, I'd rather not...

Sold down by the Shell gas station for $4.99.

Welcome back to Leon's late night pen doodles!

Tomorrow's October which means this project is now officially a year old!

It's late and I still feel like crap, so here's some Snapchat art of me trying to draw Vegeta from memory

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