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Sending out a letter to someone who happens to be Pokemon GO friends with me!

Merry Christmas to you all - wonderful company to have for the holidays!

Awarded to Stellar313 for her relentless and dedicated pursuit to keeping our glorious Instinct Pokemon gym free from the oppression of the Mystic tyrant.

Weird that I've now illustrated two yellow trash robots from anime...

A bit derpy looking of a drawing, but so is Odie so maybe it works out?

Went to my first soccer game -- An annual match between The Crew and FC Cinci. They put up this giant Rock'em Sock'em Robot thing at the beginning of the match.

Orange ink?! It's like opposite day with my typical blue pen...

Do you want a banana?
Peel it down, and go mm mm mm mm.

Go check out the first episode of Unicorn: Warriors Eternal -- the dude who made Samurai Jack made it.

Was trying to see if I could use Illustrator, and the gradient mesh tool... and it was a nightmare. Hated this but don't have anything else to offer

Decided to add a bit of the background elements. White background version is below.

"Die. Die. Die."

More progress on the vector version of my beloved trashbot. Realized the bottom left piece was actually a second bot in the background so it's removed. Also realized I need to add the other side of the wheels?

"Show some respect!"

Decided to illustrate the robot from the other day. Need some sleep so it'll have to be finished up another time.

"You're too kind,"

Day #2 of sketching cute little anime characters!

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