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Some more pixel pushing tonight - spent way too long trying to make the Earth look like the real deal before giving up. Also tried a pixel gear but decided I'll leave those to Chriggu...

Saw the original file from back in January and decided to add a few more circles!

It's perspective is more accurate on the inside.

Always enjoy a badass anime fight, and I loved the way the main character looked in a recent scene. Not sure how I'll render color yet...

As a gag, I wrapped my friend's gift in brown paper then 'decorated' it with some random girl I saw when I googled 'anime boobs'

In case you're curious, under the tape it reads: "PERV"

It's apparently been 150 days since I last worked on this, so y'know - let's work on it!
(you can see the darker lines I did today [on accident])

Haven't used the skin-tones in a while!
Also, I need to figure out how I'm going to do the eyes, and the clothing...

Small little project I'm working on for a co-worker!

I owe my friend an owl drawing; this doodle was a temporary solution

“Sales are a battlefield. Being a househusband is no joke”

Been watching the first few episodes of a newer anime called Hell's Paradise

Celebrating a 1,000 day streak on Snapchat with a friend I've known for over a decade in Minecraft!

A little bit of Dead Cells art before bed!

From RWBY - haven't seen the anime, nor read the comic, but thanks to my cheesy nature, I have seen this scene's eyeroll in gif form dozens of times...

The sketch really bothered me so I decided to make a digital version of it. Slightly modified, and then poorly rendered in 3D.

I'm not sorry for the title's pun.

Was trying to see if I could use Illustrator, and the gradient mesh tool... and it was a nightmare. Hated this but don't have anything else to offer

More progress on the vector version of my beloved trashbot. Realized the bottom left piece was actually a second bot in the background so it's removed. Also realized I need to add the other side of the wheels?

"Show some respect!"

Decided to illustrate the robot from the other day. Need some sleep so it'll have to be finished up another time.

"You're too kind,"

I mostly hate his character; but love when he snaps

With this little cobweb potion,
You'll fall into dark devotion.~

Was toying around with a joke concept about making trading cards for my office.

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