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A friend started drawings daily snails for "Februail" - so here's my homage to his project. Also, 'meow'

From the Pagemaster (which I need to watch again)

Accidentally stumbled into some childhood memories!

Apparently the 18th is Pooh Day so here's a Pooh!

Radio played the Bananas in Pajamas theme today, so here ya go!
Also, I got cute little highlighters so those are in the background randomly...

Was thinking this was a birthday cupcake, but close enough - it grants wishes and what not...

"Hellooooo, it's me -- Ivan Panced!

Shout out to my girlfriend for being so sweet!
Err, or is Choco sweet? So uhh, pancakey?
I'm having trouble coming up with a trait for a pancake that is appropriate...

Loved Chalk Zone as a kid, I wonder if it aged well...

Oh my lumps... Like, are you calling me plump right now?!

You will all beg for mercy. In vain. The debris of your planet will litter the solar system.

The disguise of Harry the Hypnotist, who vowed revenge against Mr. Barnstorm

Totally didn't remember the little versions were called "Nerdlucks"

"I'm a little seal girl living in the real world and it's so hard to get by 'cause seals can't even cry. "

Not to be confused with Quaildog - definitely no relation there.

A bit derpy looking of a drawing, but so is Odie so maybe it works out?

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