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Spent too much time stressing over some ideas for a geocaching coin design; couldn't really figure out a direction or concept.

Quick sleepy sketch because I should definitely be sleeping.

Thought I submitted this last night; apparently not. It's part of my gaming project!

Been playing through Ragnarok -- so I ran out of time to actually sketch :P

Another sketch as part of my gaming project - super nostalgic for Sonic Adventure 2 right now!

Saw this online earlier and thought it was adorable, so I did a quick sketch of it before bed!

Part of a larger project I've been working on for months

Is design work considered art? A friend asked for help preparing for her son's Minecraft themed party so I did a handful of little party signage/labels. Pictured are some of the labels for various snacks (jello cubes for the water and lava; grapes for the slime balls; brownies for the dirt; etc)

Super quick sketch as I ran way outta time!