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Super cheesy and generic design for temporary tattoos in my office

I don't do well with the abstract... I feel like I need an end goal or purpose?

Little mock logos for the gift I'm contributing to my work's white elephant.

Made it for work; love me a good gift exchange

Couldn't do much else today so I watched the most recent season of The Mandalorian. This is the way.

Played Starfield for a bit today - which means I made it through two rooms and somehow ended up with (x27) Foam Cups, (x16) Foam Trays, (x6) Mugs, (x13) Pens, (x14) Books, and all sorts of Desk Accessories.

Illustration of a little inside joke commonly referenced at my job.

Wanted to just play around a bit with color and line, and ended up with this.
Logo already exists, I just messed around with it.

Nothing too fancy as its late, but I wanted to celebrate!

Silly holographic sticker I made/ordered for work

Started penning out a little chibi Squall for another pathtag design.
Base art's from World of Final Fantasy.

Ended up changing the background, and a few other elements before sending it to production today!

Working with a friend who has a 3D printer to make a small NES cartridge that will hold a coin of sorts.

Switching elements around and playing with the colors

Was toying around with a joke concept about making trading cards for my office.

Finally got around to finishing up the design on Not-Mario. May tweak it before it goes to production a bit but its essentially finished!

Decided to run with this design/parody - obviously and terrifyingly WIP.

Spent too much time stressing over some ideas for a geocaching coin design; couldn't really figure out a direction or concept.

Is design work considered art? A friend asked for help preparing for her son's Minecraft themed party so I did a handful of little party signage/labels. Pictured are some of the labels for various snacks (jello cubes for the water and lava; grapes for the slime balls; brownies for the dirt; etc)

Working on a little project with some friends; tried making a fountain of sorts but after messing around, I'm thinking I may need to start from scratch

Had the idea; not a fan of the execution.