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Small Valentine's Day gift I made for my girlfriend!

Original art via FunkyPepe on Newgrounds.
He sorta looks like Nathan from Drawfee?

Beat Dave the Diver tonight; Started playing Dredge.
Caught grouper in both games.... So enjoy?...

Whilst walking through the park with my girlfriend, we came upon a majestic swan -- bottoms up as it sought food in the murky depths below.

No clue what this "tattoo" type of art is - just decided to mimic it :P

🌿 Don't ask me what their names are, or if they even exist

Got some new BIC pastel highlighters and had to test them out. My friend said they were specifically an Easter thing so I went the spooky route in spite :D

Sold down by the Shell gas station for $4.99.

Almost went to bed, so you get digital Snapchat art

Coworker casually mentioned a water mascot, and I decided to make it happen.
Professional sports teams, hit me up!

Related, I forgot how enjoyable the soundtrack to SMW2 is...

Orange ink?! It's like opposite day with my typical blue pen...

I owe my friend an owl drawing; this doodle was a temporary solution

Totally didn't realize my hand was smearing all the black ink 🙃

Thus concludes my fun little stint in colorful flowers.

Almost did a cactus or succulent of some sort... But I decided to keep the floral streak within the streak going.

Unexpectedly continuing this floral series

I think I may actually prefer the minimalist look from the unfinished post last night, but I'm still pleased with how it came out!

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