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Totally didn't realize my hand was smearing all the black ink 🙃

Spent too much time stressing over some ideas for a geocaching coin design; couldn't really figure out a direction or concept.

Did a little poll with my co-workers on Pi Day, and I'm illustrating the results.
Very much a work in progress!

To celebrate 3 years of Animal Crossing, I did a little doodle on my island!

Was playing on a custom Minecraft server that had rubies and sapphires; I'm also watching Steven Universe!

From DanMachi aka 'Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?'

Quick sleepy sketch because I should definitely be sleeping.

Thought I submitted this last night; apparently not. It's part of my gaming project!

Been playing through Ragnarok -- so I ran out of time to actually sketch :P

From Zoids Chaotic Century (well, technically Guardian Force but...)

Working on a little proof of concept for a friend. Doodled this while we spoke, then decided to color it in

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