So this is my sad attempt at drawing aliens with big mouths haha, they have holes in them!^^ I think they're cute though, so.. success?

So the work on Around the World in 80 days continues. I'm worried that the scale of what I'm trying to accomplish is too much...

But I'm soldiering on!

Here is Passepartout standing, walking, carrying a bag (the life of a servant is rough...) and arguing with a Japanese merchant over the price of a pair of shoes (merchant not pictured, or even created yet...)

Plus, the work in progress shot of one of the trains you will be able to ride on. And you will spend a lot of time on trains.

Hm. I think I'm getting the hang of this, but it took me quite a while. I guess I'll live with it for now, and adjust the smoothness of the arms tomorrow, but I'm scared to death of working on the walking animation...

Just started on this 5th "tileset" for the planets, this one is a bit more abstract, u can't really tell what this is, but I kinda like it, :D

So. This character's design has changed so much, I've decided to switch her to a different game in my queue.

Messing around with making some exploding sprites. Sprites explode into individual pixels and can recombine to form other sprites. Right now it only works with small images because there is a LOT of calculations being done every update (each pixel gets tweened) so optimization will be key. Not sure how I want to handle this yet though.

I can do about 5000 pixels without any slowdown currently which is right around a 64x64 sprite. Needs work...

Feels like stuff is finally falling into place! The game is already kinda playable which is amazing <3

Getting into the story a bit now :)

Slight changes to walk cycle, plus some other new ones.

Working on additional characters and gameplay elements.

Here's the start to my point and click adventure game. Graphics obviously unfinished, and you can't actually do anything other than walk around an empty room, talk to Fiona, and look at a placeholder art door. But it is something!

Viggo and Fiona journey to a sealed temple to prevent a something or other. (The plot needs a little fleshing out...)

On Saturday I made this game in <7 hours at Berlin Mini Jam and on Sunday I fixed scaling on Android and made it a bit easier. On Desktop you'll need LÖVE to play. Music used from my music streak entry.

PSA: don't let your cat explode!


It was really fun!

I'm gonna try to make a game with low poly graphics from scratch... aye! Why not after all.

Based on this nice tutorial

Although I'm sticking with the premise, I'm starting to rethink gameplay for the readers. It was initially supposed to be 2.5D, but now I'm not so sure... This is the main character, Gnana.

Messed with my exploding sprites code to allow sprites to teleport. There is an explody teleport and a more linear one.

Also, made a pixel orc. He is the one teleporting.

We'll see how this whole streak thing goes! I threw this together in a few hours to see how the basic sword fighting pacing works, but I'm happy with it as a start. Still pleeenty more to come.

Trying to find an art style with a near-future aesthetic. It's a 2D game but I have a hard time drawing architecture by hand so I modeled this in Blender.

I was inspired by the cool temple wall art by MrTedders and wanted to make my own. His was done by hand, but I wanted to make something similar using the computer. I have a lot of interest in computer generated content and this case seemed like a perfect opportunity to use it.

I want to use these techniques to generate some interesting patterns for game development. Maybe not this particular pattern, but something.

I made this pattern with a bunch of what I called Crawlers. Basically a crawler is a little bug that leaves a trail behind it as it walks around and keeps track of where it has been. My crawlers follow a set of very simple rules to make their patterns:

  1. If the space in front of the crawler hasn't been covered before, move into it.
  2. If the space has been covered turn left.
  3. If the crawler has turned in a complete circle, it is stuck. It should then go back to the last space it was on.
  4. If the crawler gets all the way back to the space it started at, it dies.
There are also two special conditions that can randomly affect a crawler:
  1. There is a small chance that a crawler will randomly turn left that grows the longer the crawler has traveled in a straight line.
  2. A crawler may randomly spawn another crawler at its own location facing to the right.

Those 6 simple rules generate random patterns that look like this:

Aya is a supporting character for the readers.

I'm going back and forth trying to find a style that I want to use for a Monkey Island/Indiana Jones style point and click adventure. It will take place in a fantasy world where three individuals (a fighter, a thief, and a mage) try to break into a sealed temple to reverse an ancient evil or something. The player will be the thief who will have to solve puzzles and all that jazz.

I've gone through a bunch of different styles, so I figured I'd try the LucasArts style while I'm at it...

Grad student Kate Wilson sits at base camp with her archaeology Professor Ernesto Diaz, guide Miguel Costa, and classmate Robin Jones discussing the next leg of their journey up the Mt Ausangate in Central Peru. There is supposedly a lost city of the Inca Empire at the top, although the actual details are vague. Why would the Incas build a city at the top of this lonely mountain? The Spanish invaders in the 16th century never found it, so why was it abandoned? What mysteries will the team uncover when they reach the top of...

The Mountain.

(A new point and click adventure game I'm making)