Animated .gif pans balcony to elevator.

pyun-pyun · 7 years ago

@saluk Thank ya kindly! I'll be going for 2.5D forthe production version of ijo too.

saluk · 7 years ago

@bobbo - yessss blackwell. The whole series is pretty short but amazing. The ending is strange.

@pyun-pyun - looks so cool with the perspective. I love the voxel look. 3d pixel art :)

pyun-pyun · 7 years ago

@Bobbo ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Thank you so much! Having the elevator right at the door of the apartment was just my laziness, to be honest. Due to time constraints, etc oku won't be so much a game as a vignette and adding hallways just seemed too troublesome. I was initially going to add a roof garden and a few floors. Hopefully in six months or so I can come back to this project and start turning it into a proper point and click.

I hadn't heard of Blackwell Unbound, but I'll look into it!

Bobbo · 7 years ago

This is awesome. It is a little strange that the elevator is directly outside the door of the apartment instead of leading into something like a hallway, but this is still very cool. It reminds me of the apartment in Blackwell Unbound which is the second game in a fabulous series of point and click adventure games if you are into such things.

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I decided to take a screenshot using the size she's actually going to be. Hm. Didn't turn out how I was hoping, but I'm thinking the camera will be zoomed in at 200%. Also, I added some pockets to her hoodie!

Decided to change the character design up a bit. I like the idea of giving the main character a hoodie. I still need to add more shadows/contours.

Gnana's home in oku (formerly The Readers) is going to go through a few more iterations. That new addition on the left is a balcony. I'm just going to keep building out from here. Also, wondering if I should change the color of the rug in the living room again.

The Readers is now called oku.

Made in Qubicle, rendered in Qubicle. Wasn't sure how to get rid of the gray frames, but I'll figure it out.

Did a bit of redecorating. The futon's still bugging me. I'll see what I can do about that.

Here's the beginnings of the living room for The Readers, a 2.5D narrative science-fiction game. Tomorrow I'm going to add a couch/futon, a rug, and a door. I'm still wondering what I want to do about the wall situation. Walls or just door frames?

Meh... Thinking I was going to restart The Readers in a different game engine, I spent my game development time on making a base project and getting the structure just right. Then I went back to Unity anyway. Unfortunately, I had already deleted my previous local and remote private repository because I reached my limit for GitHub. My scripts were pretty simple, so I'm not too bummed out about it, and I think having to start over may be a blessing in disguise. My workflow has changed and it's nice to get a fresh start. But I spent way too much time mulling over whether or not to switch engines. I'm using Unity Personal right now, but in the next month or so when I start working on the production version of ijo, I'm going to have to purchase the subscription to Unity Pro.

So. Tomorrow I'm going to start working on environment design and recoding my simple dialogue system.

So. This character's design has changed so much, I've decided to switch her to a different game in my queue.

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