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I think if this game is going to get made I'm going to have to switch back to HaxeFlixel. I'm liking Luxe and will continue to use it in the future, but I took some time today trying to understand Luxe States and Scenes. My end result was something that works a lot like HaxeFlixel does. I'm still continuing Luxe development and think it might be the future engine of choice, but I don't have time to complete the game and learn a new engine at the same time.

Heck, I might not have time to complete the game even without the new engine...

When finished, I'm going to shrink this down 50% then blow it back up to twice its normal size using nearest neighbor to give it a nice pixely look that will match the sprites I've been making.

So the work on Around the World in 80 days continues. I'm worried that the scale of what I'm trying to accomplish is too much...

But I'm soldiering on!

Here is Passepartout standing, walking, carrying a bag (the life of a servant is rough...) and arguing with a Japanese merchant over the price of a pair of shoes (merchant not pictured, or even created yet...)

Plus, the work in progress shot of one of the trains you will be able to ride on. And you will spend a lot of time on trains.

Next character, so far unanimated.

Slight changes to walk cycle, plus some other new ones.

Working on additional characters and gameplay elements.

I'm toying with the idea of entering the Public Domain Jam. My entry would be based off Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne, in which the player will have 80 days to travel around the world using steamers, trains, elephants and hot air balloons. I'm imagining it will play very similar to games like Amazon Trail, but less bison shooting.

Here's concept art for Phileas Fogg, gentleman and scholar who undertakes a tremendous bet that he can circumvent the globe in only 80 days.

EDIT - I think I'm going pixel art. Here's a sample standing and walking animation. I think the second one is the size that the characters will end up as.