Started 9 years ago (2015-02-07T23:00:00Z).
Ended 9 years ago (2015-03-07T23:00:00Z).

I'm making this game called PLANETER, you can find a demo of it here:

It's a relaxing loosely story based game where you explore, and meet aliens. It takes place on planets that are created when you figure out puzzles or do favors for your new alien friends. There's also a bunch of secret stuff to discover!

This Streak is a motivator for me to draw and animate one new alien creature each day for a month, so there's loads of exciting new alien friends to meet when you're exploring PLANETER!

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Nope, no new aliens. Hah. But a new mechanic sortof? AND it's running in Unity now! WOOOOOP! Been working really hard on this thing, but now I'm finally up to speed on where I was before getting into Unity :D

(Oh yeah and there's still some bugs in placement of the splashing effect hahaha deal with it)

I've missed a bunch of days on my streak now... :c I've been super busy with porting the old version of PLANETER to Unity, but I can't really blame anything else than laziness for not drawing! :D Awe well, shit happens you know, new aliens coming soonish I hope! :D

Ugh, yesterday I programmed all day and completely forgot to continue my alien streak :C

Today I didn't find motivation haha, so I drew something else! :D

Yesterday I didn't make an alien.. :c I'm lucky I usually submit after 12 though, so it looks like i've been keeping this streak haha :D

Today I made aliens with wobbly balls on their head! ^^

Oh man these one turned out great! :D So these guys have long arms that they use for walking! :D

So this is my sad attempt at drawing aliens with big mouths haha, they have holes in them!^^ I think they're cute though, so.. success?

These guys turned out super cute! :D :3 I love the thought of having super big and super small aliens interacting with each other! ^^

Realized today that this is actually really good practice in animation for me! Every alien I draw I become a bit more efficient and aware of the movement of the pixels and stuff.

Learning is amazing <3

Drew a spider-like alien today. Had to mess with the code to agree with having aliens that are wider than 32px haha, oh well..

Also, he REALLY didn't want to be caught on camera, this is the best footage I could get of him.. :(

Before starting this streak I've drawn 7 aliens, aiming at 35 before the streak is up!