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I'm making some real progress on my point and click adventure game. As I design and start to implement things and as I do more research in the Inca culture I'm starting to change how the puzzles in the game are going to work. The goal of the fist chapter of the game is to "open the door to the temple" and originally the player was going to have to find a bunch of pieces and assemble an icon n the door to have it open. Then after some additional research I learned that the Inca didn't have a written language. So communicating ideas to the player is tricky when there is no way to write anything. So now I'm going with a "random images carved that the player will have to determine what they mean" approach that I'm hoping will work out.

I coded a ton of cutscenes and story for the first episode of The Mountain. I'm thinking that I'm going to release it in an episodic format so I can get feedback as I go along. I'm hoping that the save games will work across all the episodes, so when I release episode 2 you can just load your episode 1 game and continue right where you left off. I guess we will see what happens...

I haven't finished the animations for any of the supporting characters yet which is why they just glide around without ever changing their stance. I'll get there. There is a lot of placeholder art in the inventory screen and elsewhere also. I want to get the story developed and all the individual scripting pieces working before I start in on the polish.

I'm on vacation with family this week, so I haven't had lots of time. Worked briefly on the main character walk cycle.

Not sure if I like the talking animation or not. I never know with these low resolution pixel images if I should add the one extra pixel for the chin going down or not.

Grad student Kate Wilson sits at base camp with her archaeology Professor Ernesto Diaz, guide Miguel Costa, and classmate Robin Jones discussing the next leg of their journey up the Mt Ausangate in Central Peru. There is supposedly a lost city of the Inca Empire at the top, although the actual details are vague. Why would the Incas build a city at the top of this lonely mountain? The Spanish invaders in the 16th century never found it, so why was it abandoned? What mysteries will the team uncover when they reach the top of...

The Mountain.

(A new point and click adventure game I'm making)