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I did it!

Well it's quite a weird thing in the end, but I explored some stuff I wanted to use in other games too, and that was the first time I used Harlowe/Twinescript, so that was nice!

About my #PDJam entry, a Twine game based on "The Double" (Dostoyevsky):

- Completed 1/3 of the writing (1st draft)

- I realized I wanted to do 3 things:

*A same scene can be altered by your madness rate;

*Scenes can be played in any order you want with different conclusions;

*All scenes appear on a same page and expand as you make choices.

Between variables and functions, I haven't come out with a solution to make this work yet. That's my next step.

Worked a lot today on my #PDJam submission, and also planned few things for my other 3D puzzle game on Unity.

About my #PDJam game:

- Choices are divided in 3 categories: sane, disturbing, and insane -- with "Madness points" assigned to each of them

- Scale: madness increases each time you make a choice; until a point where sane choices won't be available

- Small scenes: just 2 choices per scene until there's a consequence based on your previous choices

- You can play these scenes in any order you want; but the order has an impact (as your madness increases, if you play a scene first, you'll be "madder" in the next scene)

- Closing scene: you'll see the results of all your choices... with some narrative twist

- Contamination: your text evolves as your madness increases

What needs to be done:

- Actual writing -- I'm almost there with the architecture and system

- "Closing scene" components -- working a bit on the twist // contamination

- CSS/Javascript: I may add a script to slightly change the layout of the game as "madness" increases

So, I've written design notes for the past 2 days and worked on Twine 2 a bit.

Twine 2 is very nice, I hope it's stable enough now 'cause Twinescript is really nicer to work with.

I've nailed down 2 principles for my Twine game:


The more "turns" you spend in a place

The less choices you'll have somewhere else.

- As you play, you'll see same texts, with subtle/slight changes (same text will keep expanding as you make new choices). A growing menace will slowly take over... Your "Double".

Phew, I've tried all day to figure out a good UI toying with Fungus features and learning Unity's UI engine on the fly -- haha that was not easy, but I think I'll be able to do what I want to do:

- Having a set of choices available anytime during a sequence

- Expandable menus for choices: choices will be regrouped in several categories à la Bioware's wheel with the options, especially the Investigate one (kindof)

Can't wait to dig further into that!


A submission for Make games. 103

I went through most of the Fungus's tutorials:

I was pondering between Twine and Fungus for an interactive fiction I'm working on... Watching all these features, I think I'm gonna try Fungus.

It was really fun!

I'm gonna try to make a game with low poly graphics from scratch... aye! Why not after all.

Based on this nice tutorial

Trying some color palette and filters, but I'll have to reshape the character a bit tomorrow.

Concept art for a playable character in a video game... Still practicing with my tablet