Here's the start to my point and click adventure game. Graphics obviously unfinished, and you can't actually do anything other than walk around an empty room, talk to Fiona, and look at a placeholder art door. But it is something!

Viggo and Fiona journey to a sealed temple to prevent a something or other. (The plot needs a little fleshing out...)

Bobbo · 7 years ago

@Stephan I don't think this will be a while game. Probably just this first screen with a couple items to pick up, put together, and use on the game world. This is really an excuse to play around with Adventure Game Studio. So far I'm loving it. It makes the standard adventure game stuff extremely easy and really gets out of the way and lets you make a game. I'm not sure how exporting is going to work though...

I actually finished up most of the art tonight, and started scripting some of the interactions. I should be done by week end and actually contribute something to the One Game a Week streak.

Stephan · 7 years ago

Cool. I wanna play this. :)

saluk · 7 years ago


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