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I decided to take a screenshot using the size she's actually going to be. Hm. Didn't turn out how I was hoping, but I'm thinking the camera will be zoomed in at 200%. Also, I added some pockets to her hoodie!

Decided to change the character design up a bit. I like the idea of giving the main character a hoodie. I still need to add more shadows/contours.

Gnana's home in oku (formerly The Readers) is going to go through a few more iterations. That new addition on the left is a balcony. I'm just going to keep building out from here. Also, wondering if I should change the color of the rug in the living room again.

Made in Qubicle, rendered in Qubicle. Wasn't sure how to get rid of the gray frames, but I'll figure it out.

Did a bit of redecorating. The futon's still bugging me. I'll see what I can do about that.

Here's the beginnings of the living room for The Readers, a 2.5D narrative science-fiction game. Tomorrow I'm going to add a couch/futon, a rug, and a door. I'm still wondering what I want to do about the wall situation. Walls or just door frames?

So. This character's design has changed so much, I've decided to switch her to a different game in my queue.

Aya is a supporting character for the readers.

Although I'm sticking with the premise, I'm starting to rethink gameplay for the readers. It was initially supposed to be 2.5D, but now I'm not so sure... This is the main character, Gnana.

Just laying out the groundwork for the village. This was made in Qubicle using its 2D drawing tools. The grey squares are placeholders for buildings and the brown-grey blobs are placeholders for trees.

I made this image a .gif instead of a .png. I read somewhere that helps for rendering in some applications -- Twitter, in particular.

There's an NPC lurking in the background, and I'm starting to wonder if the world isn't too big for the concept... But we'll see. I might have to skimp on the graphic assets tomorrow, and I'm not sure if I'm going to get to the patrolling behavior.

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